AP23 Pollen Patties with Honey-B-Healthy

  • Patties contain AP23, which has been formulated to deliver all of the currently known nutritional needs of the honey bee, with optimal balance of nutrient levels, in a highly palatable blend of specifically selected ingredients. AP23 is a high protein feed developed for all levels of beekeepers. It helps maintain colony strength by boosting populations, which result in better crop pollination and honey crops.
  • AP23 pollen patties are superior to most other available pollen patties, due to the AP23 pollen substitute.
  • Patties also contain Honey-B-Healthy, which is an essential oil preparation that boosts the honey bee's immune system. Honey-B-Healthy is one of the best feeding stimulants that there is.
  • Use 1-2 patties per hive, directly on the top bars.
  • Contains no bee by-products.

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Pollen Patties

Just put them in my 2 hives going to compare the 2 with vs the 2 without hoping they do make a big diffrence
Posted by rick morris, Mar 30th 2017