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Queen Honey Bees

Wondering where to buy free shipping queen honey bees for sale - Lappe's Bee Supply Honey Farm LLC is one of the top shippers of mated queens! We are a Midwest supplier and our focus is on being one of the largest shippers of quality queen honey bees to all of the United States (except Hawaii). We supply free shipped 2023 Italian Hybrid queens, Carniolan queens, Saskatraz queen honey bees, Cordovan queen bees, and Russian Hybrid queen bees for sale to anywhere in the USA, including Alaska. We ship our queen bees twice weekly starting in early spring through the months of April, May, June, July, and August, and we also have them available for sale in store pickup during this time period as well. Regardless if you are a hobbyist beekeeper or are into commercial bee keeping, we have all of the highest quality mated queen honeybees that you will need. Looking for a queen bee for a beehive in your apiary? Maybe you're looking for free shipping honeybeesonline for sale around East Peru Iowa? We supply top producing queen honey bees to beekeepers everywhere to queen splits with, or to replace a queen in their existing beehives. Once the worker bees in the bee colony get adjusted to the queen's pheromone and release her from the queen cage, she will get to work on filling the brood nest with brood to get the hive built up strong, just in time for the honey flow, to give you top honey production. It is completely safe to ship queen honey bees by USPS or UPS shipping. Queen bees normally stay in the bee hive for much of their lives without flying, so being kept in a wooden queen cage during shipment is fine, just as long as she isn't in transit for too long, and she has attendant bees present to take care of her. We do offer queen marking for an additional charge, and will mark the queen in the color of your choice: red, yellow, white, blue or green. We do not recommend getting the queens wings clipped; this is not a service that Lappe's Bee Supply will ever provide. The worker bees in the hive use several different methods of determining if the queen of the hive needs to be replaced, and the state of her wings can be a signal to them that she is getting old and needs to be replaced, even if her pheromone is still suitable.


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Italian Queen Honey Bees For Sale

Italian queens are some of the most sought after bee queens because of their excellent characteristics and qualities. Italian bees are some of the most docile bees to have, and they are amongst the most readily available in the United States. They are good comb builders, and they are also extremely prolific and have an early spring build up in population, because the queens tend to start laying a large amount of eggs early on. The Italian bees are able to maintain high populations in the bee hives through out the summer months, which in turn makes them able to increase the amount of nectar coming into the hive during the summer honey flows (Great Honey Producers!). If you're looking for Italian mated queens for sale near me, Lappe's Bee Supply is an online free shipping honey bee supply store company, and we ship Italian queen honey bees to beekeepers all across the United States! Our Italian Hybrid queen bee line has the Minnesota Hygienic VSH traits bred into them, to increase disease and mite tolerance.

Carniolan Queen Honey Bees

 Carniolan queen bees are the second most popular strain of honey bee in the USA. Like the Italians, they also have some excellent characteristics and qualities. Some of their most favored traits include their good over-wintering ability; rapid spring buildup, having a strong workforce in time for the first major honey flow; the strong workforce in turn means a good honey production (more bees = more honey); good orientation - less apt to lose their sense of direction and not find their way back to their hive, or return to the wrong hive; good ability to keep a clean hive. If you're looking for Carniolan mated queens for sale near me, Lappe's Bee Supply is a honey bee online supply store company, offering free shipping on our Carniolan queen honey bees. We ship to beekeepers all across the United States! We make buying high quality queen honey bees super easy with our online ordering process!

Saskatraz Queen Honey Bees

 Saskatraz queen bees are a relatively new up and comer in the honey bee industry. Saskatraz hybrid queens are produced by Olivarez Honey Bees using Saskatraz breeder queens that originated in Saskatchewan, Canada. The breeder queens are selected for some of the best genetics possible, including honey production, wintering ability, temperament, mite tolerance / resistance and resistance to brood diseases. Saskatraz Hybrid queens have been crossed and open mated with different genetic families, including Italian Hybrid and Carniolan. Since they have such a diverse genetic background, the coloring can be different on the queens, from a lighter yellow color with a black tipped tail, to a tiger striped color, and even a darker black color. If you're looking for Saskatraz mated queens for sale near me, Lappe's Bee Supply is your answer! We ship queen honey bees all across the lower 48 United States during the summer months, and even offer free shipping on orders of 3 or more queens. Shop our large online catalog today!

