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Buzz's Swarm Chasin' Buddies

Rescuing Honey Bee Swarms From All Across The United States!

Wondering how to remove a swarm of honey bees? Here at Lappe's Bee Supply, we are very enthusiastic with helping to save the honey bee!

Please click on the state link below to find information about beekeepers that you can contact if you have honey bees you would like removed.

If you would like to have your information added to our list, please click this link to fill out and submit the form.

All beekeepers on this list can capture and remove honey bee swarms; some collect the bees for a fee, while others provide the service for free. It is your responsibility to find out the cost of bee removal before the work is done.




Welcome to our listing! If you have bees that you would like to have removed, then you have come to the best place to find someone who can remove them for you. We have listings for beekeepers located all around the United States who are more than willing to take care of the bees for you! Please note: not all bee sightings are actual honey bees. Most of the beekeepers listed here are focused on removing honey bees only. So, what does a honey bee look like? Characteristics of honey bees

Honey Bee Identification Guide


what-do-honey-bees-look-like.jpg  What does a honey bee swarm look like  what-do-honey-bees-look-like-when-they-swarm.jpg


What other types of bees are there?

Hornet & Wasp Identification Guide


Bumble Bee Hornet hornet-nests.jpg wasps.jpg


Please feel free to glance through our listings even if you do have one of these types of hornets or wasps, as there might be somebody listed who could help you out. You might be wondering, what will happen when I contact someone from your list? Please be prepared to answer questions like the following when contacting one of the beekeepers listed. Try to be as accurate as possible. #1: Are they actually honey bees? Yellow jackets, hornets and wasps can sometimes be mistaken for honey bees. #2: Where is the swarm located? Is it on a tree, bush, or is is inside of a structure? How long has it been there? #3: If it is located in a building, is it in a location that you can easily get to? #4: How big is the swarm? A good reference is baseball sized, basketball sized, etc.

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