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Winter Candy Board Feeder

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Winter Candy Board Feeder

Available in an 8 frame hive or a 10 frame hive size. Inner cover feeder from Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC can be used during the late fall/winter/spring months. Designed to feed your honey bee hive large amounts of hard sugar candy (recipe follows) to help them overwinter through the cold winter months. Feeder has built in adjustable entrance/ventilation holes in both the front side and the back so you can regulate air flow. Adjustable covers let you choose between an open entrance, queen excluder entrance, ventilation only, or completely closed. Feeder includes insulation sheet to help hold the heat down inside the hive.

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 Winter Candy Board Recipe

17 c. granulated sugar

4 c. corn sugar

2 c. hot water

4 c. AP23 (or any pollen substitute)

2 tsp. Honey B Healthy 

Slowly whisk corn sugar into hot water over low heat until completely dissolved. Add in granulated sugar and bring to a slow boil until hard ball candy consistency is reached - 255 degrees F, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and quickly whisk in AP23 pollen substitute and Honey B Healthy. Pour mixture into candy board feeder and allow to cool completely before placing on your hive.


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winter candy board feeder

works good well made
Posted by bob, Nov 21st 2018