Natural Creamed Honey - 16 oz.


Natural Creamed Honey - 16 oz.

Our Natural Creamed Honey is deliciously smooth and easy to spread on toast, bagels, waffles, and just about anything else you would like. Creamed honey is an excellent choice as a spread for sandwiches. It is thicker so it won't run off your bread like liquid honey does. You can use creamed honey the same as you would liquid honey.

We take our own delicious raw honey, mix it with granulated honey, and whip it to smooth, pearly perfection. Creamed honey is also known as whipped honey, spun honey and churned honey - no matter what the name, our creamed honey is among the best! You can also use our creamed honey as a starter seed to make your own delicious creamed honey - for a little fun and variety, add in different flavors from our selection of creamed honey flavors!

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Creamed honey

Posted by Rhonda Friedline, Nov 27th 2018