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Saskatraz Queen Honey Bees - Shipped Starting April 2020

Please note: When starting a new bee hive, you need to purchase a package of bees with a queen, not just a queen. Without the 2 or 3 pounds of bees to take care of her, the queen will not be able to survive and will die. These mated queens are for queening an existing hive or splits in the spring time.

We are currently taking orders for shipping out queens beginning in April, 2020. **Orders are currently booked until around the beginning of May** Order now to get your name on the list to get the next available shipping dates! Orders usually get booked from early spring through the end of May. We will contact you by email closer to April to set up a shipping date that will work for you. First orders placed get first choice at shipping dates. Queens will be shipped from April through the end of September. Queens will arrive in California mini queen cages, or 3 hole queen cages. Regardless of whichever type of queen cage your queen arrives in, there will be a candy plug already in one end filled with queen candy. We recommend leaving this plug in when placing your new queen into the hive. Lappe's Bee Supply is not responsible for anything that happens because the bee keeper makes the choice to remove the candy plug or the queen candy from the queen cage. It is always better to allow her to stay in the queen cage with the candy plug intact, to give the worker bees time to get familiar with her pheromone and get her out of the cage themselves.

All of the queen honeybees that we sell are young, naturally mated superb queens. We DO NOT clip the queens wings. Place your order online to buy your queen honey bees, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to speak with you! Lappe's Bee Supply is a 2020 online supplier company with listings for several different strains of queen honey bees for sale.

Queens cannot survive for long outside of honeybee hives! Your queen needs to be inside of the beehive where the worker bees can feed her and give her water and food. Please plan on putting your queen into your hive shortly after picking her up from the post office. Please do not leave queen bees sitting on the counter overnight!

Saskatraz Queen Bees Shipping Information

All orders of 3 or more queens qualify for free shipping! Free shipped queen orders of 3 - 9 queen bees will be sent out through the USPS, and while shipping times vary, most arrive within 1 - 3 days (it has been taking an extra day longer, in some instances). The queen shipment will be marked to be held at your post office, and they will give you a call at the number that you specify to alert you to come and pick up your queen honeybees.

Please note: You need to pick up your queen bees on the day that the post office calls you, to ensure that your queens will all be alive. Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC is not responsible for any queens that do not survive because they are not picked up in time, or for any queens that are delivered to mailboxes at the customer's request to the post office.

Right after your queens ship out, usually mid - late afternoon, we will send a shipping confirmation to your email address that will contain your tracking number. Sometimes this email can end up in your spam folder, so please be sure to check there as well. It is every customer's responsibility to check on the shipping progress of their queens, so they can be ready when the bees arrive at the post office.

Orders of 10 - 19 queens will be shipped out by UPS 2nd Day Air, and orders of 20 or more will be shipped out by UPS Next Day Air for free shipping. We can ship out orders of 10 or more queens by the free shipping method of the USPS, if you would prefer them arrive at your post office instead of ride around in the UPS delivery truck and sit outside of your house. Please let us know during the check out process by leaving us a comment about shipping by USPS instead of UPS.

We are able to ship queen honey bees through USPS, UPS Next Day Air or UPS 2nd Day Air to only the lower 48 United States and Alaska; we can not ship queens to Hawaii, and we do not do International shipments. All shipped queens are sent out at customer's risk. Due to regulations with most shipping companies, we are unable to insure queen honey bees.

Queen Honey Bees Terms & Conditions


Queen Marking

We can mark queens for an additional fee of $4 each. Please let us know which color you would like to have her marked. The International Color for 2020 is blue, but if you are only marking her to make it easier to spot her, you can choose whichever color you think would make her easy to find.

Saskatraz Honey Bees Information

Saskatraz queen bees come from Olivarez Honey Bees in Northern California, who has been producing some of the highest quality honey bee queens for over 50 years. Saskatraz queen bees originate from Saskatchewan Canada and have been selected for high honey production, good overwintering ability, temperament (these bees have been very gentle to work with), tracheal mite resistance, and varroa mite resistance. The Saskatraz breeding program uses recurrent natural selection to select for varroa tolerance in productive colonies with good economic traits, and queens are crossed with VSH bees to increase varroa resistance. Other traits include: fast spring buildup, which results in increased honey production during the summer honey flows. Compared with the Russian honey bee, Saskatraz bees have some even better qualities - tracheal and varroa mite tolerance / resistance, a great overwintering ability and resistance to brood diseases. They also start brood rearing earlier in the spring than the Russian queens, who wait to have pollen coming in before starting heavy egg laying. Their temperaments are also extremely better than the Russians, who have been known to get pretty fiesty (to put it nicely!). Drones from these queens carry the genetics of their mother, so use of this stock will incorporate the Saskatraz genes into your existing hives by the natural requeening process.

Saskatraz Hybrid queens have been crossed and open mated with different genetic families, including Italian Hybrid and Carniolan. Since they have such a diverse genetic background, the coloring can be different on the queens, from a lighter yellow color with a black tipped tail, to a tiger striped color, and even a darker black color. We can not guarantee what color of queen you will be receiving, just that it will be a Saskatraz queen.

63 Reviews

Saskatraz Queen

We got her a day earlier than expected. She was packaged very secure and the box clearly informed the post office to call and not send to my house. Very pleased will order again in the future

Saskatraz Queen

I had 8 colonies and it was my 4th year beekeeping. The bees I originally had are awesome bees. Very gentle get honey producing and awesome at overwintering in our Iowa winters, which is normally very cold. I bought some of these saskatraz queens and they are better in every category. I can’t keep up with them! I have gotten 90lbs from each of their hives, and they have Plenty of stores. Highly recommended them. I will ordering some every year.

Saskatraz Queen

I needed a queen very quickly due to my have loosing its queen. I ordered one from Lappe's and they got her to me in just a few days. She is doing very well and my hive is doing well. I love the varroa resistant trait of the Saskatraz bees. Will do business in the future.

Saskatraz Queen

I ordered a few queens and they showed up within 2 days and they are really doing well. Very pleased and will definately order again.

Saskatraz Queen

I ordered three queens on Aug 12th and received them on the 15th in the morning. Introduced them to the hives at noon. Checked on their progress on the 17th and all the queens were released and doin great. Excellent service and vigorous Queens.

Saskatraz Queen

I receive excellent queen and now laying eggs

Saskatraz Queen

I appreciate your service. Ordering and delivery went smoothly. It has been about 10 days so I checked both queens. Both are laying full brood patterns., so I couldn't be happier.

Saskatraz Queen

Great customer service good to do business with. Will buy again.

Saskatraz Queen

My queen arrived quickly and was in excellent condition. When I checked on the queen cage a couple days after hiving her, she was already hard at it! Had to requeen a super-aggressive hive and heard great things about Lappes. So far so good. Thanks Lappes!!!

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