Cordovan Queen Honey Bees

 Cordovan queen bees are a strain of Italian honey bees, with very similar characteristics. The queens are normally lighter yellow in color, with purplish brown legs and head, although Cordovan Hybrid can have darker abdomens, legs and head due to their crossed genetics. Although very similar in most qualities, Cordovan bees are more docile than their Italian cousins, making them easier to work with. They also excel at comb building, and they have a longer tongue than most other bee strains, which allows them to work more types of flowers since they can get into the nectar stores of some cone shaped flowers, where other bees can't. They do not conserve food stores in the winter as well as some other types of honey bees, and they are also not as readily available commercially compared to the Italian and Carniolan bees. Lappe's Bee Supply has a steady quantity of Cordovan Hybrid queen bees for sale all summer long, making us a major supplier of otherwise hard to find queen bees.

Russian Queen Honey Bees

Russian queen bees are favored by an increasing amount of beekeepers due to their increased strengths: they have a high mite resistance and are very active in defending their hive against these highly destructive nuisances (there is no strain of bee that is completely mite resistant, and Russian bees will still need to be treated for Varroa mites, just as any other type of bee); Russian bees are by far easier to overwinter in colder climates; they also have excellent housecleaning skills. There are a few less than ideal qualities of the Russian bees, they tend to only rear brood during times of nectar / pollen flows, which means they are slower to start brood production during early spring due to this, so their work force may not be very strong for an early honey flow, which can be an issue if you only get 1 flow per year in your area. They also tend to be more aggressive to defend their hive, and they tend to swarm easier than some other breeds of bees. Lappe's Bee Supply has a good quantity of Russian Hybrid queen bees for sale all summer long! 


 Free shipping queen honey bees for sale online Lappe's Bee Supply

Italian Carniolan Saskatraz Cordovan Russian queen honey bees for sale free USA shipping Lappe's Bee Supply


Package Honey Bees

Lappe's Bee Supply is proud to offer some of the best packages of honey bees for sale that can be found. If you are looking to become a beekeeper and are beginning beekeeping as a hobbyist, or if you already keep bees and are looking at expanding the amount of bee hives in your apiary, we have the package honeybees for you! Each package contains worker bees and a mated Italian, Carniolan or Saskatraz queen bee who are ready to be placed into their beehive and get to work building up their bee colony and being excellent pollinators! When you install these 2 pound or 3 pound packaged honey bees into your hive in early spring and feed them sugar water or sugar syrup and are well fed until there is natural pollen and nectar for them to work, and treat them for mites before the first honey flow starts, these Hygienic Italian Hybrid, Carniolan and Saskatraz honey bees will be strong enough to have a high honey production, and will produce enough to survive the winter and have some extra honey for you to harvest! We guarantee you'll be happy with these package bees! Package bees are always easy to install into a Langstroth bee hive or into top bar beehives. You can always try your luck with sitting out beekeeping equipment to try to catch a swarm of free bees, and some summers you can easily catch several honeybee swarms; a lot of times it's not so easy to catch bees as they are swarming, so buying package bees is the best way to be a beekeeper and start your bee hives. Keeping bees is a very enjoyable activity, even with the occasional stings, and the world needs more beekeepers to start bee keeping to increase pollination and help save the honey bee! Please note: shipping the packaged bees by UPS or USPS is detrimental to the bees' health and can have long term, extremely negative effects on your bees, causing them to not reach their full potential (Most often the bees will arrive dead, or almost all dead!). Only the bee suppliers who are most interested in the health of the bees will not ship package bees. At Lappe's Bee Supply, we care deeply about the honey bee, and we also care about getting repeat business from happy customers (not just the one time sale of a package of bees), which is why we offer our package bees for pick up only - we will not ship the packages of honey bees. There is nothing better than having strong, healthy honey bee hives, to sit out in the middle of your apiary and hear the buzzing of happy, healthy bees is highly satisfying!



