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Beekeeping Supplies & Honey Bee Supplies at Lappe's Bee Supply

Free Shipping Iowa Beekeeping Supplies

Lappe's Bee Supply is one of the top suppliers of Free Shipping Iowa Beekeeping Supplies to Iowa Beekeepers! If you're looking for where to buy Free Shipping Iowa Honey Bee Supplies, Lappe's Bee Supply carries all of the Honeybee Supplies Iowa Beekeepers need, from the beginner beekeeper just beginning, to the hobbyist, to the commercial beekeeper, to the professional! We offer free shipping on most online orders over $100, or come and pick up your beekeeping equipment if you are around East Peru Iowa! We are always happy to have our customers stop by and visit with us, so we can answer all of your beekeeping questions! If you have ever wondered, "Where am I going to buy beekeeping supplies and honey bee supplies for sale in Iowa?" Lappe's Bee Supply has all of the beekeeping supplies for sale and honey bee supplies for sale around East Peru Iowa!

Iowa Free Shipping Honey Bee Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bees For Sale Online

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC is a top online supplier producer shop of free shipping honey bee supplies for sale in Iowa!

If you are searching for where to buy premium Iowa free shipping honeybee supplies or Iowa free shipping honeybee supplies online, Lappe's Bee Supply is your answer! We offer free shipping on orders over $100. Free shipping beekeepingsuppliesonline near me around East Peru Iowa 50222.

We carry everything a beekeeper could need, from Langstroth bee hives and 5 frame, 8 frame and 10 frame Langstroth beehive components, to protective beekeeping clothing and bee suits, beekeeping tools, treatments, and tons of additional beekeeping supplies! Plus, we have everything a person could need to start beekeeping with, in our beginning / beginner beekeeping supplies with free shipping to anywhere in the USA!

local-beekeeping-clubs-classes.jpg  Click here to view Iowa Beekeeping Clubs Listings

Looking for where to buy a beginning beekeeping kit, supplies and bees for sale in Iowa?

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC is the answer! We are a Central Iowa bee supply company, supplier of an extensive line of the best beekeeping supplies, equipment and bees available in the industry that any beekeeper could ever need to make his / her bees bee better, from the beginner to the experienced; from the hobbyist to the commercial beekeeper! We are also one of the top bee hive suppliers in the Midwest USA. Lappe's Bee Supply is dedicated to helping educate beginner beekeepers and provide them with all of the essential beekeeping supplies that they will ever need. We promote successful and healthy beekeeping, offering quality beekeeping supplies and tons of beekeeping 101 knowledge, and we can help you on how to start beekeeping and how to raise honey bees. Be sure to check out our online website, where you can find our beekeeping supplies clearance area, the Bargain Bin! We're one of the largest online stores around, with hundreds of crucial beekeeping products!

Are you a new beekeeper in Iowa looking for complete painted assembled ready to use beginning beekeeping starter kits for sale? We offer some of the best beginner Langstroth beehives for starting a honey bee colony!

  • Wondering what exact beekeeping equipment you will need to start your beekeeping adventure with? Interested in starting a honey bee hive of your own? To make it super easy, we have different levels of beekeeping starter kits with the best beehives available, depending on your budget. These kits include completely assembled and painted (right here in Central Iowa!) Langstroth bee hives (honey bee house), available in both 8 frame and 10 frame sizes. These bee hives for beginners are ready to use, right out of the box! Choose from a single deep set up, a two story deep hive set up, or a complete four story bee hive set up, with two deeps and two honey supers. All of the bee hive frames in our beginner kits are assembled using our custom made sheets of Lappe's Premier Triple Extra Extreme foundation - it's the highest wax content plastic foundation available on the market, and provides the highest acceptance rate possible with your honey bees. Foundation comes in your choice of colors - choose from all yellow, like natural beeswax, black deeps / yellow honey supers, or black deeps / white honey supers. Also includes a full bee suit (or choice of ventilated bee suit), leather beekeeping gloves, smoker and smoker fuel, hive tool and bee brush, in hive frame feeder, and an all important, highly informational beekeeping book. Also includes your choice of a solid bottom board or a screened bottom board, Bee Culture or American Bee Journal one year free subscription, and the complete Honey Master four story hive kit features a plastic queen excluder! To top it all off, every one of our beginner kits includes free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States! With so many different choices and so many bonus additional items, our beginner beekeeping kits are tough to beat!

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2024 Iowa Live Italian Carniolan Saskatraz Honey Bees For Sale In Iowa Free Shipping

Lappe's Bee Supply is committed to supplying beekeepers all around the Midwest United States with the highest quality package bees, honey bee nucs and queen honey bees available. Free shipping honeybeesonline for sale around East Peru Iowa 50222. We are one of the top supplier companies of live honey bees in the United States. We have had customers come from every one of the lower 48 states to pick up our Italian, Saskatraz and Carniolan honey bee nucs and 3 pound packages. A lot of beekeepers wonder, "Where can I buy live honey bees for sale?" Buy your honey bees from Lappe's Bee Supply! Locally we can be found at 117 Florence Ave., East Peru Iowa 50222. Bees play an important part in agriculture, and we strive to help that part of the agricultural sector succeed as best as possible! Place your order on our easy to use online website today!

At Lappe's Bee Supply, we start our Italian, Carniolan and Saskatraz honeybee nucs out on brand new equipment in the early spring. Since it is all new equipment, there's no need to worry about receiving old, potentially diseased combs and beehive frames. Yearly we produce around 1,000 to 1,500 bee nucs to meet the needs of our beekeeping customers. Nucs are preferred by most beginning beekeepers due to the ease of hiving them into the deep brood nest boxes in the bee yard. Each nuc contains a mated, gentle young queen bee who has been marked with the color for the current year. Each bee queen has been egg laying for an extended length of time, and the bee hive frames will contain brood of all stages from that queen. This will guarantee that every worker bee in the nuc will be adjusted to the queen's pheromones. Nucs contain a mixture of worker bees - foragers, nurse bees, guard bees and drones. Nucs are like a working mini bee hive, and will be ready to transfer into your Langstroth wooden beehive once you get to your apiary. These nucs and the honeybees they contain will be ready for optimum honey production for that first big honey flow! Just like packaged honey bees, nucs are not recommended for shipping, due to the negative effects on the bees, so we offer the nucs for pick up only.

