Pierco Triple Wax Coated 9-1/8" Green Drone Comb Frames

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Triple Wax Coated 9-1/8" Green Drone Frames - Pierco

This green plastic frame has a heavy, triple coating of wax. THE TRIPLE WAX COATING ON THESE FRAMES HELPS IMPROVE THE BEES ACCEPTANCE OF THE FRAME!! These frames have several uses. Queen breeders use them to uphold the large drone population needed in their hives for successful queen mating. The larger cells hold more honey and can be used for honey production. These frames can also be used to reduce the amount of Varroa mites in your hive. These drone frames work to reduce mite populations without having to use medications or pesticides. Mites prefer the larger area of the drone cells over the smaller worker bee cells.

Insert one of these frames into each of your hives, and once the drone brood is capped, place the frame in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight. Let the frame warm to room temperature, and then break open the tops of the cells with your uncapping scratcher. Place the frame back in the hive. Be sure not to scratch too deeply with the uncapping scratcher; the less damage you do, the quicker the bees can clean the dead brood out of the cells and ready it for the queen to lay full again. These drone frames must be removed from the hives as soon as the brood has been capped. If you leave it in the hive for too long after it has been capped, the drones will start hatching out with the mites on them. Increased mite populations in your hive can compromise your hive strength and well being.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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