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Free Shipping Florida Beekeeping Supplies


Free Shipping Florida Honey Bee Supplies

Lappe's Bee Supply is one of the top suppliers of Free Shipping Florida Beekeeping Supplies to Florida Beekeepers! If you're looking for where to buy Free Shipping Florida Honey Bee Supplies, Lappe's Bee Supply store carries all of the Honeybee Supplies Florida Beekeepers need, from the new beginner beekeeper just beginning, to the hobbyist, to the commercial beekeeper, to the professional! We offer free shipping on most online orders over $100! We are always happy to have our customers stop by and visit with us, so we can answer all of your beekeeping questions!

Florida Free Shipping Honey Bee Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bees For Sale Online

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC is a top online supplier shop of free shipping honey bee supplies for sale in Florida!

Many people starting beekeeping wonder, Where can I buy premium Florida free shipping honeybee supplies near me, or Florida free shipping honeybee supplies online, Lappe's Bee Supply is your answer! We offer free shipping on orders over $100.

We carry everything a beginning beekeeper could need, from Langstroth bee hives and 5 frame, 8 frame and 10 frame Langstroth beehive components, to protective beekeeping clothing and bee suits, beekeeping tools, treatments, and tons of additional beekeeping supplies! Plus, we have everything a person could need to start beekeeping with, in our beginning / beginner beekeeping supplies with free shipping to anywhere in the USA!

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Looking for where to buy a beginning beekeeping kit, supplies and bees for sale in Florida?

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC is the answer! We are a premier bee supply company, supplier of an extensive line of the best beekeeping supplies around, equipment and bees available in the industry that any beekeeper could ever need, from the beginner to the experienced; from the hobbyist to the commercial beekeeper! We are also one of the top bee hive suppliers in the United States. Lappe's Bee Supply is dedicated to helping educate beginner beekeepers and provide them with all of the essential beekeeping supplies that they will ever need. We promote successful and healthy beekeeping, offering quality beekeeping supplies and tons of beekeeping 101 knowledge, and we can help you on how to start beekeeping and how to raise honey bees. Be sure to check out our online website, where you can find our beekeeping supplies clearance area, the Bargain Bin! We're one of the largest online stores around, with hundreds of crucial beekeeping products!

Are you a new beekeeper in Florida looking for complete painted assembled ready to use beginning beekeeping starter kits for sale? We offer some of the best beginner Langstroth beehives for starting a honey bee colony!

  • Wondering what exact beekeeping equipment for beginners you will need to start your beekeeping adventure with? Interested in starting a honey bee hive beginner kit of your own? To make it super easy, we have different levels of beekeeping starter kits with the best beehives available, depending on your budget. These kits include completely assembled and painted USA Langstroth honey bee hives (honey bee house), available in both 8 frame and 10 frame sizes. These bee hives for beginners are ready to use, right out of the box! Choose from a single deep set up, a two story deep hive set up, or a complete four story bee hive set up, with two deeps and two honey supers. All of the bee hive frames in our beginner kits are assembled using our custom made sheets of Pierco Triple wax coated foundation - it's the highest wax content plastic foundation available on the market, and provides the highest acceptance rate possible with your honey bees. Foundation comes in your choice of colors - choose from all yellow, like natural beeswax, black deeps / yellow honey supers, or black deeps / white honey supers. Also includes a full bee suit (or choice of ventilated bee suit), leather beekeeping gloves, smoker and smoker fuel, hive tool and bee brush, in hive frame feeder, and an all important, highly informational beekeeping book. Also includes your choice of a solid bottom board or a screened bottom board, Bee Culture or American Bee Journal one year free subscription, and the complete Honey Master four story hive kit features a plastic queen excluder! To top it all off, every one of our beginner kits includes free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States! With so many different choices and so many bonus additional items, our beginner beekeeping kits are tough to beat!

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2024 Florida Live Italian Carniolan Saskatraz Honey Bees For Sale In Florida Free Shipping

Lappe's Bee Supply is committed to supplying beekeepers all around the United States with the highest quality package bees, honey bee nucs and queen honey bees available. We are one of the top supplier companies of live honey bees in the United States. We have had customers come from every one of the lower 48 states to pick up our Italian, Saskatraz and Carniolan honey bee nucs and 3 pound packages. A lot of beekeepers wonder, "Where can I buy live honey bees for sale?" Buy your honey bees from Lappe's Bee Supply! Bees play an important part in agriculture, and we strive to help that part of the agricultural sector succeed as best as possible! Place your order on our easy to use online website today!


Lappe's Bee Supply is one of the BEST shipping companies of the highest quality queen bees in the United States! We ship queens on a twice weekly schedule from early April through September. We are experienced in shipping queen honey bees safely, and we focus on providing superb queen honey bees to beekeepers all across the country. We offer free shipping on orders of 3 or more queens, and we ship them to every single state in the United States, with the exception of Hawaii! Unlike packaged honey bees and nucs, queen bees are very easy to ship, with no negative side effects at all, as long as they are shipped correctly, and at Lappe's Bee Supply, we are extremely knowledgeable in the correct shipping of queen bees!

