Beeswax For Sale

Lappe's Bee Supply is a Central Iowa supplier of 100% pure beeswax. We have filtered and raw beeswax available in pellets, 1 pound blocks and in bulk 35 to 40 pound blocks. Yellow and white beeswax can be used in candle making, lubrication for archery bow strings, lip balm, soaps, crayons & also for some candy making, including jelly beans & gummy bears. Industrial grade is in furniture & shoe polish, woodworking & as a coating for surfboards. These are just a few of the used for beeswax; there are literally thousands of other uses for this versatile product of the bee hive! Wax has been hydrated with water during the purification process; small traces of water may be found after remelting. This is normal in pure beeswax and is not considered an issue. *Helpful Tip: Make sure when buying beeswax for candle making or other beeswax reforming that it is fully hydrated and not dried out; otherwise, you may have cracking issues with your finished product. Overheating beeswax can cause cracking issues as well. Pure beeswax is always cleaned by a water purification system.

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