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Cordovan Italian Hybrid Queen Honey Bees

Please note: When starting a new bee hive, you need to purchase a package of bees with a queen, not just a queen. Without the 2 or 3 pounds of bees to take care of her, the queen will not be able to survive and will die. These mated queens are for queening an existing hive or splits in the spring time.

Please place a separate order for equipment; queen bees need to be shipped on their own, so any equipment and/or supplies will be billed for shipping separately, unless the equipment part of the purchase is over $100 and qualifies for free shipping. Orders for 1 - 2 queens will be billed a flat rate of $10, and we will bill any extra equipment for the shipping amount as calculated on our website.

Queens will be shipped from April through the end of August. Queens will arrive in California mini queen cages or 3 hole queen cages. Regardless of whichever type of queen cage your queen arrives in, there will be a candy plug already in one end filled with queen candy. We recommend leaving this plug in when placing your new queen into the hive. Lappe's Bee Supply is not responsible for anything that happens because the bee keeper makes the choice to remove the candy plug or the queen candy from the queen cage. It is always better to allow her to stay in the queen cage with the candy plug intact, to give the worker bees time to get familiar with her pheromone and get her out of the cage themselves.

Queen honey bees from Lappe's Bee Supply are guaranteed to be alive upon arrival (certain conditions apply). Queen replacement for queens DOA is always at the discretion of LBS and needs to be reported right upon arrival; please contact us with the details. If not reported at the time of arrival (either picked up from the post office, or time delivered by UPS) we are unable to replace or refund any queen bees. We adhere to time of arrival as noted on UPS or USPS tracking numbers. Acceptable methods of contacting us include phone and email.

All of the queen honeybees that we sell are young, naturally mated superb queens. We DO NOT clip the queens wings. Place your order online to buy your queen honey bees, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to speak with you! Lappe's Bee Supply is a 2024 online supplier company with listings for several different strains of queen honey bees for sale.

Queens cannot survive for long outside of honeybee hives! Your queen needs to be inside of the beehive where the worker bees can feed her and give her water and food. Please plan on putting your queen into your hive shortly after picking her up from the post office. Please do not leave queen bees sitting on the counter overnight!

Cordovan Italian Hybrid Queen Bees Shipping Information

All orders of 3 or more queens qualify for free shipping! Free shipped queen orders of 3 - 19 queen bees will be sent out through the USPS, and while shipping times vary, most arrive within 2 - 4 days. The queen shipment will be marked to be held at your post office, and they will give you a call at the number that you specify to alert you to come and pick up your queen honeybees. Please remember, just because you haven't heard from them doesn't mean you shouldn't call them to verify if they are ready to be picked up.

Please note: You need to pick up your queen bees on the day that the post office calls you, to ensure that your queens will all be alive. Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC is not responsible for any queens that do not survive because they are not picked up in time, or for any queens that are delivered to mailboxes at the customer's request to the post office.

Right after your queens ship out, usually mid - late afternoon, we will send a shipping confirmation to your email address that will contain your tracking number. Sometimes this email can end up in your spam folder, so please be sure to check there as well. It is every customer's responsibility to check on the shipping progress of their queens, so they can be ready when the bees arrive at the post office. If you haven't heard from the post office, and you think that the queens may be there, it is also your responsibility to call the post office to find out, or go in and see. Lappe's Bee Supply will not replace dead queens that have sat at the post office for several days or over the weekend. It is at our discretion to replace queens, based on what events took place. Important - Please Note: if you have multiple email addresses, please be sure to verify which email address you used during checkout. Our system will send the shipment information to the email you listed when placing your order.

Orders of 20 - 28 queens will be shipped out by UPS Next Day Air for free shipping method. Orders of 29 or more queens will ship by UPS Next Day Air Early for the free shipping method. We can ship out orders of 20 or more queens by the free shipping method of the USPS, if you would prefer them arrive at your post office instead of ride around in the UPS delivery truck and sit outside of your house. Please let us know during the check out process by leaving us a comment about shipping by USPS instead of UPS.

During any time that UPS suspends their service guarantee, Lappe's Bee Supply is unable to replace queens if they die due to a delayed shipment.

We are able to ship queen honey bees through USPS, UPS Next Day Air Early or UPS Next Day Air to only the lower 48 United States and Alaska (shipping to Alaska by USPS ONLY); we can not ship queens to Hawaii, and we do not do International or Canada shipments on queens. 

