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All Beginner / Beginning Beekeeping Kits include Free Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States!!

Just starting out on your new first year's beekeeping adventure in 2023? Looking around for where to buy beginner beekeeping supplies for sale, free shipping in the USA? Lappe's Bee Supply has some of the best quality in depth starter kits on the market today that a hobbyist beekeeper will need, from the basic for those on a budget, on up to the full Honey Master that includes everything needed! Kits include painted, assembled and ready to use wooden Langstroth bee hives with your choice of Pierco triple wax plastic one piece frames, or wooden frames with Pierco Triple wax coated foundation, tools and protective clothing - all that you need to add are the honey bees! Review our 8 frame and 10 frame beginning beekeeping kits today! Free shipping to anywhere around the United States, or if you are near us in Central Iowa!


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