Winter / Spring Honey Bee Feed & Feeders

Find the feeds, supplements and feeders that you will need right here. We have in hive feeders and entrance feeders for feeding your bees our liquid honey bee feed. Give your bees an extra boost in the spring time by feeding them our brood builder AP23 pollen patties, and get that large population that they will need to collect lots of honey by the time the honey flow starts. Are your honey bees getting low on food stores during the cold winter months? Feed them our AP23 winter patties and give them just the right nutrition that they need to survive until spring, without adding extra moisture to the hive that can end up killing them. If you're looking for where to buy feeders, Honey B Healthy, liquid bee feed or patties, winter candy board feeders, we have the products you need for feeding your bees in the spring, summer, fall or winter! Free shipping in the United States for most orders over $100!

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Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply