HiveIQ Mouse Guard For Insulated Bottom Board

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HiveIQ Mouse Guard For Insulated Styrofoam Screened Bottom Board

*These Mouse Guards are designed to fit only on HiveIQ bottom boards: the ends fit right into the slots located directly behind the entrance reducer.

Introducing the HiveIQ Mouse Guard For Insulated Bottom Board, a must-have component for your beekeeping setup. Designed to fit perfectly on HiveIQ bottom boards, these mouse guards offer superior protection against unwanted pests. Made from metal, these guards provide high fusion strength and are built to last. Upgrade your bee hive with HiveIQ and experience the benefits of thermally superior and hygienic components.

HiveIQ bee hive components are engineered for usability and longevity. With the goal of providing a more sustainable beekeeping solution, these components are constructed with bee safe and food grade materials. The insulated styrofoam design offers over 6 times greater insulation than traditional timber hives, ensuring stable hive temperatures throughout the year. Enjoy the advantages of reduced energy consumption, more productive colonies, and the ability to fit more hives per truck with HiveIQ's compact and lightweight design.

By choosing HiveIQ Insulated Styrofoam Bee Hives and components, you'll witness improved hive survival rates and faster spring build-up. The warm and dry environment inside these hives enhances overwintering survival, while the consistent temperature ensures a faster build-up of new brood rearing. Experience increased honey production, with reports of up to 35% more yield from HiveIQ insulated hives. Additionally, these hives help reduce issues from pests and diseases, such as the Small Hive Beetle, thanks to better humidity and temperature control. Let your bees thrive in a healthier and more hygienic hive environment with HiveIQ.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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