Queen Honey Bees Terms & Conditions

Queen Marking

We can mark queens for an additional fee of $4 each. Please let us know which color you would like to have her marked. The International Color for 2024 is green, but if you are only marking her to make it easier to spot her, you can choose whichever color you think would make her easy to find.

Cordovan Italian Hybrid Honey Bees Information

Cordovan Hybrid queens are very prolific, laying tons of eggs which gives the colony the ability to build up numbers quickly in the spring time, and hold the numbers high throughout the summer time, which results in a high honey production. The queens also produce gentle bees, and the colony as a whole is very hygeniec, keeping a clean hive. Cordovan Hybrid crossed with Italian Hybrid Queen bees can range in color, from a golden bee to an almost chocolate or dark colored bee. Cordovan Hybrid queens are not a pure bred Cordovan.


Beekeepingsuppliesonline around East Peru Iowa United States online We offer free shipping on all orders of 3 or more queen bees shipped to the following United States listings: Alabama; Arizona | Phoenix; Arkansas; California | San Francisco; Colorado | Colorado Springs; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida | Miami; Georgia | Atlanta; Idaho; Illinois | Chicago; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky | Lexington; Louisiana | New Orleans; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts | Boston; Michigan | Detroit; Minnesota | Minneapolis; Mississippi; Missouri | Kansas City; Montana; Nebraska | Omaha; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina | Raleigh; North Dakota; Ohio | Columbus; Oklahoma | Tulsa; Oregon | Portland; Pennsylvania | Philadelphia; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Tennessee | Nashville; Texas | Houston; Utah; Vermont; Virginia | Arlington; Washington | Seattle; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Wyoming USA online honeybeesonline around East Peru Iowa United States


(38 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Andrew Bries on May 22, 2024

    Arrived promptly, however after a week bees had not yet gotten through candy at entrance, I helped release her so hopefully she starts laying soon

  • 5
    Queen bees

    Posted by Richard Kallemeyn on May 14, 2024

    Put in cages on frames and on day three some were laying eggs in d comb

  • 5
    2 Queen bees

    Posted by Jeff Minor on Apr 24, 2024

    Queens came in on time as scheduled and is doing well in the hive.

  • 4

    Posted by Clifford Beare on Apr 16, 2024

    Accepted quickly and began laying almost immediately

  • 4
    Cordovan queen

    Posted by Jerry Sisseck on Apr 09, 2024

    Introduced under push in cage has not started to lay yet this is day six. Nice looking Queens

  • 5
    Queen shipment

    Posted by James Seidler on Aug 28, 2023

    I ordered and recieved 4 healthy good looking queens with plenty of attendants in with each queen. They are healthy and strong. Shipping was fast and the queens were boxed up nicely with plenty of ventilation. The cages were secured to the middle of the box with what looked like a hot glue gun so there wouldn’t have been harmful fumes. As far as viability and longevity I am unable to verify this as of yet.

  • 5
    Cordovan Queen

    Posted by David Stone on Aug 23, 2023

    This is the second time this year I've ordered from Lappes Bee Supply. Shipping is incredible, both times they were sent on a Monday afternoon, I had them Wednesday at local post office. I tried another vendor and it did not go anywhere near this smooth. The hive I have from one of these queens are night and day compared to even my calm Italians, such a pleasure to work. They don't pay any attention to you as long as your gentle. Will definitely use them for queens in the future!

  • 5
    cordovan queens

    Posted by Paul A Hermes on Aug 21, 2023

    Best queen delivery I've had, quick shipping to post office for each pick up. Nuc Hive released her in just a few days, so I'm anxious to see her laying pattern over the next month.

  • 5
    Cordovan Queen - beautiful and productive!

    Posted by Jill S on Jul 31, 2023

    I ordered three different types of queens (for fun and genetic diversity): carni, Italian hybrid and Cordovan and placed into Solstice splits. All 3 released by day 2 and all 3 laying by day 3! Always happy with my Lappe queens. Thank you!

  • 5
    Queen Bee

    Posted by Terry Belisle on Jun 08, 2023

    I ordered a queen bee from Lappes Bee Supply. The price was great, and the queen arrived in superb condition with plenty of attendant bees to help her. Thank you all so much for helping me save this hive. If you want a healthy queen, this is the place to get them!!

  • 5
    Awesome queens

    Posted by Charles Vance on May 31, 2023

    Queens came well packaged. Super fast shipping without any issues. Will definitely buy from again.

  • 5
    Cordovan Queen

    Posted by Mandy Massey on May 01, 2023

    Arrived right on time exactly as ordered. She looks good, and I'm looking forward to seeing how she does when she gets to laying.

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