Assembled/Painted 10 Frame 9-5/8" Deep Hive Body with Triple Waxed Frames

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10 Frame 9-5/8" Deep Hive Body with Triple Wax Frames

10 frame 9-5/8" deep hive body is made from pine lumber and comes assembled and painted for your convenience. Just take it out of the box and place directly on your bee hive! Finger joints are stapled together with galvanized staples. Brood box comes with your choice of 10 assembled wooden frames with triple wax foundation, or 10 triple wax coated plastic one piece frames.

ALL NEW!! All of our deep bee hive bodies come with your choice of Pierco Triple Waxed plastic one piece frames, or assembled wooden frames with Pierco Triple Waxed foundation! These frames / foundations have the heaviest coating of 100% beeswax available on the market!! The heavier coating of wax helps promote the bees acceptance, and the fresh, natural aroma of the wax helps encourage the bees to start working on it. Your choice of all natural yellow, like beeswax, or black deep. Why settle for less?

Please note: The difference in colors has nothing to do with the bees acceptance; it all has to do with the preference of each beekeeper. The black foundation makes it easy to find out if your queen is alive and laying well: it is easy to see the small white eggs against the black background, so you don't have to see your queen to know that you have one. It also makes it easier to tell if you have a drone layer. Yellow foundation is more like actual beeswax, and it is quite often more preferred by a lot of our customers.

Made from commercial grade deep brood box parts; expect some knots and cracks on painted surfaces.

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5 Reviews


Perfect for my bees

Quality product!

Perfect for my needs and arrived on time!
Thank you!

10 Frame Hive body

Great communication and shipping is fast. It's bee season so you need things fast. Lappe's get it done. thank you

Very pleased!

Good Quality! Just purchased, again. When on sale, one of the best values I've found in Beekeeping equipment.

Great value

The painted deep boxes looked great and the plastic foundations came with an impressive amount of wax on them! Previously, I would always add more wax to my foundations or order double wax but I didn't have to with these.

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