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10 Frame Painted Honey Bee Swarm Catching Special

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10 Frame Painted Honey Bee Swarm Catching Special

If you want to put out a trap to catch a swarm of bees in, then our 10 frame swarm catching special is the hive that you need! This 10 frame hive setup comes with everything that you need to start out a hive with - our standard 10 frame bottom board with entrance reducer, one 9-5/8" deep 10 frame hive body, a 10 frame inner cover and a 10 frame telescoping lid.

Also included are 10 wax coated plastic frames. These frames make it so that you do not need to use a swarm lure; the wax coating on the foundation is specially designed to smell just like the bees brood nest. There is also no need to place in a tree or other area up high. Place it on a pallet or on cement blocks wherever you would like to permanently keep the hive, and the smell from the frames will be enough to attract the scout bees for the swarm right to the box.

As an added bonus, wax moths and other creatures are unable to damage the plastic foundation in the frames, unlike beeswax foundation.

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