HiveIQ Two Story Insulated Bee Hive

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Product Overview

HiveIQ Two Story Insulated Styrofoam Assembled Bee Hive

Introducing a Better Beehive! Honeybees thrive in these thermally superior, more hygienic HiveIQ bee hives! Constructed with high density Expanded Polystyrene for high fusion strength, high quality and precision finish, these bee hives are designed for usability and long life! Plus, as an added bonus, these hives come fully assembled and ready to use!

ALL NEW!! All of our bee hives come with your choice of Pierco Triple Waxed plastic one piece frames, or assembled wooden frames with Pierco Triple Waxed foundation! These frames / foundations have the heaviest coating of 100% beeswax available on the market!! The heavier coating of wax helps promote the bees acceptance, and the fresh, natural aroma of the wax helps encourage the bees to start working on it (prevents bees from leaving the hive after being installed, unlike lower grade foundations with less wax coating, found in cheaper hive setups). Your choice of all natural yellow, like beeswax, or black deep. Why settle for less?

Please note: The difference in colors has nothing to do with the bees acceptance; it all has to do with the preference of each beekeeper. The black foundation makes it easy to find out if your queen is alive and laying well: it is easy to see the small white eggs against the black background, so you don't have to see your queen to know that you have one. It also makes it easier to tell if you have a drone layer. Yellow foundation is more like actual beeswax, and it is quite often more preferred by a lot of our customers.

PLEASE NOTE: HiveIQ bee hives come completely assembled and ready to use, but they are not painted. Insulated hives do require painting with an exterior grade, water based acrylic paint to prevent UV deterioration for long term use; painting is the responsibility of the customer. LBS is not responsible for any deterioration to the HiveIQ insulated styrofoam hives due to not being painted before using.

HiveIQ Insulated Bee Hive Features:

  • Hives are dry rot and termite proof & are engineered to endure the rigours of commercial beekeeping, so they are designed to last for years!
  • Compatible with industry standard Langstroth frames
  • Constructed with bee safe & food grade materials
  • More than 6 times greater insulation than traditional timber hives
  • Stable hive temperature all year round with no condensation
  • No wasted energy on thermal management means that you have more productive colonies
  • More compact and lighter: fit 6 hives wide on a truck, with half the weight of wood
  • Protective edges all around top and bottom of box enables a hive tool to be inserted anywhere around the hive body without damaging the hive, as opposed to other brands of insulated hives
  • High insulation rating means a reduction of clustering in the winter and bearding in the summer
  • Expanded polystyrene is safe, non-toxic & totally inert; at no time in its extended life cycle will it contain or emit CFCs or HCFCs to damage the environment!
  • Aluminum perforated ventilated floor in the bottom board improves ventilation & enables the colony to maintain air quality, plus a drawer insert comes standard with each bottom board for use in colder / harsher climates
  • The 360-degree edge on each hive body prevents pests such as ants from entering the space between the hive bodies
  • Ground-breaking 3 Stage Entrance comes standard on each hive! Hive entrances can be configured to optimize colony security on new / weak hives; enable full in / out traffic during peak honey flows; provides a flat floor, which enables fast, efficient removal of debris from the hive. Plus, the hive entrance locks help hold the entrance in the open or closed position without the need of nails or screws
  • Each hive features a pressed metal cover, which has multiple benefits: it protects the hives from the in-transit damage of strapping down; helps protect the hive from pests and animal damage; gives complete protection to the hive from weather
  • Insulated Screened Bottom Board is moulded from high density EPS for high strength and helps to absorb road shock during hive transport, which means a less stressful move for your hives! Extremely durable bottom board will stand up to years of use and is designed to hold heavy weight from all of that honey!

HiveIQ Insulated Single Story Bee Hive Includes:

  • (2) Assembled Deep 9-1/2" 9 Frame Insulated Hive Body with 9 Assembled Wooden Frames or 9 Plastic one piece frames FEATURING Pierco Triple wax coatings
  • Assembled Cover
  • Assembled Screened Bottom Board With Drawer Insert and Featured Hive Lock 3 Stage Entrance Reducer

Why Should I Consider Using The HiveIQ Insulated Styrofoam Bee Hives? Give me 5 good reasons for switching:

  • Improved Hive Survival Rates

The warm, dry conditions inside the HiveIQ bee hive can dramatically improve overwintering survival rates. The thermal qualities of these hives also improved survival in extremely hot conditions, which makes them an excellent choice of bee hive no matter what type of climate you live in!

  • Faster Spring Build-up

The additional warmth provided by the HiveIQ hives during late winter / early spring enables a faster build-up of new brood rearing, leading to a larger, more productive workforce earlier in the season. The consistent temperature across the brood frames eliminates cold or hot zones, enabling the queen to lay right out to the outside frames of the brood hive early in the season!

  • Increased Honey Production

An increasing number of commercial beekeepers using both wooden and HiveIQ insulated hives are reporting significatnly higher honey production in their insulated hives, as much as 35% more or higher.

  • Reduction In Issues From Pests & Diseases

Small Hive Beetles are a major challange that beekeepers face in many regions around the world. The SHB thrives in high humidity and high temperature environments and can quickly overwhelm colonies when the colony is not able to control the conditions inside the hive. A thermally superior hive enables the colony to better manage humidity and temperature.

  • Improved Hygiene

Honey bees freed up from the job of climate control inside the hive get assigned to other important activities, including hive hygiene. Since more bees will be available to quickly remove debris such as dead bees, the colony has a better ability to become healthier and stronger.

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