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Italian Package Honey Bees For Sale


Carniolan Package Honey Bees


Saskatraz Package Honey Bees


Package Honey Bees for sale 

Italian Carniolan Saskatraz package honey bees for sale Lappe's Bee Supply


Italian, Carniolan and Saskatraz 5 Frame Honey Bee Nucs For Sale

If you're looking at getting a head start on your bee build up in the early spring, then the 5 frame nucs from Lappe's Bee Supply are going to be perfect for you! Yearly we produce around 1,000 to 1,500 bee nucs to meet the needs of our beekeeping customers! The nucs will have 5 deep brood frames with beeswax that will contain a mated, laying queen of your choice of Hygienic Italian, Carniolan or Saskatraz; a mixture of worker bees, nurse bees and drones that are all adjusted to the queen's pheromone; brood in all stages from that queen; and a mixture of pollen and feed. All of this is inside of a reusable plastic nuc box, called a pro nuc. These honeybee nucs are a great way to begin your beehives, regardless of whether you are looking to get into backyard beekeeping for pollination, or are just looking to expand the number of bee hives in your current apiary. The queen honey bee has been marked with the color for the current year; however, we do not recommend getting the queen's wings clipped. These 5 frame nucs will fit perfectly into a Langstroth bee hive brood box or a horizontal beehive, but will not work in a top bar hive. No matter if you are a hobbyist bee keeper, into commercial beekeeping, or wanting to become a beekeeper, we here at Lappe's Bee Supply are totally committed to helping bee keepers get the top quality honey bees nucs that they need to have strong hives in time for the honey flow for optimum honey production. Honey bee nucs are on sale throughout the year; however, they are only available for pick up in the months of April, May, June and July (weather dependent, must have an appointment). The rest of the year orders are taken for the following year. Just like the packages of honey bees, we offer these 5 frame nucs for pick up only.


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Italian Honey Bee Nucs For Sale


Carniolan Honey Bee Nucs


Saskatraz Honey Bee Nucs


5 Frame Honey Bee Nucs for sale

Italian Carniolan Saskatraz 5 frame honey bee nucs for sale Lappe's Bee Supply


Free Shipping Beekeeping Supplies and Honey Bee Equipment For Sale

Lappe's Bee Supply offers free shipping honey bee beekeeping supplies and beekeeping equipment for sale online around the United States, including in Alabama AL, Arizona AZ, Arkansas AR, California CA, Colorado CO, Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Florida FL, Georgia GA, Idaho ID, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Maine ME, Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, Michigan MI, Minnesota MN, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, Montana MT, Nebraska NE, Nevada NV, New Hampshire NH, New Jersey NJ, New Mexico NM, New York NY, North Carolina NC, North Dakota ND, Ohio OH, Oklahoma OK, Oregon OR, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, South Dakota SD, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Utah UT, Vermont VT, Virginia VA, Washington WA, West Virginia WV, Wisconsin WI, and Wyoming WY, except for Hawaii HI and Alaska AK. No matter whether you are a beginning beekeeper, hobbyist beekeeper, a commercial bee keeper, or anything in between, Lappe's Bee Supply offers all of the listings for beekeeping supplies, quality products and bee keeping equipment for sale that bee keepers will need to become a beekeeper.


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Bee Hive Components For 5 Frame 8 Frame 10 Frame Langstroth Beehives

5 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Equipment - 5 Frame Telescoping Lids - 5 Frame Migratory Lids - 5 Frame Solid Bottom Boards - 5 Frame Screened Bottom Boards - 5 Frame Notched Inner Covers - 5 Frame Entrance Reducers - 5 Frame Deep Brood Boxes - 5 Frame Medium Honey Supers - 5 Frame Screened Inner Covers

8 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Equipment - 8 Frame Telescoping Lids - 8 Frame Migratory Lids - 8 Frame Solid Bottom Boards - 8 Frame Screened Bottom Boards - 8 Frame Notched Inner Covers - 8 Frame Entrance Reducers - 8 Frame Painted Deep Brood Boxes - 8 Frame Painted Medium Honey Supers - Bee Smart Ultimate Bee Hive Equipment - 8 Frame Plastic Queen Excluders - 8 Frame Metal Queen Excluders

10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Equipment - 10 Frame Telescoping Lids - 10 Frame Migratory Lids - 10 Frame Solid Bottom Boards - 10 Frame Screened Bottom Boards - 10 Frame Notched Inner Covers - 10 Frame Entrance Reducers - 10 Frame Painted Deep Brood Boxes - 10 Frame Painted Medium Honey Supers - Bee Smart Ultimate Bee Hive Equipment - 10 Frame Plastic Queen Excluders - 10 Frame Metal Queen Excluders - 10 Frame Wax Dipped Deep Brood Boxes - 10 Frame Wax Dipped Medium Honey Supers

