5 Frame Nuc Bee Hive Moisture Board

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Bee Hive Moisture Board

Moisture board is used during the winter months to help absorb the moisture of the hive and keep your bees dry. Moisture can be one of the leading causes of bee hive loss during the winter. The moisture board takes the place of having a top entrance for ventilation. When you use the upper entrance, you lose a good amount of heat through the hole as well as the moisture, which means that the bees will have to eat more feed to replace that heat. When they have to eat more feed to replace the heat, they can run out of their winter feed stores too early, which will result in their death just before the break of spring. The moisture board will soak up the moisture and wick it to the outside through the sides of the board, while keeping the heat inside with the bees, and they will not have to eat as much of their feed. Please note: overly wet winters can still jeopardize the survival of your hive, whether you winterize with moisture boards without an upper entrance hole or use an upper ventilation hole to let the moisture out.

You can place the moisture board on top of your inner cover, but for maximum moisture reduction, we recommend removing the inner cover completely and storing it during the winter. 

~ 5 Frame Quilt Box Not Included ~

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