Beetle Trap - Reusable

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Beetle Trap - Reusable

This reusable beetle trap has 3 compartments - fill the outside 2 one half way full with vegetable oil, mineral oil, or another food grade oil. Use the middle compartment to place your favorite beetle bait in - apple cider vinegar works well. Make sure not to fill the outside compartments more than one half way full; filled too full and beetles may be able to crawl back out instead of drowning in the oil. Hang the trap by it's special hanger in between two frames.

When the trap gets full of beetles, the hinged lids snap open for easy cleaning. Refill and repeat! We recommend using 2 traps per  box during times of heavy infestation, or as a preventative measure. Beetle traps are a safe and effective way to keep beetle populations down in your hive.

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