Unassembled Bee Hive Components - 5 Frame Nuc Unassembled Deep Brood Box - 5 Frame Nuc Unassembled Medium Honey Super - 8 Frame Unassembled Commercial Grade Deep Brood Box - 8 Frame Unassembled Commercial Grade Medium Honey Super - 10 Frame Unassembled Commercial Grade Deep Brood Box - 10 Frame Unassembled Commercial Grade Medium Honey Super - Unassembled Honey Super Frames - Unassembled Deep Hive Body Frames

Bee Hive Accessories - U Style W Style Pallet Clips - Bee Bus Plastic Cages For Packages - Bee Hive Frame Savers - Honey Bee Nuc Plastic Entrance Discs - Metal Nail In Frame Spacers 10 Frame 9 Frame 8 Frame - Bee Hive Net Cover - Small Steel Entrance Discs - Ultimate Bee Hive Robbing Screen - Nuc / Package Bee Mesh Transport Bag - Metal Frame Rests - Plastic Entrance Discs - Heavy Duty Plastic Entrance Discs - Steel Entrance Discs - Frame Saver Nails


Protective Clothing & Bee Suits

Ventilated Bee Suits (sizes range from 2XS up to 8XL)

Ventilated Bee Jackets (sizes range from 2XS up to 8XL)

Premium Bee Suits (sizes range from 2XS up to 8XL)

Premium Bee Jackets (sizes range from 2XS up to 8XL)

Ventilated Bee Pants (sizes range from 2XS up to 8XL)

Goatskin Gloves (sizes range from S to 5XL)

Goatskin Gloves with Ventilated Sleeves (sizes range from S to 5XL)

Cowhide Gloves (sizes range from S to 5XL)

Kids Beekeeping Suits (sizes range from 3XS to XL)

Kids Beekeeping Jackets (sizes range from 3XS to XL)

Kids Beekeeping Gloves (sizes range from S to L)

Cowboy Hat Beekeeping Veil

Beekeeping Boot Bands

Nitrile Gloves

Colored Sweat Bands 


Honey Bee Hive & Bee Colony Maintenance

Freeze Frame Freezer Storage Bags For Bee Hive Frames

Easy Check Varroa Mite Testers

American Foulbrood Test Kit

HiveAlive Fondant Patties Winter Spring Honey Bee Feed

AP23 Pollen Patties Spring Summer Honey Bee Feed

AP23 Winter Patties Honey Bee Feed

AntCant Ant Barrier Coating

Winter Spring Fall Honey Bee Feed & Feeders

Medications & Pest Control

Bee Hive Maintenance


Queen Rearing

All the essential supplies needed for rearing queen honey bees on your own!


Beekeeping Books & Magazines

Beekeeping Books - First Time Beekeeping - Beekeeping For Dummies - Homegrown Honey Bees - Storey's Guide To Keeping Honey Bees - The Backyard Beekeeper - The Beekeeper's Problem Solver - Beehive Alchemy - In Business With Bees - The Fresh Honey Cookbook - Beeswax Alchemy - The Beeswax Workshop - The Candlemaker's Companion - Better Beekeeping - 101 Amazing Uses For Honey - Beekeeper's Lab

Purchase a subscription to the American Bee Journal!

Purchase a subscription to Bee Culture!


Best Tasting, Delicious USA Honey - Purchase the best local honey in the United States from Lappe's Bee Supply

✴ Lappe's Bee Supply offers a huge selection of some of the best tasting honey, sourced only from the United States! Available in multiple sizes, including 2 oz.; 1 lb.; 2 lb.; 5 lb.; 5 lb. Raw; 5 lb. Mountain Wildflower; 12 lb. 1 gallon; 60 lb.; 60 lb. Raw; 60 lb. Mountain Wildflower; 55 gallon drums Raw Honey; Creamed Honey; Honey Bear Lollipops; Largest Flavor Assortment Delicious Flavored Honey Sticks



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Buy the essential beekeeping supplies, tools and equipment that you need, plus earn 3.2% back on every single order that you place with us! This is the largest beekeeping rewards program around! Be sure to log into your account before you start the order process every time that you shop with us, and during the checkout the amount of discount that you have on your account will automatically be applied to your order - It's That Simple! There will never be a fee to participate in our Colony Cash Rewards Program! Lappe's Bee Supply does not believe in making you spend money to be part of a program that is supposed to save you money! We will never change the program to make you pay a fee, either! Enjoy free benefits for the entire amount of time that you are a Lappe's Bee Supply customer!!


