Single Story Bee Hive Insulation Winter Wrap Kit

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Single Story Bee Hive Insulation Winter Wrap Kit

This is a deluxe overwintering kit for sale in both 8 frame and 10 frame sizes, and includes everything you need to cover your bee hive for the winter. Please Note: To ventilate or not to ventilate, that is the question...the choice to use a top ventilation hole, or not to use one, is always left up to each beekeeper. Please make your own decision regarding top ventilation holes, only you know what is best for your beehive!

1 Story Bee Cozy Winter Wrap - Wraps are made with recycled high density materials layered with R8 insulate protection to reduce heat loss from the hive. They are lightweight and easy to slip on and off your hives. Wraps are only available in a 10 frame size; however, they can fit on an 8 frame bee hive with a little modification. Inner Cover Insulation Sheet or an Inner Cover Insulation Pad - Using an insulation sheet or insulation pad as well as a Bee Cozy winter wrap provides your honey bees with the best protection available to keep their heat in the bee hive during the winter. 9-5/8" Deep or a 6-5/8" Shallow In-Hive Frame Feeder - In hive frame feeders from Lappe's Bee Supply provides your bees with feed when there are no outside nectar sources available. The cap & ladders system helps prevent your bees from drowning in the syrup. Please note: feeding needs to be done in late fall or early spring. Liquid feed inside of the hive during the winter will increase the moisture levels in the hive, making it difficult for the bees to heat the hive and survive. Moisture Board - Moisture board is used during the winter months to help absorb the moisture from the hive and keep your bees dry. Moisture can be one of the leading causes of bee hive loss during the winter. You can place the moisture board on top of the inner cover, but for maximum moisture reduction, we recommend removing the inner cover completely and storing it for the winter. Wooden Bee Hive Shim - Bee hive shims are a necessity in the winter to allow extra space on the top of the hive for feeding dry sugar as an emergency food source, or for feeding winter patties. Shims can be drilled for holes for top ventilation if chosen. AP23 Winter Patty - Feed these patties to your bees in the winter to provide necessary carbohydrates to keep your colonies from starving. These patties are low in protein so that they will not stimulate brood rearing at the wrong time of the year. 12' Bee Hive Tie Down Strap - Use a 12' Beehive Tie Down Strap to secure the lid and your hive together to prevent the cold winter winds from blowing the lid off! 1" wide x 144" long.

Find information here on the many benefits of Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wraps.

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