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We offer honeybee packages for sale for those interested in starting a bee hive with packaged bees. Orders start in January of each year, and have several pick up dates available during early spring, in April and May. Our package bees are kept at just the right temperature in special climate controlled trailers, ensuring that they are kept cool enough to keep them from getting too stressed during their journey here, so they arrive to us in excellent condition. Only the suppliers who are most interested in the health of the bees understand this crucial step in the shipping process. Shipping the packaged bees by UPS or USPS is detrimental to the bees' health and can have long term, extremely negative effects on your bees, causing them to not reach their full potential. Most often the bees will arrive dead, or almost all dead. At Lappe's Bee Supply, we care deeply about the honey bee, and we also care about getting repeat business from all of our customers, not just the one time sale, which is why we do offer our package bees for pick up only. Each package of bees comes with a young, mated queen bee, each one ready and waiting for the female worker bees to build out the brood nest comb, so that they can begin laying eggs to start raising bees from the larva and build up the colony of bees. There is nothing better than to have strong honey bee hives and to hear the buzzing of happy, healthy bees. Our customers come from all around to pick up our outstanding packages to start new honey bee colonies, or to expand their colonies in their apiaries. These bees are great for new hobbyist beekeepers just starting out, no matter if they are interested in urban beekeeping, backyard beekeeping or natural beekeeping.

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Lappe's Bee Supply is one of the BEST shipping companies of the highest quality queen bees in the United States! We ship queens on a twice weekly schedule from early April through September. We are experienced in shipping queen honey bees safely, and we focus on providing superb queen honey bees to beekeepers all across the country. We offer free shipping on orders of 3 or more queens, and we ship them to every single state in the United States, with the exception of Hawaii! Unlike packaged honey bees and nucs, queen bees are very easy to ship, with no negative side effects at all, as long as they are shipped correctly, and at Lappe's Bee Supply, we are extremely knowledgeable in the correct shipping of queen bees!

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Lappe's Bee Supply online honey bee supplier company honey bees for sale free USA shipping most orders


Iowa Beekeeping Supplies For Sale In Iowa Free Shipping

There are lots of frequently asked questions that Iowa beekeepers ask us, including:

How Do I Get Started In Beekeeping?

1. First of all, educate yourself on beekeeping!

The best way to gain knowledge is by working the bees; however, before you start beekeeping you need to be familiar with the bees needs and beekeeping terminology. There are lots of excellent books on beekeeping - several can be found here on our online store!

2. Purchase your bee hives and equipment.

You can either purchase supplies separately, or buy everything together in a beginning beekeeping starter kit. (We have some great kits to buy online here - we have different kits available to fit every budget!) Shop for them now!

3. Order your bees from a reputable supplier!

You need to purchase either a package of bees or a honeybee nuc to start out with. Please be aware, you can't start with just a queen! The queen needs all of the workers that come in the package or the nuc to take care of her. Make sure you purchase bees from a well known source - check them out through local beekeeping clubs or check all of their online Google reviews and Better Business Bureau registered complaints. We always recommend buying from a local source so you can pick the bees up in person! It may be more convenient for you to have them delivered to your door or local post office, but it's not always best for the bees, and more often than not you end up with ruined bees and a large amount of money wasted.

4. Set up your hive(s) and introduce the bees into their new home.

If introducing a package of bees, see our handy instructions here. If introducing a nuc of honey bees, see those instructions here.

5. Feed the bees!

More than likely, when you start your bees, there will not be many natural food supplies available for the bees. Your 5 frame nuc should come with some feed already in the frames, but with new bees hatching it won't take your hive very long to use it all up. If you get a package of bees, they won't have any feed ready for them at all. Feed Your Bees!!

6. Check on the bees!

Check on the bees every week and a half to two weeks. Make sure they are filling up the frames of the bee hive, that they have enough feed, and that they are not running out of room. Treat for Varroa mites in the spring and in the fall: you need to keep your bees healthy to ensure their survival and your success as a beekeeper!

What rules are there for beekeeping in my area?

Every state has different rules / regulations regarding beekeeping, and some cities have their own rules as well. It's always best to check first with your city or town council, then with the Department of Agriculture for your state.


Save money on great beekeeping supplies when you shop online at Lappe's Bee Supply!

What kinds of sales and deals do you offer? Do you offer free shipping?

We have different sales available each week, plus bigger sales at certain times of the year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Spring Fever sales events. We offer free ground shipping on most orders over $100 in the lower 48 states; some exclusions do apply. We also offer Colony Cash Reward Credits, where you earn 3.2% back on every single order that you place with us. Just make sure that you are logged into your account, place your order, and during the checkout the discount that you have on file will automatically be applied to your order. There is no fee to participate in our Colony Cash Rewards program, ever! That's right - Lappe's Bee Supply doesn't believe in making you spend money to be part of a program that is supposed to save you money! Also, check out our Bargain Bin department on our website where we have numerous products on clearance.

How hard is it to keep honey bees?

Keeping honey bees is not hard, but it does take quite a bit of work and understanding. This isn't a hobby where you can just put the bees in the box and they magically take care of themselves with no more effort on your part!


Where can I buy high quality beekeeping supplies and honeybees at affordable prices?

At Lappe's Bee Supply online beekeeping store, of course! We offer an extensive line of beekeeping supplies and bee hive equipment and components, plus lots of extra products that any beekeeper could need! We have the biggest rewards system in the beekeeping industry at 3.2% back; we also have an experienced and knowledgeable staff who are willing to help you out with any of your beekeeping questions!!

Lappe's Bee Supply is a 2024 supplier producer and manufacturer of quality beekeeping supplies and honey bee supplies. Shop our complete line of the highest quality, most affordable beekeeping supplies today, and receive free shipping on most orders over $100! If you're looking for beekeeping supplies near me, Lappe's Bee Supply offers all of the bee keeping supplies you will need, plus we offer free shipping honey bee supplies to everywhere across the United States! We offer all of the fundamental beekeeping supplies a beekeeper needs, including Langstroth beehives and bee hive components in 8 frame and 10 frame; winter beekeeping supplies and Bee Cozy winter bee hive insulation wraps; a full line of beekeeping protective clothing and protective wear, including bee suits and ventilated bee jackets; and an extensive line of bee hive tools and hand tools, and beekeeping smokers and smoker fuel. Looking for varroa mite treatments for honey bee health? We carry honeybee medications and oxalic acid vaporizers for treating your honey bee colonies for varroa mites. Lappe's Bee Supply is where to buy AP23 winter patties and AP23 spring pollen patties, along with front entrance feeders, in hive feeders, liquid bee feed and honey bee feed supplements and stimulants. We also supply an extensive catalog of honey harvesting extracting supplies and, if you're looking for a high quality, dependable and durable honey extractor, we carry some of the best extractors in the beekeepers industry! Looking for honey bee crafting supplies? We also carry some Dadant Beekeeping Supplies and some Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies. We carry a wide range of supplies, including 100% pure 1 pound beeswax blocks, industrial grade bees wax, bulk beeswax blocks, white and yellow honey beeswax pellets, mead making supplies, candle making supplies and even pure beeswax candles! We also have a supply of just pure, delicious, Iowa Midwest clover honey and raw honey in 12 pound gallon pails and bulk 60 pound buckets, and in 55 gallon drums and barrels.

