Burlap Rolls Beekeeping Smoker Fuel

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Burlap Rolls Beekeeping Smoker Fuel

Looking for an eco-friendly and high-quality beekeeping smoker fuel option? Look no further than our burlap beekeeping smoker fuel. Made from natural burlap material, it offers a clean burn with minimal smoke and no harsh chemicals. It ignites easily and burns evenly, providing your smoker with a consistent source of fuel. The porous texture of the burlap allows for proper air circulation to keep your smoker going strong. This fuel is perfect for beekeepers who prioritize sustainability and want to minimize their environmental impact. With our pre-cut rolls, you can easily fit the fuel right into your smoker without worrying about air circulation problems or how many squares to use. Choose our burlap beekeeping smoker fuel for a reliable and eco-friendly option that is also easy to use.


  • Eco-Friendly: Our beekeeping smoker fuel is made from natural burlap material, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable option for your beekeeping needs.
  • Easy to Ignite: Our fuel is easy to ignite and burns evenly, providing a consistent source of fuel for your smoker.
  • Bee-Safe: Our beekeeping smoker fuel produces minimal smoke and contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Convenient Packaging: For added convenience, it comes in a pack of 6 pre-cut, long-lasting rolls that are ready to use.


Always use caution with smokers to prevent fire and injury! After lighting, keep puffing until a sufficient amount of smoke is produced; additional fuel may be needed to keep fire going over time, depending on length of time needed to work on bees. Puffing your smoker every so often during hive inspections will ensure your smoker keeps going.


We try to ensure the happiness of all of our customers by shipping orders out within 1 - 2  business days. Please note, though, that during extremely busy times of the year it can take an extra business day processing tome for orders to ship out.


If you have any questions, please message us anytime, and we will respond as soon as possible!

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  • 5
    Burlap Rolls

    Posted by Clifford McGhghy on Nov 27, 2023

    What can be said about burlap rolls. They arrived quickly and they were not terrible on the cost.

  • 5
    Burlap Rolls

    Posted by robbin on May 03, 2020

    Best smoker fuel I've tried, no work at all, light the one end, drop lit end into the smoker and off you go. Stay's lit. Inexpensive.

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