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Looking for where to buy beekeeping supplies for sale in the United States?

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC is the answer, we carry all of the essential quality beekeeping supplies that every beekeeper needs! We have an extensive line of the best beekeeping supplies and equipment available in the industry for all beekeepers, from the hobbyist bee keeper to the commercial, and everyone in between! Lappe's Bee Supply is dedicated to helping educate beekeepers and provide them with all of the beekeeping supplies that they will ever need, at affordable prices. We promote successful and healthy beekeeping, offering quality beekeeping supplies and tons of beekeeping 101 knowledge, plus we offer the highest rewards program in the beekeeping industry, giving you 3.2% back on every single purchase that you make with us.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $100!

Lappe's Bee Supply is proud to offer our customers free shipping for most orders over $100 (after promotions and discounts are applied), shipped standard ground service to all of the lower 48 United States! Included in our free shipping locations are Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Seattle Washington, Phoenix Arizona, Iowa, Montana, Oregon, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Los Angeles California, Kentucky, Nevada, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Colorado, Louisiana, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, New Mexico, Tennessee, Jacksonville Florida, Boston Massachusetts, New York, Dallas Texas, Georgia, Michigan, Charlotte North Carolina, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, North Dakota, Vermont, Chicago Illinois, Mississippi, Columbus Ohio, and Virginia. In addition, our customers enjoy free shipping on orders of 3 or more queen honey bees, and on all orders of honey labels and on gift certificates. Free shipping is automatically calculated on all qualifying orders - skipping the hassle of having to remember special codes!

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Langstroth Bee Hives For Sale

Langstroth 5 Frame, 8 Frame and 10 Frame Beehives & Components


Lappe's Bee Supply offers several different Langstroth bee hive configurations, in 5 frame, 8 frame size and 10 frame size, to fit each beekeepers needs and/or budget. Choose from:

  1. Single deep hive body Swarm Catching Special. These are perfect for those starting out on a small budget. This hive provides the bees with ample room to start out with, you would just need to purchase an additional deep hive body to add to them before the bees fill the box and frames with pulled comb, brood and feed. This hive also makes an excellent swarm catching hive, just like the name says! Simply place the hive wherever you would like to permanently keep the bees. The heavy wax coating on the frames will lure the scout bees directly to the hive, who will in turn bring the swarm back with them to move in. No worries either, in regards to them pulling "wacky" comb. Since the frames are already there, they will get right to work pulling the wax on the frames to provide the queen with a place to start laying. Also, wax moths and other pests are unable to damage the frames, unlike with actual beeswax foundation.
  2. Story and a half hobby bee hive comes with one deep brood box and one medium honey super.
  3. Two story beehive comes with two deep brood boxes.
  4. 6-5/8" Premium bee hive includes four medium honey super boxes.
  5. Premium bee hive includes two 9-5/8" deep hive bodies and two 6-5/8" medium honey supers. This hive is the most preferred by our customers, and is also the standard beehive choice in the bee keeping industry.

All of our bee hives have been crafted in the USA from the highest quality pine wood, and have been assembled and painted by us. In addition to all of the choices with the sizes of bee hives, we are also the only company in the industry to offer the beekeeper a choice of a solid bottom board or a screened bottom board, and a choice of color combinations for the TRIPLE WAX COATED plastic foundation in the frames with their hive set up! Choose from a black deep / white honey super color combo, a black deep / yellow honey super color combo, or an all natural yellow color combo. Also included with every hive is a two sided entrance reducer, notched wooden inner cover, telescoping top cover, assembled wooden frames, and comes complete, painted and assembled, and ready to use! Assembled wooden frames are made using Pierco Triple Extra Extreme wax coated plastic foundation, the best available on the market with the highest coating of 100% beeswax! Pierco Triple wax coated foundation is approved by honeybees everywhere!

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Bee Hive Frames & Foundation

  • Lappe's Premier Extra Extreme Wax Coated Foundation

Here at Lappe's Bee Supply, we are constantly looking for new, superior products to provide our customers with the best beekeeping experience possible. After searching high and low for plastic foundations that have a superior coating of beeswax on them, we decided on Pierco Triple Wax Coated Plastic Foundation and Frames. Pierco Triple Wax foundation is a new and improved heavy wax coated plastic foundation, completely manufactured in the USA! Pierco Triple Wax Foundation has a higher acceptance rate with our own honey bees when compared to other competing brands of wax coated plastic foundation. Don't just take our word for it - let the bees decide! These high wax coated plastic foundation sheets have the heaviest coating of 100% beeswax available on the market - up to 50% higher wax coating than the industry standard! There's no need to spend extra time applying beeswax to these foundations - they have a professional extra heavy coating already applied! The heavy beeswax coating works the same as 100% beeswax foundation - just easier and quicker to assemble and use! You (and your bees!) won't be disappointed!