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At Lappe's Bee Supply, we start our Italian, Carniolan and Saskatraz honeybee nucs out on new equipment in the early spring. Since it is all new equipment, there's no need to worry about receiving old, potentially diseased combs and beehive frames. Our nucs are also inspected by the state inspector before they go to beekeepers. Yearly we produce around 1,000 to 1,500 bee nucs to meet the needs of our beekeeping customers. Nucs are preferred by most beginning beekeepers due to the ease of hiving them into the deep brood nest boxes in the bee yard. Each nuc contains a mated, gentle young queen bee who has been marked with the color for the current year. Each bee queen has been egg laying for an extended length of time, and the bee hive frames will contain brood of all stages from that queen. This will guarantee that every worker bee in the nuc will be adjusted to the queen's pheromones. Nucs contain a mixture of worker bees - foragers, nurse bees, guard bees and drones. Nucs are like a working mini bee hive, and will be ready to transfer into your Langstroth wooden beehive once you get to your apiary. These nucs and the honeybees they contain will be ready for optimum honey production for that first big honey flow! Just like packaged honey bees, nucs are not recommended for shipping, due to the negative effects on the bees, so we offer the nucs for pick up only.

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We offer honeybee packages for sale for those interested in starting a bee hive with packaged bees. Orders start in January of each year, and have several pick up dates available during early spring, in April and May. Our package bees are brought to us by experienced suppliers with over 25 years of experience in transporting bees, and they strive to help us provide our customers with healthy, quality bees. The bees are kept at just the right temperature in special climate controlled trailers, ensuring that they are kept cool enough to keep them from getting too stressed during their journey, so they arrive to us in excellent condition. Only the suppliers who are most interested in the health of the bees understand this crucial step in the shipping process. Shipping the packaged bees by UPS or USPS is detrimental to the bees' health and can have long term, extremely negative effects on your bees, causing them to not reach their full potential. Most often the bees will arrive dead, or almost all dead. At Lappe's Bee Supply, we care deeply about the honey bee, and we also care about getting repeat business from all of our customers, not just the one time sale, which is why we do offer our package bees for pick up only. Each package of bees comes with a young, mated queen bee, each one ready and waiting for the female worker bees to build out the brood nest comb, so that they can begin laying eggs to start raising bees from the larva and build up the colony of bees. There is nothing better than to have strong honey bee hives and to hear the buzzing of happy, healthy bees. Our customers come from all around to pick up our outstanding packages to start new honey bee colonies, or to expand their colonies in their apiaries. These bees are great for new hobbyist beekeepers just starting out, no matter if they are interested in urban beekeeping, backyard beekeeping or natural beekeeping.

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Lappe's Bee Supply online honey bee supplier company honey bees for sale free USA shipping most orders


Florida Beekeeping Supplies For Sale In Florida Free Shipping

There are lots of frequently asked questions that Florida beekeepers ask us, including:

How Do I Get Started In Beekeeping?

1. First of all, educate yourself on beekeeping!

The best way to gain knowledge is by working the bees; however, before you start beekeeping you need to be familiar with the bees needs and beekeeping terminology. There are lots of excellent books on beekeeping - several can be found here on our online store!

2. Purchase your bee hives and equipment.

You can either purchase supplies separately, or buy everything together in a beginning beekeeping starter kit. (We have some great kits to buy online here - we have different kits available to fit every budget!) Shop for them now!

3. Order your bees from a reputable supplier!

You need to purchase either a package of bees or a honeybee nuc to start out with. Please be aware, you can't start with just a queen! The queen needs all of the workers that come in the package or the nuc to take care of her. Make sure you purchase bees from a well known source - check them out through local beekeeping clubs or check all of their online Google reviews and Better Business Bureau registered complaints. We always recommend buying from a local source so you can pick the bees up in person! It may be more convenient for you to have them delivered to your door or local post office, but it's not always best for the bees, and more often than not you end up with ruined bees and a large amount of money wasted.

4. Set up your hive(s) and introduce the bees into their new home.

If introducing a package of bees, see our handy instructions here. If introducing a nuc of honey bees, see those instructions here.

5. Feed the bees!

More than likely, when you start your bees, there will not be many natural food supplies available for the bees. Your 5 frame nuc should come with some feed already in the frames, but with new bees hatching it won't take your hive very long to use it all up. If you get a package of bees, they won't have any feed ready for them at all. Feed Your Bees!!

6. Check on the bees!

Check on the bees every week and a half to two weeks. Make sure they are filling up the frames of the bee hive, that they have enough feed, and that they are not running out of room. Treat for Varroa mites in the spring and in the fall: you need to keep your bees healthy to ensure their survival and your success as a beekeeper!

What rules are there for beekeeping in my area?

Every state has different rules / regulations regarding beekeeping, and some cities have their own rules as well. It's always best to check first with your city or town council, then with the Department of Agriculture for your state.


Save money on great beekeeping supplies when you shop online at Lappe's Bee Supply!

What kinds of sales and deals do you offer? Do you offer free shipping?

We have different sales available each week, plus bigger sales at certain times of the year, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Spring Fever sales events. We offer free ground shipping on most orders over $100 in the lower 48 states; some exclusions do apply. We also offer Colony Cash Reward Credits, where you earn 3.2% back on every single order that you place with us. Just make sure that you are logged into your account, place your order, and during the checkout the discount that you have on file will automatically be applied to your order. There is no fee to participate in our Colony Cash Rewards program, ever! That's right - Lappe's Bee Supply doesn't believe in making you spend money to be part of a program that is supposed to save you money! Also, check out our Bargain Bin department on our website where we have numerous products on clearance.

How hard is it to keep honey bees?

Keeping honey bees is not hard, but it does take quite a bit of work and understanding. This isn't a hobby where you can just put the bees in the box and they magically take care of themselves with no more effort on your part!


Where can I buy high quality beekeeping supplies and honeybees at affordable prices?

At Lappe's Bee Supply online beekeeping store, of course! We offer an extensive line of beekeeping supplies and bee hive equipment and components, plus lots of extra products that any beekeeper could need! We have the biggest rewards system in the beekeeping industry at 3.2% back; we also have an experienced and knowledgeable staff who are willing to help you out with any of your beekeeping questions!!

Lappe's Bee Supply is a 2024 supplier producer and manufacturer of quality beekeeping supplies and honey bee supplies. Shop our complete line of the highest quality, most affordable beekeeping supplies today, and receive free shipping on most orders over $100! If you're looking for beekeeping supplies near me, Lappe's Bee Supply offers all of the bee keeping supplies you will need, plus we offer free shipping honey bee supplies to everywhere across the United States! We offer all of the fundamental beekeeping supplies a beekeeper needs, including Langstroth beehives and bee hive components in 8 frame and 10 frame; winter beekeeping supplies and Bee Cozy winter bee hive insulation wraps; a full line of beekeeping protective clothing and protective wear, including bee suits and ventilated bee jackets; and an extensive line of bee hive tools and hand tools, and beekeeping smokers and smoker fuel. Looking for varroa mite treatments for honey bee health? We carry honeybee medications and oxalic acid vaporizers for treating your honey bee colonies for varroa mites. Lappe's Bee Supply is where to buy AP23 winter patties and AP23 spring pollen patties from Dadant, along with front entrance feeders, in hive feeders, liquid bee feed and honey bee feed supplements and stimulants. We also supply an extensive catalog of honey harvesting extracting supplies and, if you're looking for a high quality, dependable and durable honey extractor, we carry some of the best extractors in the beekeepers industry! Looking for honey bee crafting supplies? We carry a wide range of supplies, including 100% pure 1 pound beeswax blocks, industrial grade bees wax, bulk beeswax blocks, white and yellow honey beeswax pellets, mead making supplies, candle making supplies and even pure beeswax candles! We also have a supply of just pure, delicious, light golden clover honey and raw honey in 12 pound gallon pails and bulk 60 pound buckets, and in 55 gallon drums and barrels.

Shop our online store for an unlimited supply of beekeeping items! PLUS! We have the largest rewards program in the beekeeping industry - AND - it's the easiest to use! No coupon codes needed! Just log into your account and place your order - our system will automatically deduct the cash amount of your rewards from your order during check out - it's as easy as that! Shop our online catalog today!

Beginning Beekeeping Supplies For Sale Free Shipping - Just starting out on your new first year's beekeeping adventure in 2024? Looking around for where to buy beginner beekeeping supplies for sale, free shipping in the USA? Lappe's Bee Supply has some of the best quality in depth starter kits on the market today that a hobbyist beekeeper will need, from the basic for those on a budget, on up to the full Honey Master that includes everything needed! Kits include painted, assembled and ready to use wooden Langstroth bee hives with Pierco triple wax coated foundation in the frames, tools and protective clothing - all that you need to add are the honey bees! Review our 8 frame and 10 frame beginning beekeeping kits today! Free shipping to anywhere around the United States! Beginning Beekeeping supplies kits for sale for a new beekeeper in Florida!

Protective Clothing & Bee Suits For Sale - No matter if you're in need of a full bee suit, bee jacket, kids bee suits, new beekeeping gloves, or just a protective veil for a quick apiary inspection, we have you covered with everything needed to protect from stings! Try out our durable triple layered ventilated suits and jackets-the coolest in the industry!

Beekeeping Books & Magazines For Sale - Our large selection of beekeeping books has something for everyone, from the beginning beekeeper to the expert, hobbyist or commercial. Stay on top of current findings & news with subscriptions to the American Bee Journal and Bee Culture, the two most popular magazines in the beekeeping industry!

100% Pure Beeswax For Sale - Lappe's Bee Supply is an Florida supplier of 100% pure beeswax. We have filtered and raw beeswax available in pellets, granules, beads, pastilles, chips, pearls; 1 pound blocks and in bulk 35 to 40 pound blocks. Yellow and white beeswax can be used in candle making, lubrication for archery bow strings, lip balm, soaps, crayons & also for some candy making, including jelly beans & gummy bears. Industrial grade is in furniture & shoe polish, woodworking & as a coating for surfboards. These are just a few of the used for beeswax; there are literally thousands of other uses for this versatile product of the bee hive! Free Shipping on bulk beeswax pellets and beeswax blocks! Pure raw filtered yellow white dark beeswax for sale in Florida.

Honey For Sale - Lappe's Bee Supply is a supplier company of raw local honey for sale, located in the Midwest United States. Buy our delicious local honey online, it is available in various sizes from 2 oz. up to 60 pounds & in 55 gallon drums as well. We also offer our very popular, ultra smooth creamed honey & fresh bee pollen. Our honey is always pure honey, you can always be guaranteed that nothing is ever added - it comes to you straight from the comb! Honey for sale in Florida.

Migratory Pallets For Sale - Buy 8 frame or 10 frame migratory 4 way pallets to use for your bee hives and make moving your bees an easy job! Lift easily with fork lift and move to a different location. Our migratory pallets are built to be durable and work well for both back yard hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. Pallets can hold 4 bee hives. Migratory pallets from Lappe's Bee Supply are sturdy and well built. The top is constructed with an exterior grade 5/8" plywood panel, suitable for long term exposure to weather. The plywood has not been treated with pesticide, so it is non toxic to honey bees. The bottom is made from 2x4 and 5/8" lumber, both have been treated for long term ground contact exposure. Migratory pallets are screwed together with 2-1/2" screws. 4 "W" style pallet clips are installed on each pallet.

5 Frame, 8 Frame, 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hives For Sale Free Shipping - Lappe's offers several different Langstroth beehives to fit each beekeepers budget, from first year's through experienced. We also offer the choice of a solid or screened bottom board, and all wooden frames in our honeybee hives are assembled with Pierco Triple wax coated foundation, which is the highest amount of wax coating available in the USA, exclusively from Lappe's Bee Supply - you (and your bees!) won't be disappointed! Langstroth bee hives for sale in Florida.

Winter Beekeeping Supplies For Sale- Protect your bees with our winter bee supplies and give them the best chance at winter survival that you can! With products like the Bee Cozy winter bee hive covers black insulation wraps / covers, the all important moisture boards, winter candy board feeders, metal entrance reducers / mouse guards, AP23 winter patties (the best on the market!), HiveAlive fondant patties winter honey bee feed, dry sugar bee feed, the ever popular bee hive winter quilt box with wood shavings, and our overwintering insulating heater boxes, we sell a complete line of winter beekeeping supplies with everything you need in 5 frame, 8 frame and 10 frame sizes to help get your honey bees ready for those long, cold winter months! Winter beekeeping supplies for sale in Florida.

Beekeeping Tools & Smokers For Sale - Choose from our extensive line of beekeeping tools and smokers, including: different sizes of bee smokers to fit your needs, copper smokers and kids smokers; bee brushes; swarm catcher bags; different styles of hive tools, including different colors of J Hook, EZ Pry, Beekeepers Best and standard economy hive tools available in multiple colors; frame grips; bee hive straps; some of the best types of smoker fuel available, including twine & burlap; and the best frame perch available on the market, with no welded pieces to break off!

Bee Feed & Feeders, Bee Medications, Queen Rearing Supplies For Sale - Looking for a certain style of bee feeder? Look no further than Lappe's Bee Supply! We offer lots of different styles of feeders, because feeding bees is a very crucial step of beekeeping, and there are so many different preferences as to how to feed them! Also included in this category are important treatments against Varroa mites and small hive beetles, and if you're thinking about raising your own queens, check out our extensive line of queen rearing supplies to get you going!

5 Frame, 8 Frame, 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Components For Sale - We offer a large online selection of the highest quality beekeeping supplies - we have all of the bee keeping equipment needed for the hobbyist to the professional! Choose from 5 frame, 8 frame or 10 frame beehive components, assembled and unassembled bee hive frames, plastic one piece frames, and bee hive accessories. We also carry one of the top USA brands of beeswax coated plastic foundation - Pierco foundation, available in both double wax coated and triple wax coated! Try it today to see for yourself how well the bees like it!

Honey Extracting & Honey Bottling Supplies For Sale - Lappe's Bee Supply carries a full line of honey extracting & bottling equipment, including uncapping tools, harvesting supplies, comb honey tools, Maxant Honey Processing equipment, honey extractors & spinners, honey bottling tanks & supplies, honey filters, & an extensive selection of glass honey bottles & plastic honey containers - everything you need to process your honey harvest! Honey extracting bottling supplies equipment for sale in Florida.

Craft Supplies For Sale - From soap making and candle making, to lip balm and creamed honey, Lappe's Bee Supply has you covered for all of the products you need to use to produce your bee related crafts! Choose from our extensive line of soap molds, candle and wax molds; candle wax dye blocks and chips; creamed honey flavorings and creamed honey mixers; candle wicks; mead making kits; decorative candle lids; wax melting pots and more!

Honey Candy For Sale - Get your honey candy craving fix from our online store! Choose from many different flavors of our delicious honey caramels, including Caramel Apple, Red Raspberry, Huckleberry, Vanilla, Strawberry lemonade, or a variety pack of all 9 flavors; honey truffles and other honey chocolates; plus, more candy arriving soon!

Florida Queenline Skep Muth Honey Bear Glass and Plastic Honey Containers For Sale In Florida Free Shipping

We have a huge online catalog of both glass honey bottles and plastic honey containers for selling honey in. Lappe's Bee Supply is where to buy any type of honey container that you could ever need, and in every size imaginable, including 2 ounce, 8 ounce, 12 ounce, 16 ounce, 24 ounce, 2 pound, 3 pound, 5 pound and 1 gallon. We offer plastic honey bottles in cases of 50, and also in bulk packs for customers who need larger quantities. Looking for different styles of honey containers? We offer Queenline glass containers, Muth honey jars, Skep glass honey bottles, glass bear honey containers, glass Hex jars and glass Mason jars. In our plastic honey container line, we offer plastic honey bear containers, Queen Line plastic bottles, Skep plastic jars, Beehive plastic honey containers, creamed honey containers, Inverted hex plastic honey bottles, Embossed honeycomb plastic jugs and cylinder honey bottles.

All of our glass and plastic honey containers are food grade and work for many different applications. Our customers buy our containers mainly for honey, but they can also be used for syrups, sauces and marinades. We have even had teachers buy our containers for handy and clean paint dispensers! If using our containers for liquids, please remember that our bottles are listed for honey weight, which is heavier than liquid weighs. For example, a container that holds 12 ounces of honey will hold only 8 ounces of water.

We also offer food grade plastic pails and buckets in numerous sizes, including 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3-1/2 gallon, 4 gallon, 5 gallon and 6 gallon. There are 4 different grades of food grade plastic pails, and we have made sure to choose the ones made from high-density polyethylene, which is the best type to use! These pails work wonderfully for storing your surplus honey! When your honey granulates, all you need to do is gently heat the whole pail with a bucket warmer, or simply scoop out the amount needed and lightly heat above a hot water bath on the stove. Our plastic pails also work well for many other jobs as well, such as agricultural uses, hunting, fishing, and for storing surplus foods other than honey.




Florida Beekeeping Associations & Bee Clubs

At Lappe's Bee Supply, we are enthusiastic with spreading the knowledge of beekeeping to everyone. One of the best ways to gather information is to join a local beekeeping club. Many customers ask us, where can I find Florida beekeeping clubs near me? Below are online listings for beekeeping clubs in Florida.

If you would like to have your club information added to our list, please click this link to fill out and submit the form. *Please note: if you are hosting a beekeeping conference or seminar, or a weekly / monthly bee club, and you would like some donations and our company literature hand outs, we would be more than happy to send them to you. Please fill out the information at the above link and include the club name, date of conference / meeting, how many attendees are expected, and the address to send everything to. Thank you!


Florida State Beekeepers Association

Stuart Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Florida State Beekeepers Association website

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Apalachee Beekeepers Association

Tallahassee Florida

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Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida

Fort Myers Florida

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Brevard Backyard Beekeepers Inc.

Cocoa Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Brevard Backyard Beekeepers website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Brevard Backyard Beekeepers on Facebook


Broward Beekeepers Association

Coconut Creek Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Broward Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Broward Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Central Panhandle Beekeepers Association

Chipley Florida

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Central Panhandle Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Clay County Beekeepers Association

Green Cove Spring Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Clay County Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Clay County Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Escarosa Beekeepers Association

Pensacola Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Escarosa Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Escarosa Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Florida Backyard Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Gainesville Area Bee Club

Gainesville Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Gainesville Area Bee Club website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Gainesville Area Bee Club on Facebook


Heartland Beekeepers Association

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Heartland Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Jacksonville Beekeepers Association

Jacksonville Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Jacksonville Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Jacksonville Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Kissimmee Valley Beekeepers Association

Kissimmee Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Kissimmee Valley Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Kissimmee Valley Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Lake County Beekeepers

Sorrento Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Lake County Beekeepers website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Lake County Beekeepers on Facebook


Lee County Beekeepers Association of SW Florida

Cape Coral Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Lake County Beekeepers Association of SW FL website


Nassau County Beekeepers Club

Callahan Florida

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Nassau County Beekeepers Club on Facebook


North Escambia Bee Association

Molino Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the North Escambia Bee Association website

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Orange Blossom Beekeepers Association

Orlando Florida

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Pinellas Beekeepers Association

Seminole Florida

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Seminole County Beekeepers Association

Sanford Florida

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South Brevard Beekeepers

Palm Bay Florida

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Suncoast Beekeepers Association

Bradenton Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Suncoast Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Suncoast Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association

Seffner Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Treasure Coast Beekeepers Association

Fort Pierce Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Treasure Coast Beekeepers Association website

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Tropical Beekeepers Association

Homestead Florida

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Tropical Beekeepers Association on Facebook


Tupelo Beekeepers Club

Panama City Florida

Beekeeping Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply  Buzz on over to visit the Tupelo Beekeepers Club website

beekeeping supplies honey bee supplies  Find the Tupelo Beekeepers Club on Facebook


Volusia Beekeepers

Deland Florida

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Questions? Comments? We can be reached by phone during business hours at 641-728-4361, or send us an email to We are always happy to talk with you! Do you have beekeeping issues that you would like to figure out? Contact us and we’ll help! We have a strong background in beekeeping, with over 35 years of experience! Learn how to become a producer of sweet honey from Lappe's Bee Supply! Regardless if you are located in the Midwest United States, the West Coast, the East Coast, the Southern States, or the Mountain areas in between in the USA, we have the beekeeping supplies and bee hives you need! We want to help you on your long, exciting journey in every way that we can to be well educated and get into the fast lane for successful beekeeping!



We ship to beekeepers in the following beekeeping cities near me in the state of Florida listings for queen honey bees supply results for beekeeping honeybee supplies for sale free shipping most orders over $100 around the United States:  Alachua 32615│Alford 32420│Altamonte Springs 32701│Altha 32421│Altoona 32702│Alturas 33820│Alva 33920│Anna Maria 34216│Anthony 32617│Apalachicola 32320│Apollo Beach 33572│Apopka 32703│Arcadia 34265│Archer 32618│Argyle 32422│Aripeka 34679│Astatula 34705│Astor 32102│Atlantic Beach 32233│Auburndale 33823│Avon Park 33825│Babson Park 33827│Bagdad 32530│Baker 32531│Balm 33503│Barberville 32105│Bartow 33830│Bascom 32423│Bay Pines 33744│Bell 32619│Belle Glade 33430│Belleair Beach 33786│Belleview 34420│Beverly Hills 34464│Big Pine Key 33043│Blountstown 32424│Boca Grande 33921│Boca Raton 33427│Bokeelia 33922│Bonifay 32425│Bonita Springs 34133│Bostwick 32007│Bowling Green 33834│Boynton Beach 33424│Bradenton 34201│Bradenton Beach 34217│Bradley 33835│Brandon 33508│Branford 32008│Bristol 32321│Bronson 32621│Brooker 32622│Brooksville 34601│Bryant 33439│Bryceville 32009│Bunnell 32110│Bushnell 33513│Callahan 32011│Campbellton 32426│Canal Point 33438│Candler 32111│Cantonment 32533│Cape Canaveral 32920│Cape Coral 33904│Captiva 33924│Carrabelle 32322│Caryville 32427│Cassadaga 32706│Casselberry 32707│Cedar Key 32625│Center Hill 33514│Century 32535│Chattahoochee 32324│Chiefland 32626│Chipley 32428│Chokoloskee 34138│Christmas 32709│Citra 32113│Clarcona 32710│Clarksville 32430│Clearwater 33755│Clearwater Beach 33767│Clermont 34711│Clewiston 33440│Cocoa 32922│Cocoa Beach 32931│Coleman 33521│Copeland 34137│Cortez 34215│Cottondale 32431│Crawfordville 32326│Crescent City 32112│Crestview 32536│Cross City 32628│Crystal Beach 34681│Crystal River 34423│Crystal Springs 33524│Cypress 32432│Dade City 33523│Dania 33004│Davenport 33836│Day 32013│Daytona Beach 32114│De Leon Springs 32130│Debary 32713│Deerfield Beach 33441│Defuniak Springs 32433│Deland 32720│ Road  | Delray Beach 33444│Deltona 32725│Destin 32540│Doctors Inlet 32030│Dover 33527│Dundee 33838│Dunedin 34697│Dunnellon 34430│Durant 33530│Eagle Lake 33839│Earleton 32631│East Palatka 32131│Eastlake Weir 32133│Eastpoint 32328│Eaton Park 33840│Ebro 32437│Edgar 32149│Edgewater 32132│Eglin Afb 32542│El Jobean 33927│Elfers 34680│Elkton 32033│Ellenton 34222│Englewood 34223│Estero 33928│Eustis 32726│Everglades City 34139│Evinston 32633│Fairfield 32634│Fedhaven 33854│Felda 33930│Fellsmere 32948│Fernandina Beach 32034│Ferndale 34729│Flagler Beach 32136│Fleming Island 32006│Florahome 32140│Floral City 34436│Fort Lauderdale 33301│Fort Mc Coy 32134│Fort Meade 33841│Fort Myers 33901│Fort Myers Beach 33931│Fort Ogden 34267│Fort Pierce 34945│Fort Walton Beach 32547│ Southwest SW | Fort White 32038│Fountain 32438│Freeport 32439│Frostproof 33843│Fruitland Park 34731│Gainesville 32601│Geneva 32732│Georgetown 32139│Gibsonton 33534│Glen Saint Mary 32040│Glenwood 32722│Goldenrod 32733│Gonzalez 32560│Goodland 34140│Gotha 34734│Graceville 32440│Graham 32042│Grand Island 32735│Grand Ridge 32442│Grandin 32138│Grant 32949│Green Cove Springs 32043│Greensboro 32330│Greenville 32331│Greenwood 32443│Gretna 32332│Groveland 34736│Gulf Breeze 32561│Gulf Hammock 32639│Haines City 33844│Hallandale 33008│Hampton 32044│Hastings 32145│Havana 32333│Hawthorne 32640│Hernando 34442│Hialeah 33002│High Springs 32643│Highland City 33846│Hilliard 32046│Hobe Sound 33455│Holder 34445│Holiday 34690│Hollister 32147│Hollywood 33019│Holmes Beach 34218│Holt 32564│Homeland 33847│Homestead 33030│Homosassa 34446│Homosassa Springs 34447│Horseshoe Beach 32648│Hosford 32334│Howey In The Hills 34737│Hudson 34667│Hurlburt Field 32544│Immokalee 34142│Indialantic 32903│Indian Lake Estates 33855│Indian Rocks Beach 33785│Indiantown 34956│Inglis 34449│Intercession City 33848│Interlachen 32148│Inverness 34450│ J  | Islamorada 33036│Island Grove 32654│Istachatta 34636│Jacksonville 32099│Jacksonville Beach 32240│Jasper 32052│Jay 32565│Jennings 32053│Jensen Beach 34957│Jupiter 33458│Kathleen 33849│Kenansville 34739│Key Biscayne 33149│Key Colony Beach 33051│Key Largo 33037│Key West 33040│Keystone Heights 32656│Killarney 34740│Kissimmee 34741│La Crosse 32658│Labelle 33935│Lacoochee 33537│Lady Lake 32158│Lake Alfred 33850│Lake Butler 32054│Lake City 32024│Lake Como 32157│Lake Geneva 32160│Lake Hamilton 33851│Lake Harbor 33459│Lake Helen 32744│Lake Mary 32746│Lake Monroe 32747│Lake Panasoffkee 33538│Lake Placid 33852│Lake Wales 33853│Lake Worth 33454│Lakeland 33801│Lamont 32336│Lanark Village 32323│Land O Lakes 34639│Largo 33770│Laurel 34272│Laurel Hill 32567│Lawtey 32058│Lecanto 34460│Lee 32059│Leesburg 34748│Lehigh Acres 33936│Lithia 33547│Live Oak 32060│Lloyd 32337│Lochloosa 32662│Long Key 33001│Longboat Key 34228│Longwood 32750│Lorida 33857│Loughman 33858│Lowell 32663│Loxahatchee 33470│Lulu 32061│Lutz 33548│Lynn Haven 32444│Macclenny 32063│Madison 32340│Maitland 32751│Malabar 32950│Malone 32445│ M  | Mango 33550│Marathon 33050│Marathon Shores 33052│Marco Island 34145│Marianna 32446│Mary Esther 32569│Mascotte 34753│Mayo 32066│Mc Alpin 32062│Mc David 32568│Mc Intosh 32664│Melbourne 32901│Melbourne Beach 32951│Melrose 32666│Merritt Island 32952│Mexico Beach 32410│Miami 33101│Miami Beach 33109│Micanopy 32667│Mid Florida 32799│Middleburg 32050│Midway 32343│Milligan 32537│Milton 32570│Mims 32754│Minneola 34755│Miramar Beach 32550│Molino 32577│Monticello 32344│Montverde 34756│Moore Haven 33471│Morriston 32668│Mossy Head 32434│Mount Dora 32756│Mulberry 33860│Murdock 33938│Myakka City 34251│ 136 | Nalcrest 33856│Naples 34101│Navarre 32266│Neptune Beach 32266│New Port Richey 34652│New Smyrna Beach 32168│Newberry 32669│Niceville 32578│Nichols 33863│Nobleton 34661│Nocatee 34268│Nokomis 34274│Noma 32452│North Fort Myers 33903│North Miami Beach 33160│North Palm Beach 33408│ 13275 | North Port 34286│O Brien 32071│Oak Hill 32759│Oakland 34760│Ocala 34470│Ochopee 34141│Ocklawaha 32179│Ocoee 34761│Odessa 33556│Okahumpka 34762│Okeechobee 34972│Old Town 32680│Oldsmar 34677│Olustee 32072│Ona 33865│Oneco 34264│Opa Locka 33054│Orange City 32763│Orange Lake 32681│Orange Park 32003│Orange Springs 32182│Orlando 32801│Ormond Beach 32173│Osprey 34229│Osteen 32764│Otter Creek 32683│Oviedo 32762│Oxford 34484│Ozona 34660│Pahokee 33476│Paisley 32767│Palatka 32177│Palm Bay 32905│Palm Beach 33480│Palm Beach Gardens 33410│Palm City 34990│Palm Coast 32135│Palm Harbor 34682│Palmdale 33944│Palmetto 34220│Panacea 32346│Panama City 32401│Panama City Beach 32407│Parrish 34219│Patrick Afb 32925│Paxton 32538│Pembroke Pines 33082│Penney Farms 32079│Pensacola 32501│Perry 32347│Pierson 32180│Pineland 33945│Pinellas Park 33780│Pinetta 32350│Placida 33946│Plant City 33563│Plymouth 32768│Point Washington 32454│Polk City 33868│Pomona Park 32181│Pompano Beach 33060│Ponce De Leon 32455│Ponte Vedra Beach 32004│Port Charlotte 33948│Port Orange 32123│Port Richey 34668│Port Saint Joe 32456│Port Saint Lucie 34952│Port Salerno 34992│Punta Gorda 33950│Putnam Hall 32185│Quincy 32351│Raiford 32026│Reddick 32686│River Ranch 33867│Riverview 33568│Rockledge 32955│Roseland 32957│Rosemary Beach 32461│Rotonda West 33947│Ruskin 33570│Safety Harbor 34695│Saint Augustine 32080│Saint Cloud 34769│Saint James City 33956│Saint Leo 33574│Saint Marks 32355│ 13339  | Saint Petersburg 33701│Salem 32356│San Antonio 33576│San Mateo 32187│Sanderson 32087│Sanford 32771│Sanibel 33957│Santa Rosa Beach 32459│Sarasota 34230│Satellite Beach 32937│Satsuma 32189│Scottsmoor 32775│Sebastian 32958│Sebring 33870│Seffner 33583│Seminole 33772│Seville 32190│Shady Grove 32357│Shalimar 32579│Sharpes 32959│Silver Springs 34488│Sneads 32460│Sopchoppy 32358│Sorrento 32776│South Bay 33493│Sparr 32192│Spring Hill 34606│Starke 32091│Steinhatchee 32359│Stuart 34994│Sugarloaf Shores 33044│Sumatra 32335│Summerfield 34491│Summerland Key 33042│Sumterville 33585│ Heritage  | Sun City 33586│Sun City Center 33571│Suwannee 32692│Sydney 33587│Tallahassee 32301│Tallevast 34270│Tampa 33601│Tangerine 32777│Tarpon Springs 34688│Tavares 32778│Tavernier 33070│Telogia 32360│Terra Ceia 34250│Thonotosassa 33592│Titusville 32780│Trenton 32693│Trilby 33593│Umatilla 32784│Valparaiso 32580│Valrico 33594│Vanderbilt Beach 34107│Venice 34284│Venus 33960│Vernon 32462│Vero Beach 32960│Wabasso 32970│Wacissa 32361│Waldo 32694│Wauchula 33873│Wausau 32463│Waverly 33877│Webster 33597│Weirsdale 32195│Welaka 32193│Wellborn 32094│West Palm Beach 33401│Westville 32464│Wewahitchka 32449│White Springs 32096│Wildwood 34785│Williston 32696│Wimauma 33598│Windermere 34786│Winter Beach 32971│Winter Garden 34777│Winter Haven 33880│Winter Park 32789│Winter Springs 32708│Woodville 32362│Worthington Springs 32697│Yalaha 34797│Yankeetown 34498│Youngstown 32466│Yulee 32041│Zellwood 32798│Zephyrhills 33539 │Zolfo Springs 33890
We ship free shipping beekeeping supplies queen honey bees supplies to the following counties in Florida:  Alachua County │Baker County │Bay County │Bradford County │Brevard County │Broward County │Calhoun County │Charlotte County │Citrus County │Clay County │Collier County │Columbia County │DeSoto County │Dixie County │Duval County │Escambia County │Flagler County │Franklin County │Gadsden County │Gilchrist County │Glades County │Gulf County │Hamilton County │Hardee County │Hendry County │Hernando County │Highlands County │Hillsborough County │Holmes County │Indian River County │Jackson County │Jefferson County │Lafayette County │Lake County │Lee County │Leon County │Levy County │Liberty County │Madison County │Manatee County│Marion County │Martin County │Miami-Dade County │Monroe County │Nassau County │Okaloosa County │Okeechobee County │Orange County │Osceola County │Palm Beach County │Pasco County │Pinellas County │Polk County │Putnam County │Saint Johns County │Saint Lucie County │Santa Rosa County │Sarasota County │Seminole County │Sumter County │Suwannee County │Taylor County │Union County │Volusia County │Wakulla County │Walton County │Washington County

Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply
Beekeeping Supplies Honey Bee Supplies Lappe's Bee Supply