Shop our online store for an unlimited supply of beekeeping items! PLUS! We have the largest rewards program in the beekeeping industry - AND - it's the easiest to use! No coupon codes needed! Just log into your account and place your order - our system will automatically deduct the cash amount of your rewards from your order during check out - it's as easy as that! Shop our online catalog today!

Beginning Beekeeping Supplies For Sale Free Shipping - Just starting out on your new first year's beekeeping adventure in 2024? Looking around for where to buy beginner beekeeping supplies for sale, free shipping in the USA? Lappe's Bee Supply has some of the best quality in depth starter kits on the market today that a hobbyist beekeeper will need, from the basic for those on a budget, on up to the full Honey Master that includes everything needed! Kits include painted, assembled and ready to use wooden Langstroth bee hives with Pierco Triple wax coated foundation in the frames, tools and protective clothing - all that you need to add are the honey bees! Review our 8 frame and 10 frame beginning beekeeping kits today! Free shipping to anywhere around the United States! Beginning beekeeping supplies kits for sale in Iowa!

Protective Clothing & Bee Suits For Sale - No matter if you're in need of a full bee suit, bee jacket, kids bee suits, new beekeeping gloves, or just a protective veil for a quick apiary inspection, we have you covered with everything needed to protect from stings! Try out our durable triple layered ventilated suits and jackets-the coolest in the industry!

Beekeeping Books & Magazines For Sale - Our large selection of beekeeping books has something for everyone, from the beginning beekeeper to the expert, hobbyist or commercial. Stay on top of current findings & news with subscriptions to the American Bee Journal and Bee Culture, the two most popular magazines in the beekeeping industry!

Winter Beekeeping Supplies For Sale- Protect your bees with our winter bee supplies and give them the best chance at winter survival that you can! With products like the Bee Cozy winter bee hive black insulation wraps / covers, the all important moisture boards, winter candy board feeders, metal entrance reducers / mouse guards, AP23 winter patties (the best on the market!), HiveAlive Fondant patties winter honey bee feed, dry sugar bee feed, the ever popular bee hive winter quilt box with wood shavings, and our overwintering insulating heater boxes, we sell a complete line of winter beekeeping supplies with everything you need in 5 frame, 8 frame and 10 frame sizes to help get your honey bees ready for those long, cold winter months! Winter beekeeping supplies for sale in Iowa.

100% Pure Beeswax For Sale - Lappe's Bee Supply is a Central Iowa supplier of 100% pure beeswax. We have filtered and raw beeswax available in pellets, pastilles, pearls, granules, beads, chips; 1 pound blocks and in bulk 35 to 40 pound blocks. Yellow and white beeswax can be used in candle making, lubrication for archery bow strings, lip balm, soaps, crayons & also for some candy making, including jelly beans & gummy bears. Industrial grade is in furniture & shoe polish, woodworking & as a coating for surfboards. These are just a few of the used for beeswax; there are literally thousands of other uses for this versatile product of the bee hive! Free Shipping on bulk beeswax pellets and beeswax blocks! Pure raw filtered yellow white dark beeswax for sale in Iowa.

Iowa Honey For Sale - Lappe's Bee Supply is an Iowa honey farm farms supplier company of raw local honey for sale, located in the Midwest United States. Buy our delicious local honey online, it is available in various sizes from 2 oz. up to 60 pounds & in 55 gallon drums as well. We also offer our very popular, ultra smooth creamed honey & fresh bee pollen. Our honey is always pure honey, you can always be guaranteed that nothing is ever added - it comes to you straight from the comb! Honey for sale in Iowa.

Migratory Pallets For Sale - Buy 8 frame or 10 frame migratory 4 way pallets to use for your bee hives and make moving your bees an easy job! Lift easily with fork lift and move to a different location. Our migratory pallets are built to be durable and work well for both back yard hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. Pallets can hold 4 bee hives. Migratory pallets from Lappe's Bee Supply are sturdy and well built. The top is constructed with an exterior grade 5/8" plywood panel, suitable for long term exposure to weather. The plywood has not been treated with pesticide, so it is non toxic to honey bees. The bottom is made from 2x4 and 5/8" lumber, both have been treated for long term ground contact exposure. Migratory pallets are screwed together with 2-1/2" screws. 4 "W" style pallet clips are installed on each pallet.

5 Frame, 8 Frame, 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hives For Sale Free Shipping - Lappe's offers several different Langstroth beehives to fit each beekeepers budget, from first year's through experienced. We also offer the choice of a solid or screened bottom board, and all wooden frames in our honeybee hives are assembled with Pierco Triple wax coated foundation, which is the highest amount of wax coating available in the USA, exclusively from Lappe's Bee Supply - you (and your bees!) won't be disappointed! Langstroth bee hives for sale in Iowa.

Beekeeping Tools & Smokers For Sale - Choose from our extensive line of beekeeping tools and smokers, including: different sizes of bee smokers to fit your needs, copper smokers and kids smokers; bee brushes; swarm catcher bags; different styles of hive tools, including different colors of J Hook, EZ Pry, Beekeepers Best and standard economy hive tools available in multiple colors; frame grips; bee hive straps; some of the best types of smoker fuel available, including twine & burlap; and the best frame perch available on the market, with no welded pieces to break off!

Bee Feed & Feeders, Bee Medications, Queen Rearing Supplies For Sale - Looking for a certain style of bee feeder? Look no further than Lappe's Bee Supply! We offer lots of different styles of feeders, because feeding bees is a very crucial step of beekeeping, and there are so many different preferences as to how to feed them! Everything needed to make your honey bees bee well! Also included in this category are important treatments against Varroa mites and small hive beetles, and if you're thinking about raising your own queens, check out our extensive line of queen rearing supplies to get you going!

5 Frame, 8 Frame, 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Components For Sale - We offer a large online selection of the highest quality beekeeping supplies - we have all of the bee keeping equipment needed for the hobbyist to the professional! Choose from 5 frame, 8 frame or 10 frame beehive components, assembled and unassembled bee hive frames, plastic one piece frames, and bee hive accessories. We also carry one of the top USA brands of beeswax coated plastic foundation - Pierco foundation, available in both double wax coated and triple wax coated! Try it today to see for yourself how well the bees like it!

