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AP23 Pollen Patties with Honey-B-Healthy *CLEARANCE*

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AP23 Pollen Patties with Honey-B-Healthy

We have tried several different brands of pollen patties on our own bees and have found that the bees will consume these patties the best. Feeding bees these patties in the springtime gives your bees optimum nutritional benefits, resulting in healthier bees that will build up strong colonies in time for the honey flow.

  • Patties contain AP23, which has been formulated to deliver all of the currently known nutritional needs of the honey bee, with optimal balance of nutrient levels, in a highly palatable blend of specifically selected ingredients. AP23 is a high protein feed developed for all levels of beekeepers. It helps maintain colony strength by boosting populations, which result in better crop pollination and honey crops.
  • AP23 pollen patties are superior to most other available pollen patties, due to the AP23 pollen substitute.
  • Patties also contain Honey-B-Healthy, which is an essential oil preparation that boosts the honey bee's immune system. Honey-B-Healthy is one of the best feeding stimulants that there is.
  • Use 1-2 patties per hive, directly on the top bars.
  • Contains no bee by-products.
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Pollen Patties

They showed as quoted and product looks to be good quality. Bees took to it right away. Would recommend it to other bee keepers
Posted by Thomas Gillen, Apr 17th 2019

Pollen Patties

Will put in my hives this weekend. Patties were shipped and delivered as promised. Satisfied.
Posted by Ned Miller, Mar 14th 2019

Protein patties ap 23 dadant

Received well packaged have not used any yet bee packages will arrive April 21 had a friend loan me some for the hive I bought over the winter to get the girls started this will be my first year thank you
Posted by Philip Furnace, Apr 6th 2018

Pollen Patties

Just put them in my 2 hives going to compare the 2 with vs the 2 without hoping they do make a big diffrence
Posted by rick morris, Mar 30th 2017