Old Favorite Honey Recipes


Old Favorite Honey Recipes

Honey is nature's perfect food, captivating the senses with its flowing amber sweetness and a variety of flavors and aromas, from delicate to robust. Its diversity is limited only by the many types of flowers visited by that busiest of workers, the honeybee. While it boasts a profusion of nutritional and healing qualities, honey also adds a delightful essence to culinary creations of every kind.

Old Favorite Honey Recipes features more than 250 recipes gathered over the years by American honey producers, revised and updated for the modern kitchen. From the classic honey bun to more obscure dishes, this collection showcases honey's versatility in breads, desserts, vegetables, meats and more. It also contains recipe variations, interesting facts, and an abundance of helpful cooking hints including how to substitute honey for sugar.

This book is comprised of recipes from the American Honey Institute and from the Iowa Honey Producers Association.

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Very good book to learn how to use honey
Posted by Jim Rupp, Nov 24th 2017