Honey Extracting & Honey Bottling Supplies For Sale - Lappe's Bee Supply carries a full line of honey extracting & bottling equipment, including uncapping tools, harvesting supplies, comb honey tools, Maxant Honey Processing equipment, honey extractors & spinners, honey bottling tanks & supplies, honey filters, & an extensive selection of glass honey bottles & plastic honey containers - everything you need to process your honey harvest! Honey extracting bottling supplies equipment for sale in Iowa.

Craft Supplies For Sale - From soap making and candle making, to lip balm and creamed honey, Lappe's Bee Supply has you covered for all of the products you need to use to produce your bee related crafts! Choose from our extensive line of soap molds, candle and wax molds; candle wax dye blocks and chips; creamed honey flavorings and creamed honey mixers; candle wicks; mead making kits; decorative candle lids; wax melting pots and more!

Honey Candy For Sale - Get your honey candy craving fix from our online store! Choose from many different flavors of our delicious honey caramels, including Caramel Apple, Red Raspberry, Huckleberry, Vanilla, Strawberry lemonade, or a variety pack of all 9 flavors; honey truffles and other honey chocolates; plus, more candy arriving soon!

Iowa Queenline Skep Muth Honey Bear Glass and Plastic Honey Containers For Sale In Iowa Free Shipping

We have a huge online catalog of both glass honey bottles and plastic honey containers for selling honey in. Lappe's Bee Supply is where to buy any type of honey container that you could ever need, and in every size imaginable, including 2 ounce, 8 ounce, 12 ounce, 16 ounce, 24 ounce, 2 pound, 3 pound, 5 pound and 1 gallon. We offer plastic honey bottles in cases of 50, and also in bulk packs for customers who need larger quantities. Looking for different styles of honey containers? We offer Queenline glass containers, Muth honey jars, Skep glass honey bottles, glass bear honey containers, glass Hex jars and glass Mason jars. In our plastic honey container line, we offer plastic honey bear containers, Queen Line plastic bottles, Skep plastic jars, Beehive plastic honey containers, creamed honey containers, Inverted hex plastic honey bottles, Embossed honeycomb plastic jugs and cylinder honey bottles.

All of our glass and plastic honey containers are food grade and work for many different applications. Our customers buy our containers mainly for honey, but they can also be used for syrups, sauces and marinades. We have even had teachers buy our containers for handy and clean paint dispensers! If using our containers for liquids, please remember that our bottles are listed for honey weight, which is heavier than liquid weighs. For example, a container that holds 12 ounces of honey will hold only 8 ounces of water.

We also offer food grade plastic pails and buckets in numerous sizes, including 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3-1/2 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon. There are 4 different grades of food grade plastic pails, and we have made sure to choose the ones made from high-density polyethylene, which is the best type to use! These pails work wonderfully for storing your surplus honey! When your honey granulates, all you need to do is gently heat the whole pail with a bucket warmer, or simply scoop out the amount needed and lightly heat above a hot water bath on the stove. Our plastic pails also work well for many other jobs as well, such as agricultural uses, hunting, fishing, and for storing surplus foods other than honey.




Iowa Beekeeping Associations & Bee Clubs

At Lappe's Bee Supply, we are enthusiastic with spreading the knowledge of beekeeping to everyone. One of the best ways to gather information is to join a local beekeeping club. Many customers ask us, where can I find Iowa beekeeping clubs near me? Below are online listings for beekeeping clubs in Iowa.

If you would like to have your club information added to our list, please click this link to fill out and submit the form. *Please note: if you are hosting a beekeeping conference or seminar, or a weekly / monthly bee club, and you would like some donations and our company literature hand outs, we would be more than happy to send them to you. Please fill out the information at the above link and include the club name, date of conference / meeting, how many attendees are expected, and the address to send everything to. Thank you!

Iowa Honey Producers Association

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Iowa Honey Producer's website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Iowa Honey Producers on Facebook


Boone River Bee Club

Webster City Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Boone River Bee Club on Facebook


Central Iowa Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Central Iowa Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Central Iowa Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers

Des Moines Iowa

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers on Facebook


Dubuque Swiss Valley Bee Club

Peosta Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Dubuque Swiss Valley Bee Club on Facebook


East Central Iowa Beekeepers Association

Coralville Iowa

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the East Central Iowa Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the East Central Iowa Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Friendly Beekeepers of Iowa

Indianola Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Friendly Beekeepers of Iowa on Facebook


Great River Bend Beekeepers

Maquoketa Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Great River Bend Beekeepers on Facebook


Heartland Bee Club

Cedar Rapids Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Heartland Bee Club on Facebook


Loess Hills Beekeeping Association

Council Bluffs Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Loess Hills Beekeeping Association on Facebook

Contact by email:


North Iowa Beekeepers Club

Mason City Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Loess Hills Beekeeping Association on Facebook


Northwest Iowa Beekeepers Club

Okoboji Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Northwest Iowa Beekeepers Club on Facebook


Quad City Beekeeping Club

Davenport Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Quad City Beekeeping Club on Facebook


Red Rock Beekeepers Club

Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Iowa State Extension Office. For more information, please email Sheila Weldon at


Siouxland Beekeepers

Orange City Iowa

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Siouxland Beekeepers website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Siouxland Beekeepers on Facebook


Southern Iowa Beehivers

Corning Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Southern Iowa Beehivers on Facebook


Southern Iowa Hive Handlers

Osceola Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Southern Iowa Hive Handlers on Facebook


Tama County Beekeepers

Toledo Iowa

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Tama County Beekeepers on Facebook



Lappe's Bee Supply beekeeping family since 1978 helping beekeepers keep bees free shipping most orders


Contact Us

If you are near us around East Peru Iowa, or around Winterset Iowa, just stop on in and see us! We are located at 117 Florence Avenue, East Peru IA 502 22, which is near Des Moines Iowa, just a short 40 minute drive south. We can also be reached by phone during business hours at 641-728-4361, or send us an email to We are always happy to talk with you! Learn how to become a producer of sweet honey from Lappe's Bee Supply! Regardless if you are located in the Midwest United States, the West Coast, the East Coast, the Southern States, or the Mountain areas in between in the USA, we have the beekeeping supplies and bee hives you need! We want to help you on your long, exciting journey in every way that we can to be well educated and get into the fast lane for successful beekeeping!