Free Shipping Honey Bee Supplies

Free Shipping beekeeping supplies for sale Lappe's Bee Supply

Beginning Beginner Starter Beekeeping Kits

Beginning Beekeeping Kits From Lappe's Bee Supply - Among The Best In The Business!

All Beginner / Beginning Beekeeping Kits include Free Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States!!


Just starting out on your first year of a new beekeeping adventure?  

Don't be fooled by cheaper starter kits - other kits can include equipment that you don't need when you are just starting out; you can end up getting a whole hive kit that is not assembled or painted and you were not aware of it because of a less than descriptive product description; the frames and or equipment included with the hive can be cheap, with a substandard light wax coating on the foundation. Lappe's Bee Supply is the only company that includes triple wax coated Pierco foundation in all hive set ups! Other frames with substandard wax coatings usually will affect your bees production in the first year; how it works is the bees don't accept the foundation in a fast enough time to produce more bees before the honey flow starts, so it sets your hive behind with not only brood production, but honey production as well. It's not just the quantity of wax that is on the frames that affects the bees acceptance - if they don't have a lot of wax then the aroma won't be as strong, and if the frames have sat on a shelf for quite awhile they can have lost what little aroma they had in the first place. Most people are not aware of this issue when they are just starting out in beekeeping, and they make the mistake of buying an inferior starter kit. Bees love the extra heavy wax coating on all of the Pierco triple wax frames and foundations that Lappe's Bee Supply carries, and they will get right to work on it, providing you with freshly pulled, beautiful wax covered frames that the queen can lay worker brood in, and the worker bees can fill with the necessary pollen and feed to feed the baby bees. A stronger hive results in a huge honey crop for the beekeeper! Even if you are not raising honey bees for the honey production, you will still require the stronger hive to be able to have a chance of surviving the winter.

We offer 4 different sizes of hive kits, in both 8 frame and 10 frame sizes, so that you have a choice of what to get depending on what your budget is. Each kit comes with your choice of a bee suit or bee jacket, beekeeping protective gloves, smoker, smoker fuel, hive tool and bee brush, feeder, beekeeping book, and all hive starter kits that include honey supers in the hive set up also include a plastic queen excluder. ~ PLUS ~ You get your choice of a solid bottom board or a screened bottom board (no other beginner kit in the industry gives you this choice!) and you get your choice of a magazine subscription to one of two of the best beekeeping magazines in the United States! It's also easy to add on the additional necessities for your honey bees; liquid feed gallons, AP23 pollen patties, or even the bee packages themselves! Why just take our word for it? Check out our starter kit pages to see for yourself!


Shop The Best Beginning Beekeeping Kits In The United States




10 Frame Honey Master Colony Starter Kit


10 Frame 2 Story Colony Starter Kit


10 Frame Beginning Beekeeping Colony Beehive Starter Kit


8 Frame Honey Master Colony Starter Kit


8 Frame 2 Story Colony Starter Kit


8 Frame Beginning Beekeeping Colony Beehive Starter Kit


Free Shipping beekeeping supplies for sale Lappe's Bee Supply


Find Out About Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC!

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farms LLC is an experienced, family owned beekeeping company and has been involved in beekeeping for over 40 long years. We expanded the beekeeping business in 2009, keeping bees for honey production. In 2015 we opened up our beekeeping equipment, bees and supplies and have continually been building on the company and increasing our supplies area. We offer free beekeeping 101, and we are dedicated to helping beekeepers around the world. If you ever have any beekeeping questions, or you are concerned about what your beehive(s) are doing, please feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or even drop in to see us if you are near me; we are always happy to help you! Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC near me around 117 Florence Ave., East Peru IA 50222. Please feel free to give us a call at 641-728-4361.


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Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply
Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply