Honey Super Storage Flats

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8 Frame or 10 Frame Honey Super Storage Flats

Ever wonder how to store your honey supers for the winter, to protect your precious pulled comb from destructive wax moths? Lappe's Bee Supply has the answer for you! Introducing our honey super storage flats, available exclusively from Lappe's Bee Supply! Simply put down a piece of newpaper on these handy storage pallets, add on your choice of moth deterrents, then stack your honey supers on top! We recommend purchasing two of these - one for the bottom of the stack, and one for the top of the stack, placed upside down as the lid! Keep those pesky pests from destroying all of the hard work that your bees did over the summer. Plus, these storage flats help keep your supers clean, all the bees will need to do at the height of the next honey season is maybe some slight repair work from the uncapping knife the previous extracting time, then they're all set to refill the combs with delicious honey as fast as they can fly! Another added bonus is the cleats on the bottoms of these flats - easily move each stack with a hand cart!

Helpful hint - many people are tempted to let their bees rob out the rest of the honey from the combs after honey extraction, but leaving the small amount of honey in the combs will help deter pests from laying eggs in the wet combs, plus that extra bit of honey will help keep the combs soft and pliable, so your bees won't have to work as hard before refilling! Please note: some moth deterrents can leave chemical residues in your honey super wax, so please be sure to do reseach before selecting products. We recommend using wax moth crystals or Para - Moth. Be sure to store stacks of supers away from ants and other pests.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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