We ship to beekeepers in the following beekeeping cities near me in the state of Iowa listings for queen honey bees supply results for beekeeping honeybee supplies for sale free shipping most orders over $100 around the United States: │Ackley  50601 
│Ackworth  50001 
│Adair  50002 
│Adel  50003 
│Afton  50830 
│Agency  52530 
│Ainsworth  52201 
│Akron  51001 
│Albert City  50510 
│Albia  52531 
│Albion  50005 
│Alburnett  52202 
│Alden  50006 
│Alexander  50420 
│Algona  50511 
│Alleman  50007 
│Allerton  50008 
│Allison  50602 
│Alta  51002 
│Alta Vista  50603 
│Alton  51003 
│Altoona  50009 
│Alvord  51230 
│Amana  52203 
│Ames  50010 
│Anamosa  52205 
│Andover  52701 
│Andrew  52030 
│Anita  50020 
│Ankeny  50015 
│Anthon  51004 
│Aplington  50604 
│Arcadia  51430 
│Archer  51231 
│Aredale  50605 
│Argyle  52619 
│Arion  51520 
│Arispe  50831 
│Arlington  50606 
│Armstrong  50514 
│Arnolds Park  51331 
│Arthur  51431 
│Ashton  51232 
│Aspinwall  51432 
│Atalissa  52720 
│Atkins  52206 
│Atlantic  50022 
│Auburn  51433 
│Audubon  50025 
│Aurelia  51005 
│Aurora  50607 
│Austinville  50608 
│Avoca  51521 
│Ayrshire  50515 
│Badger  50516 
│Bagley  50026 
│Baldwin  52207 
│Bancroft  50517 
│Barnes City  50027 
│Barnum  50518 
│Batavia  52533 
│Battle Creek  51006 
│Baxter  50028 
│Bayard  50029 
│Beacon  52534 
│Beaman  50609 
│Beaver  50031 
│Bedford  50833 
│Belle Plaine  52208 
│Bellevue  52031 
│Belmond  50421 
│Bennett  52721 
│Benton  50835 
│Bernard  52032 
│Berwick  50032 
│Bettendorf  52722 
│Bevington  50033 
│Birmingham  52535 
│Blairsburg  50034 
│Blairstown  52209 
│Blakesburg  52536 
│Blanchard  51630 
│Blencoe  51523 
│Blockton  50836 
│Bloomfield  52537 
│Blue Grass  52726 
│Bode  50519 
│Bonaparte  52620 
│Bondurant  50035 
│Boone  50036 
│Booneville  50038 
│Bouton  50039 
│Boxholm  50040 
│Boyden  51234 
│Braddyville  51631 
│Bradford  50041 
│Bradgate  50520 
│Brandon  52210 
│Brayton  50042 
│Breda  51436 
│Bridgewater  50837 
│Brighton  52540 
│Bristow  50611 
│Britt  50423 
│Bronson  51007 
│Brooklyn  52211 
│Brunsville  51008 
│Bryant  52727 
│Buckeye  50043 
│Buckingham  50612 
│Buffalo  52728 
│Buffalo Center  50424 
│Burlington  52601 
│Burnside  50521 
│Burt  50522 
│Bussey  50044 
│Calamus  52729 
│Callender  50523 
│Calmar  52132 
│Calumet  51009 
│Camanche  52730 
│Cambridge  50046 
│Cantril  52542 
│Carbon  50839 
│Carlisle  50047 
│Carpenter  50426 
│Carroll  51401 
│Carson  51525 
│Carter Lake  51510 
│Cascade  52033 
│Casey  50048 
│Castalia  52133 
│Castana  51010 
│Cedar  52543 
│Cedar Falls  50613 
│Cedar Rapids  52401 
│Center Junction  52212 
│Center Point  52213 
│Centerville  52544 
│Central City  52214 
│Chapin  50427 
│Chariton  50049 
│Charles City  50616 
│Charlotte  52731 
│Charter Oak  51439 
│Chatsworth  51011 
│Chelsea  52215 
│Cherokee  51012 
│Chester  52134 
│Chillicothe  52548 
│Churdan  50050 
│Cincinnati  52549 
│Clare  50524 
│Clarence  52216 
│Clarinda  51632 
│Clarion  50525 
│Clarksville  50619 
│Clear Lake  50428 
│Clearfield  50840 
│Cleghorn  51014 
│Clemons  50051 
│Clermont  52135 
│Climbing Hill  51015 
│Clinton  52732 
│Clio  50052 
│Clive  50325 
│Clutier  52217 
│Coggon  52218 
│Coin  51636 
│Colesburg  52035 
│Colfax  50054 
│College Springs  51637 
│Collins  50055 
│Colo  50056 
│Columbia  50057 
│Columbus City  52737 
│Columbus Junction  52738 
│Colwell  50620 
│Conesville  52739 
│Conrad  50621 
│Conroy  52220 
│Coon Rapids  50058 
│Cooper  50059 
│Coralville  52241 
│Corning  50841 
│Correctionville  51016 
│Corwith  50430 
│Corydon  50060 
│Coulter  50431 
│Council Bluffs  51501 
│Crawfordsville  52621 
│Crescent  51526 
│Cresco  52136 
│Creston  50801 
│Cromwell  50842 
│Crystal Lake  50432 
│Cumberland  50843 
│Cumming  50061 
│Curlew  50527 
│Cushing  51018 
│Cylinder  50528 
│Dakota City  50529 
│Dallas  50062 
│Dallas Center  50063 
│Dana  50064 
│Danbury  51019 
│Danville  52623 
│Davenport  52801 
│Davis City  50065 
│Dawson  50066 
│Dayton  50530 
│De Soto  50069 
│De Witt  52742 
│Decatur  50067 
│Decorah  52101 
│Dedham  51440 
│Deep River  52222 
│Defiance  51527 
│Delaware  52036 
│Delhi  52223 
│Delmar  52037 
│Deloit  51441 
│Delta  52550 
│Denison  51442 
│Denmark  52624 
│Denver  50622 
│Derby  50068 
│Des Moines  50301 
│Dewar  50623 
│Dexter  50070 
│Diagonal  50845 
│Dickens  51333 
│Dike  50624 
│Dixon  52745 
│Dolliver  50531 
│Donahue  52746 
│Donnellson  52625 
│Doon  51235 
│Dorchester  52140 
│Douds  52551 
│Dougherty  50433 
│Dow City  51528 
│Dows  50071 
│Drakesville  52552 
│Dubuque  52001 
│Dumont  50625 
│Duncombe  50532 
│Dundee  52038 
│Dunkerton  50626 
│Dunlap  51529 
│Durango  52039 
│Durant  52747 
│Dyersville  52040 
│Dysart  52224 
│Eagle Grove  50533 
│Earlham  50072 
│Earling  51530 
│Earlville  52041 
│Early  50535 
│Eddyville  52553 
│Edgewood  52042 
│Elberon  52225 
│Eldon  52554 
│Eldora  50627 
│Eldridge  52748 
│Elgin  52141 
│Elk Horn  51531 
│Elkader  52043 
│Elkhart  50073 
│Elkport  52044 
│Elliott  51532 
│Ellston  50074 
│Ellsworth  50075 
│Elma  50628 
│Elwood  52226 
│Ely  52227 
│Emerson  51533 
│Emmetsburg  50536 
│Epworth  52045 
│Essex  51638 
│Estherville  51334 
│Evansdale  50707 
│Everly  51338 
│Exira  50076 
│Exline  52555 
│Fairbank  50629 
│Fairfax  52228 
│Fairfield  52556 
│Farley  52046 
│Farmersburg  52047 
│Farmington  52626 
│Farnhamville  50538 
│Farragut  51639 
│Fayett 52142 
│Fenton  50539 
│Ferguson  50078 
│Fertile  50434 
│Floris  52560 
│Floyd  50435 
│Fonda  50540 
│Fontanelle  50846 
│Forest City  50436 
│Fort Atkinson  52144 
│Fort Dodge  50501 
│Fort Madison  52627 
│Fostoria  51340 
│Fredericksburg  50630 
│Frederika  50631 
│Fremont  52561 
│Fruitland  52749 
│Galt  50101 
│Galva  51020 
│Garber  52048 
│Garden City  50102 
│Garden Grove  50103 
│Garnavillo  52049 
│Garner  50438 
│Garrison  52229 
│Garwin  50632 
│Geneva  50633 
│George  51237 
│Gibson  50104 
│Gifford  50259 
│Gilbert  50105 
│Gilbertville  50634 
│Gillett Grove  51341 
│Gilman  50106 
│Gilmore City  50541 
│Gladbrook  50635 
│Glenwood  51534 
│Glidden  51443 
│Goldfield  50542 
│Goose Lake  52750 
│Gowrie  50543 
│Graettinger  51342 
│Grafton  50440 
│Grand Junction  50107 
│Grand Mound  52751 
│Grand River  50108 
│Grandview  52752 
│Granger  50109 
│Grant  50847 
│Granville  51022 
│Gravity  50848 
│Gray  50110 
│Greeley  52050 
│Greene  50636 
│Greenfield  50849 
│Greenville  51343 
│Grimes  50111 
│Grinnell  50112 
│Griswold  51535 
│Grundy Center  50638 
│Gruver  51344 
│Guernsey  52221 
│Guthrie Center  50115 
│Guttenberg  52052 
│Halbur  51444 
│Hamburg  51640 
│Hamilton  50116 
│Hamlin  50117 
│Hampton  50441 
│Hancock  51536 
│Hanlontown  50444 
│Harcourt  50544 
│Hardy  50545 
│Harlan  51537 
│Harper  52231 
│Harpers Ferry  52146 
│Harris  51345 
│Hartford  50118 
│Hartley  51346 
│Hartwick  52232 
│Harvey  50119 
│Hastings  51540 
│Havelock  50546 
│Haverhill  50120 
│Hawarden  51023 
│Hawkeye  52147 
│Hayesville  52562 
│Hazleton  50641 
│Hedrick  52563 
│Henderson  51541 
│Hiawatha  52233 
│Highlandville  52149 
│Hills  52235 
│Hillsboro  52630 
│Hinton  51024 
│Holland  50642 
│Holstein  51025 
│Holy Cross  52053 
│Homestead  52236 
│Honey Creek  51542 
│Hopkinton  52237 
│Hornick  51026 
│Hospers  51238 
│Houghton  52631 
│Hubbard  50122 
│Hudson  50643 
│Hull  51239 
│Humboldt  50548 
│Humeston  50123 
│Huxley  50124 
│Ida Grove  51445 
│Imogene  51645 
│Independence  50644 
│Indianola  50125 
│Inwood  51240 
│Ionia  50645 
│Iowa City  52240 
│Iowa Falls  50126 
│Ira  50127 
│Ireton  51027 
│Irwin  51446 
│Jamaica  50128 
│Janesville  50647 
│Jefferson  50129 
│Jesup  50648 
│Jewell  50130 
│Johnston  50131 
│Joice  50446 
│Jolley  50551 
│Kalona  52247 
│Kamrar  50132 
│Kanawha  50447 
│Kellerton  50133 
│Kelley  50134 
│Kellogg  50135 
│Kensett  50448 
│Keokuk  52632 
│Keosauqua  52565 
│Keota  52248 
│Kesley  50649 
│Keswick  50136 
│Keystone  52249 
│Killduff  50137 
│Kimballton  51543 
│Kingsley  51028 
│Kirkman  51447 
│Kirkville  52566 
│Kiron  51448 
│Klemme  50449 
│Knierim  50552 
│Knoxville  50138 
│La Motte  52054 
│La Porte City  50651 
│Lacona  50139 
│Ladora  52251 
│Lake City  51449 
│Lake Mills  50450 
│Lake Park  51347 
│Lake View  51450 
│Lakota  50451 
│Lamoni  50140 
│Lamont  50650 
│Lanesboro  51451 
│Langworthy  52252 
│Lansing  52151 
│Larchwood  51241 
│Larrabee  51029 
│Latimer  50452 
│Laurel  50141 
│Laurens  50554 
│Lawler  52154 
│Lawton  51030 
│Le Claire  52753 
│Le Grand  50142 
│Le Mars  51031 
│Ledyard  50556 
│Lehigh  50557 
│Leighton  50143 
│Leland  50453 
│Lenox  50851 
│Leon  50144 
│Lester  51242 
│Letts  52754 
│Lewis  51544 
│Liberty Center  50145 
│Libertyville  52567 
│Lidderdale  51452 
│Lime Springs  52155 
│Lincoln  50652 
│Linden  50146 
│Lineville  50147 
│Linn Grove  51033 
│Lisbon  52253 
│Liscomb  50148 
│Little Cedar  50454 
│Little Rock  51243 
│Little Sioux  51545 
│Livermore  50558 
│Lockridge  52635 
│Logan  51546 
│Lohrville  51453 
│Lone Rock  50559 
│Lone Tree  52755 
│Long Grove  52756 
│Lorimor  50149 
│Lost Nation  52254 
│Lovilia  50150 
│Low Moor  52757 
│Lowden  52255 
│Lu Verne  50560 
│Luana  52156 
│Lucas  50151 
│Luther  50152 
│Luxemburg  52056 
│Luzerne  52257 
│Lynnville  50153 
│Lytton  50561 
│Macedonia  51549 
│Macksburg  50155 
│Madrid  50156 
│Magnolia  51550 
│Malcom  50157 
│Mallard  50562 
│Malvern  51551 
│Manchester  52057 
│Manilla  51454 
│Manly  50456 
│Manning  51455 
│Manson  50563 
│Mapleton  51034 
│Maquoketa  52060 
│Marathon  52060 
│Marble Rock  50653 
│Marcus  51035 
│Marengo  52301 
│Marion  52302 
│Marne  51552 
│Marquette  52158 
│Marshalltown  50158 
│Martelle  52305 
│Martensdale  50160 
│Martinsburg  52568 
│Mason City  50401 
│Masonville  50654 
│Massena  50853 
│Matlock  51244 
│Maurice  51036 
│Maxwell  50161 
│May City  51349 
│Maynard  50655 
│Mc Callsburg  50154 
│Mc Causland  52758 
│Mc Clelland  51548 
│Mc Gregor  52157 
│Mc Intire  50455 
│Mechanicsville  52306 
│Mediapolis  52637 
│Melbourne  50162 
│Melcher  50163 
│Melrose  52569 
│Melvin  51350 
│Menlo  50164 
│Meriden  51037 
│Merrill  51038 
│Meservey  50457 
│Middle Amana  52307 
│Middletown  52638 
│Miles  52064 
│Milford  51351 
│Millersburg  52308 
│Millerton  50165 
│Milo  50166 
│Milton  52570 
│Minburn  50167 
│Minden  51553 
│Mineola  51554 
│Mingo  50168 
│Missouri Valley  51555 
│Mitchellville  50169 
│Modale  51556 
│Mondamin  51557 
│Monmouth  52309 
│Monona  52159 
│Monroe  50170 
│Montezuma  50171 
│Monticello  52310 
│Montour  50173 
│Montpelier  52759 
│Montrose  52759 
│Moorhead  51558 
│Moorland  50566 
│Moravia  52571 
│Morley  52312 
│Morning Sun  52640 
│Morrison  50657 
│Moscow  52760 
│Moulton  52572 
│Mount Auburn  52313 
│Mount Ayr  50854 
│Mount Pleasant  52641 
│Mount Sterling  52573 
│Mount Union  52644 
│Mount Vernon  52314 
│Moville  51039 
│Murray  50174 
│Muscatine  52761 
│Mystic  52574 
│Nashua  50658 
│Nemaha  50567 
│Neola  51559 
│Nevada  50201 
│New Albin  52160 
│New Hampton  50659 
│New Hartford  50660 
│New Liberty  52765 
│New London  52645 
│New Market  51646 
│New Providence  50206 
│New Sharon  50207 
│New Vienna  52065 
│New Virginia  50210 
│Newell  50568 
│Newhall  52315 
│Newton  50208 
│Nichols  52766 
│Nodaway  50857 
│Nora Springs  50458 
│North Buena Vista  52066 
│North English  52316 
│North Liberty  52317 
│North Washington  50661 
│Northboro  51647 
│Northwood  50459 
│Norwalk  50211 
│Norway  52318 
│Foley | Oakdale  52319 
│Oakland  51560 
│Oakville  52646 
│Ocheyedan  51354 
│Odebolt  51458 
│Oelwein  50662 
│Ogden  50212 
│Okoboji  51355 
│Olds  52647 
│Olin  52320 
│Ollie  52576 
│Onawa  51040 
│Onslow  52321 
│Oran  50664 
│Orange City  51041 
│Orchard  50460 
│Orient  50858 
│Osage  50461 
│Osceola  50213 
│Oskaloosa  52577 
│Ossian  52161 
│Otho  50569 
│Otley  50214 
│Oto  51044 
│Ottosen  50570 
│Ottumwa  52501 
│Oxford  52322 
│Oxford Junct 52323 
│Oyens  51045 
│Pacific Junction  51561 
│Packwood  52580 
│Palmer  50571 
│Palo  52324 
│Panama  51562 
│Panora  50216 
│Parkersburg  50665 
│Parnell  52325 
│Paton  50217 
│Patterson  50218 
│Paullina  51046 
│Pella  50219 
│Peosta  52068 
│Percival  51648 
│Perry  50220 
│Persia  51563 
│Peru  50222 
│Peterson  51047 
│Pierson  51048 
│Pilot Grove  52648 
│Pilot Mound  50223 
│Pisgah  51564 
│Plainfield  50666 
│Plano  52581 
│Pleasant Valley  52767 
│Pleasantville  50225 
│Plover  50573 
│Plymouth  50464 
│Pocahontas  50574 
│Polk City  50226 
│Pomeroy  50575 
│Popejoy  50227 
│Portsmouth  51565 
│Postville  52162 
│Prairie City  50228 
│Prairieburg  52219 
│Prescott  50859 
│Preston  52069 
│Primghar  51245 
│Princeton  52768 
│Prole  50229 
│Promise City  52583 
│Protivin  52163 
│Pulaski  52584 
│Quasqueton  52326 
│Quimby  51049 
│Radcliffe  50230 
│Rake  50465 
│Ralston  51459 
│Randalia  52164 
│Randall  50231 
│Randol | Randolph  51649 
│Raymond  50667 
│Readlyn  50668 
│Reasnor  50232 
│Red Oak  51566 
│Redding  50860 
│Redfield  50233 
│Reinbeck  50669 
│Rembrandt  50576 
│Remsen  51050 
│Renwick  50577 
│Rhodes  50234 
│Riceville  50466 
│Richland  52585 
│Ricketts  51460 
│Ebert | Ridgeway  52165 
│Ringsted  50578 
│Rippey  50235 
│Riverside  50235 
│Riverton  51650 
│Robins  52328 
│Rock Falls  50467 
│Rock Rapids  51246 
│Rock Valley  51247 
│Rockford  50468 
│Rockwell  50469 
│Rockwell City  50579 
│Rodney  51051 
│Roland  50236 
│Rolfe  50581 
│Rome  52642 
│Rose Hill  52586 
│Rowan  50470 
│Rowley  52329 
│Royal  51357 
│Rudd  50471 
│Runnells  50237 
│Russell  50238 
│Ruthven  51358 
│Rutland  50582 
│Ryan  52330 
│Sabula  52070 
│Sac City  50583 
│Saint Ansgar  50472 
│Saint Anthony  50239 
│Saint Charles  50240 
│Saint Donatus  52071 
│Saint Lucas  52166 
│Saint Marys  50241 
│Saint Olaf  52072 
│Saint Paul  52657 
│Salem  52649 
│Salix  51052 
│Sanborn  51248 
│Scarville  50473 
│Schaller  51053 
│Schleswig  51461 
│Scranton  51462 
│Searsboro  50242 
│Selma  52588 
│Sergeant Bluff  51054 
│Seymour  52590 
│Shambaugh  51651 
│Shannon City  50861 
│Sharpsburg  50862 
│Sheffield  50475 
│Shelby  51570 
│Sheldahl  50243 
│Sheldon  51201 
│Shell Rock  50670 
│Shellsburg  52332 
│Shenandoah  52332 
│Sherrill  52073 
│Sibley  51249 
│Sidney  51652 
│Sigourney  52591 
│Silver City  51571 
│Sioux Center  51250 
│Sioux City  51101 
│Sioux Rapids  50585 
│Slater  50244 
│Sloan  51055 
│Smithland  51056 
│Soldier  51572 
│Solon  52333 
│Somers  50586 
│South Amana  52334 
│South English  52335 
│Spencer  51301 
│Sperry  52650 
│Spillville  52168 
│Spirit Lake  51360 
│Spragueville  52074 
│Spring brook  52075 
│Springville  52336 
│Stacyville  50476 
│Stanhope  50246 
│Stanley  50671 
│Stanton  51573 
│Stanwood  52337 
│State Center  50247 
│Steamboat Rock  50672 
│Stockport  52651 
│Stockton  52769 
│Storm Lake  50588 
│Story City  50248 
│Stout  50673 
│Stratford  50249 
│Strawberry Point  52076 
│Stuart  50250 
│Sully  50251 
│ Summerset | Sumner  50674 
│Superior  51363 
│Sutherland  51058 
│Swaledale  50477 
│Swan  50252 
│Swea City  50590 
│Swedesburg  52652 
│Swisher  52338 
│Tabor  51653 
│Tama  52339 
│Teeds Grove  52771 
│Templeton  51463 
│Terril  51364 
│Thayer  50254 
│Thompson  50478 
│Thor  50591 
│Thornburg  50255 
│Thornton  50479 
│Thurman  51654 
│Tiffin  52340 
│Tingley  50863 
│Tipton  52772 
│Titonka  50480 
│Toddville  52341 
│Toeterville  50481 
│Toledo  52342 
│Tracy  50256 
│Traer  50675 
│Treynor  51575 
│Tripoli  50676 
│Troy Mills  52344 
│Truesdale  50592 
│Truro  50257 
│Udell  52593 
│Underwood  51576 
│Union  50258 
│Unionville  52594 
│University Park  52595 
│Urbana  52345 
│Urbandale  50322 
│Ute  51060 
│Vail  51465 
│Van Horne  52346 
│Van Meter  50261 
│Van Wert  50262 
│Varina  50593 
│Ventura  50482 
│Victor  52347 
│Villisca  50864 
│Vincent  50594 
│Vining  52348 
│Vinton  52349 
│Viola  52350 
│Volga  52077 
│Wadena  52169 
│Walcott  52773 
│Walford  52351 
│Walker  52352 
│Wall Lake  51466 
│Wallingford  51365 
│Walnut  51577 
│Wapello  52653 
│Washington  52353 
│Washta  51061 
│Waterloo  50701 
│Waterville  52170 
│Watkins  52354 
│Waucoma  52354 
│Waukee  50263 
│Waukon  52172 
│Waverly  50677 
│Wayland  52654 
│Webb  51366 
│Webster  52355 
│Webster City  50595 
│Weldon  50264 
│Wellman  52356 
│Wellsburg  50680 
│Welton  52774 
│Wesley  50483 
│West Bend  50597 
│West Branch  52358 
│West Burlington  52655 
│West Chester  52359 
│West Des Moines  50265 
│West Grove  52538 
│West Liberty  52776 
│West Point  52656 
│West Union  52175 
│Westfield  51062 
│Westgate  50681 
│Westphalia  51578 
│Westside  51467 
│Wever  52658 
│What Cheer  50268 
│Wheatland  52777 
│Whiting  51063 
│Whittemore  50598 
│Whitten  50269 
│Williams  50271 
│Williamsburg  52361 
│Williamson  50272 
│Wilton  52778 
│Winfield  52659 
│Winterset  50273 
│Winthrop  50682 
│Wiota  50274 
│Woden  50484 
│Woodbine  51579 
│Woodburn  50275 
│Woodward  50276 
│Woolstock  50599 
│Worthington  52078 
│Wyoming  52362 
│Yale  50277 
│Yarmouth  52660 
│Yorktown  51656 
│Zearing  50278 
│Zwingle  52079 
Lappe's Bee Supply offers free shipping for most orders over $100 to the following counties in the state of Iowa: │Adair County 
│Adams County 
│Allamakee County 
│Appanoose County 
│Audubon County 
│Benton County 
│Black Hawk County 
│Boone County 
│Bremer County 
│Buchanan County 
│Buena Vista County 
│Butler County 
│Calhoun County 
│Carroll County 
│Cass County 
│Cedar County 
│Cerro Gordo County 
│Cherokee County 
│Chickasaw County 
│Clarke County 
│Clay County 
│Clayton County 
│Clinton County 
│Crawford County 
│Dallas County 
│Davis County 
│Decatur County 
│Delaware County 
│Des Moines County 
│Dickinson County 
│Dubuque County 
│Emmet County 
│Fayette County 
│Floyd County 
│Franklin County 
│Fremont County 
│Greene County 
│Grundy County 
│Guthrie County 
│Hamilton County 
│Hancock County 
│Hardin County 
│Harrison County 
│Henry County 
│Howard County 
│Humboldt County 
│Ida County 
│Iowa County 
│Jackson County 
│Jasper County 
│Jefferson County 
│Johnson County 
│Jones County 
│Keokuk County 
│Kossuth County 
│Lee County 
│Linn County 
│Louisa County 
│Lucas County 
│Lyon County 
│Madison County 
│Mahaska County 
│Marion County 
│Marshall County 
│Mills County 
│Mitchell County 
│Monona County 
│Monroe County 
│Montgomery County 
│Muscatine County 
│O’Brien County 
│Osceola County 
│Page County 
│Palo Alto County 
│Plymouth County 
│Pocahontas County 
│Polk County 
│Pottawattamie County 
│Poweshiek County 
│Ringgold County 
│Sac County 
│Scott County 
│Shelby County 
│Sioux County 
│Story County 
│Tama County 
│Taylor County 
│Union County 
│Van Buren County 
│Wapello County 
│Warren County 
│Washington County 
│Wayne County 
│Webster County 
│Winnebago County 
│Winneshiek County 
│Woodbury County 
│Worth County 
│Wright County

Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply
Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply