Winter Beekeeping Supplies

Are you wondering how to get your honey bees ready for the long, cold winter? What do I need for overwintering insulation on my bee hive? Give your bees the best chance of survival that you can! This video will show you how to check your bees to see how much feed and extra room they have, how to reduce your bee hive if you need to, and what extra components you will need, such as a shim and a moisture board. Please Note: To ventilate or not to ventilate, that is the question... the choice to use a top ventilation hole, or not to use one, is always left up to each beekeeper. Please make your own decision regarding top ventilation holes, only you know what is best for your beehive! 

We sell a complete line of winter beekeeping supplies to help get your honey bees ready for those long cold winter months.

Give your bees the best chance of survival that you can by adding a winter Bee Cozy hive wrap, an inner cover insulation sheet or insulation pad, and a very important moisture board to collect the excess moisture in the hive and prevent it from dripping back down on the cluster. 

Recipes for Winter Candy Board Bee Feeder & Winter Patty Bee Feed

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