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Winter Wrap & Overwintering Insulation Heater Box Combo

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Winter Wrap & Overwintering Insulation Heater Box Combo

Available in both an 8 frame hive or a 10 frame hive size, this combo includes a Bee Cozy Winter Bee Hive Wrap and an Overwintering Insulation Heater Box to give your bees the best chance of survival that you can.

The Overwintering Insulation Heater Boxes are already painted black, saving you the time and the mess! Boxes are made with ventilation holes in the front, which are covered with heavy duty plastic entrance discs which allow you total control over leaving them open for an entrance, turned to just the ventilation holes, or even completely closed off! Made with wire screen on the top and the bottom to close the R19 insulation off from the bees, there is also an additional 3/4" rise on the bottom which will allow room for those vital winter patties or sugar for extra winter feed. This area takes the place of a candy board.

Also included is a moisture board which sits on the top of the insulation box. Small wooden spacers have been pre-nailed onto the box to allow for extra ventilation between the top of the insulation box and the moisture board. The moisture board will help to draw in the excess moisture and release it away from the bees. Add the included spacer sticks on top of the moisture board to allow extra ventilation from underneath your top cover.

The 2 story wraps are available in both an 8 frame and a 10 frame hive size, to fit snugly around your hive. The single story wraps are available in a 10 frame size only; however, with a little modification, they will fit an 8 frame hive.

While these insulation boxes will not guarantee the survival of your bee hive through the winter, it will give them a better chance to make it, especially when used in conjunction with the added winter bee hive wraps.  

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