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  • Wooden Beehive Frames

All of the wooden frames that we carry at Lappe's Bee Supply are manufactured here in the United States from quality lumber, and are assembled using Pierco Triple wax coated plastic foundation.

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  • Unassembled Bee Hive Components

To find the best unassembled beehive components, shop our extensive line at Lappe's Bee Supply today! Choose from high quality unassembled hive bodies and honey supers, available in three different grades: budget, commercial and select. Budget grade is the most economical choice. The highly functional box can have multiple solid or loose knots, pitch pockets, functional cracks and knots in the fingers and/or the rabbets; imperfections that interfere with the structure of functionality of the box are not accepted. Commercial grade is the most popular grade of bee hive box by far. Tight solid knots, small pitch pockets and small, tight cracks are acceptable for this grade. Imperfections that interfere with the structure and functionality of the box are not accepted. Select grade is the most premium quality available in the industry, and has the least amount of imperfections allowed. Small tight knots on the outside of the box and small imperfections are allowed on the inside. No knots in the finger joints, rabbets or hand holds are allowed. We also offer select grade unassembled frames that feature a full 1/2" thick bottom bar, along with a full 3/4" thick top bar, making them the toughest, most durable frames available on the market. Frames are available with a grooved top bar or a wedge top bar, along with a grooved bottom bar.

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Protective Clothing & Bee Suits For Sale

  • Beekeeping Suits, Jackets & Pants

All our premium bee suits and jackets feature heavy duty metal zippers, elastic at the wrists and/or ankles, hive tool pockets and extra pockets at the check and waist for extra storage and carrying space. All bee pants feature a cinch tie at the waist, and all full bee suits and bee pants feature reinforced knees for extra durability. High quality suits, jackets and pants are made from a cotton/poly blend material.

  • Ventilated Bee Suits, Jackets & Pants

Our ventilated suits, jackets & pants are some of the coolest in the industry! Beat the heat of those hot summer days and stay cooler with our highly popular line of ventilated protective wear. Made from a layer of rubberized netting in between two layers of woven netting, they allow the breeze to blow through, while still protecting you from stings. They feature the same heavy duty metal zipper, reinforced knees, and other premium qualities of our cotton/poly blend protective wear. As an added "cool" bonus, the veil is a fully round veil, which allows the breeze to blow straight through to the back of your neck, to help keep you even cooler!

  • Little Beginners Bee Suits & Jackets, Beekeeping Gloves For Children

Want to get your children interested in beekeeping? Now you can, and keep them safe, with our full line of protective clothing for kids! We are proud to support the children of the beekeeping industry by providing them with the same high quality (but pint sized!) cotton/poly blend bee suits and jackets, and also Ventilated beekeeping suits and jackets! We also carry goatskin beekeeping gloves to protect those little hands from stings!

  • Beekeeping Gloves, Protective Veils

We also carry a full line of other protective beekeeping wear as well. Select from soft and long lasting goatskin gloves or goatskin gloves with ventilated sleeves, or from durable, heavy duty cowhide gloves. Our catalog also contains beekeeping boot bands to keep those bees from crawling up your pant legs, and sweat bands to keep the sweat from running into your eyes. We also carry four different styles of pull over veils, that can come in quite handy for those quick trips into the bee yards.

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Beekeeping Tools & Smokers

  • Hive Tools & Hand Tools

Our extensive online catalog contains a wide assortment of hive tools and hand tools, everything you could ever need to keep honey bees! Select from orange, red or pink economy hive tools; orange, red or pink J hook hive tools; pocket hive tools; stainless steel hive tools & EZ pry hive tools; our own Beekeeper's Best hive tools; queen excluder cleaners; bee brushes; frames spacers and frame grips.

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  • Bee Smokers & Smoker Fuel

We also carry a large selection of bee smokers and smoker fuel. Not only do we have 4 different sizes of smokers, we also carry the 3 best smoker fuels on the market: wood shavings, burlap rolls and twine rolls. We also sell hand torches to make lighting your smoker extremely easy. Simply hook it up to a hand held propane torch, light your smoker and go. Simple and easy!

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Beekeeping Books & Magazines

Looking for different books on beekeeping? We carry an extensive line of some of the most popular! Select from Homegrown Honey Bees, Queen Spotting, The Bee Friendly Garden, Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees, Beekeeping for Dummies, The Beekeeper's Problem Solver, The Beekeeper's Journal, Beehive Alchemy, In Business with Bees, The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive, The Fresh Honey Cookbook, Beeswax Alchemy, The Beeswax Workshop, The Candlemaker's Companion, The Soapmaker's Companion, and lots of others. You can also order a subscription to the most widely ordered beekeeping magazines, The American Bee Journal or Bee Culture. Why not choose them both?

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Hive & Colony Maintenance

  • Bee Feed & Feeders

Feeding bees is a very crucial step in keeping honey bees. The survival of the whole colony depends on how much feed they have. That is why we carry several different types of bee feeders. We have front entrance feeders, in hive frame feeders, and top feeders. We also carry our own brand of liquid bee feed, Sweet Bee Liquid Honey Bee Feed, and we offer AP23 pollen patties and AP23 winter patties. Also provided are feeding stimulants Honey B Healthy, Vitamin B Healthy and Amino B Booster.

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  • Medications & Pest Control

Another important step in keeping bees is medications and pest control. Keep your bees healthy by feeding them and treating them for mites, and you can have a very strong hive when the honey flow starts. We are strong advocates for treating for Varroa mites every spring and every fall. Treating your honey bees is paramount to having a strong healthy hive that does well and can survive the winter. Many other issues that can happen with a hive, such as small hive beetles, can start because of the bees having an issue with Varroa mites. We offer several different successful methods of Varroa mite treatments, including Apivar, Oxalic Acid and Apiguard.

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  • Queen Rearing Supplies

We carry the most important tools needed for queen grafting. Grafting tools; queen cell cups; queen cell protectors; queen cages; several different styles of queen marking tubes and cages; queen marking pens; plastic and stainless steel queen catchers.

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Honey Extracting Supplies

  • Maxant Honey Processing Equipment

We carry the complete line of honey processing equipment by the American company Maxant. Included are different sizes of hand crank and electric extractors; 6 gallon wax tanks; junior cappings spinner and senior cappings spinner; liquifier and wax melting tanks; electric uncapping planes; motorized chain uncappers; mobile uncapping tanks; gravity clarifiers; honey pumps; several different sizes of bottling tanks.

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  • Honey Extractors

We carry several different sizes of high quality, economical honey extractors. Choose from 2 frame or 3 frame hand crank, 3 frame electric, 8/4 frame hand crank or 8/4 frame electric. There are also several different selections of combo kits that include everything needed for honey extracting season!

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  • Honey Harvesting Supplies

We have a wide variety of honey harvesting supplies available for honey extracting time, in mid to late summer. Included are honey gates, comb honey cutters, uncapping forks, uncapping scratchers, uncapping rollers, cold uncapping knives and electric heated uncapping knives, combcappers, bee escapes, pail perches, honey filters, honey removal aids (like Bee Dun and Bee Quick), fume boards, and deluxe uncapping tanks.

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  • Plastic Honey Containers

We have one of the largest inventories of plastic honey containers available in the beekeeping industry! Each style of honey bottles is available in several different sizes, to satisfy your honey customers needs. We have 8 ounce, 1 pound, 1-1/2 pound, 2 pound, 3 pound and 5 pound that are the most widely used. Each container is available in a 50 count, or if you have a lot of honey to bottle, then we also offer full bulk cases of each container as well. Choose from honey bear containers, queen line containers, skep honey containers, beehive plastic containers, creamed honey containers, inverted hex containers, cylinder hex containers, as well as several other types!

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  • Glass Honey Bottles & Jars

We have a large selection of glass honey bottles as well! 8 ounce, 12 ounce, 1 pound and 2 pound are the most common sizes in glass honey jars. We offer the styles of queenline, muth honey jars, skep bottles, glass bear containers, hex glass jars and glass wine / mead bottles in clear and green colors. We also carry 4 ounce glass mason jars and 8 ounce square glass mason jars available for candle producers as well!

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Bargain Bin Clearance Sales

We almost always have inventory close outs on products that we are discontinuing, or items that we need to reduce some inventory on, or even just some extra products that were found in our store room that we need to clear out. That's why we created the Bargain Bin Clearance Center, to have a place to put all of those extra products at greatly discounted prices, so that our customers can benefit from our need to clear out! Please make sure, though, that all Bargain Bin items that you would like to purchase will meet your expectations before you add them to your order; once purchased, we are unable to accept any returns or give refunds on any of our Bargain Bin items.

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Winter Beekeeping Supplies

Getting your bee hives prepared for winter is also another very important job for beekeepers who keep their bees in a cold weather climate. Every beekeeper wants to make sure that their bees survive the winter, and Lappe's Bee Supply has all the tools to help them give their bees the best chance that they can. We carry Bee Cozy winter bee hive wraps, winter quilt boxes and overwintering insulation heater boxes, inner cover insulation sheets and inner cover insulation pads, winter candy board feeders, bee hive shims, AP23 winter patties for added winter nutrition without excess moisture or too much pollen, and the extremely important moisture board!

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Iowa Honey For Sale

We have some of the most delicious local Iowa honey available for sale in the Midwest! We offer 2 ounce bears, 12 ounce bears, 1 pound bottles, 2 pound bottle, 3 pound jugs and 5 pound jugs. We also offer pure and raw honey in bulk 60 pound buckets, and raw honey in bulk 55 gallon drums, which hold around 650 pounds. Also try our local bee pollen and our ultra smooth creamed honey, a popular favorite among all of our customers!

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100% Pure Beeswax

Need to buy pure beeswax in pellet, cube or block form? We offer them all! We have 1 pound beeswax pellets in white wax and yellow wax, 1 pound bags of yellow bees wax melting cubes, 1 pound blocks of yellow beeswax, and 1 pound blocks of industrial grade beeswax. All beeswax is subject to availability, although both yellow and white beeswax pellets and industrial grade beeswax is in stock pretty much all of the time.

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Colony Cash Rewards Sales

We offer weekly Colony Cash Rewards sales, where you can save up to 40% off items in our online catalog, as well as in our store. Sales change every Friday, and quite often we offer additional sales items during the week, so be sure to sign up for our weekly sales emails. We never send you junk emails, we do not sell our email lists to anyone, and you can remove your name from our list at any time. Plus, we offer 3.2% back on each and every purchase that you make with us, so also be sure to sign up for our rewards system!

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Gifts For Beekeepers

  • Gifts For The Home

We offer a long line of beekeeping gifts for the home, including Bee Happy honey bee dish towels; Bee Merry Christmas dish towel sets; cookie cutters in fun bee themed shapes - honey bee, bee hive, and honey comb; very handy list notepads with magnets on the back, in different designs; Honey bee salt and pepper shakers; mead making kits; honey dipper sticks in various sizes and designs; skep beeswax candles; pure bees wax votive candles; tall beeswax candles.


  • Gifts To Use For The Car

Gifts that can be used for a beekeepers car include a really fun sun shade that shows a car full of bees; different key chains including ones that look like bee smokers, beekeeper key chains and queen honey bee key chains; and different styles of beekeeper car decals.


  • Personal Gifts

We offer a lot of different personal gifts, including beeswax lip balm, hand & body lotion, market tote, zipper wallet, handmade honey soap, honey bee spiral notebooks, honey blossom bee hive soap, beekeeping t shirts, and an actual working mini bee smoker that is great for children.


  • Christmas Lights & Ornaments

Deck The Halls with lots of bee themed Christmas items! We carry mini honeybees ornaments, honey pot ornaments, skep ornaments, honey bee ornaments, hood and veil ornaments, and very cute Christmas honey bee string LED lights!


  • Honey Bee Jewelry

Do you know a beekeeper that likes to wear lots of bee jewelry? We offer adjustable string bracelets; honey bee pins to pin on your clothing; honey bee dangle earrings; honey bee pendant necklace; honey comb necklaces, and leather honey bee bracelets.


  • Gifts For The Beekeepers Dog

We even carry items for your dog! We have honeycomb dog collars for medium and large sized dogs, and honeycomb dog leashes to go with the dog collars!

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DIY & Crafting Supplies

  • Candle Making Supplies

Looking for candle making supplies? We carry a complete line of different sizes of candle wicks, essential oils and fragrances, silicone soap and wax molds, paraffin wax beads, plastic tea light cups, metal votive candle molds, and stainless steel beeswax melting pots.

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  • Creamed Honey Supplies

We carry a lot of items for making your own creamed honey! Use our own creamed honey for a seed starter; choose from over 15 different creamed honey flavorings; or choose from a various selection of creamed honey containers!

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  • Lip Balm & Soap Making Supplies

We offer various supplies for making soaps and lip balms. Select from Lavender oil, various fragrances, cocoa butter, silicone soap molds, lip balm filling trays and tubes, premium lip balm making kit, sweet almond oil, along with numerous other items!

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Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply
Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply