Assembled Wax Dipped 10 Frame 6-5/8" Honey Super With Triple Waxed Wood Frames

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Wax Dipped 10 Frame 6-5/8" Honey Super with Triple Waxed Frames

Looking for a hassle-free solution for your beekeeping needs? Introducing our Assembled Wax Dipped 10 Frame 6-5/8" Super With Triple Waxed Wood Frames. This premium honey super is made from pine lumber, already assembled, and wax dipped for your convenience. Simply unpack it and place it directly on your beehive! The finger joints are secured with galvanized staples, ensuring durability. Experience the best in beekeeping technology with our all-new 6-5/8" honey super. It comes with your choice of Pierco Triple Waxed plastic one-piece frames or assembled wooden frames with Pierco Triple Waxed foundation. These frames boast the heaviest coating of 100% beeswax on the market, the fresh, natural aroma of the wax promotes bee acceptance and encourages their productivity. Available in natural yellow color options, choose the one that suits your preferences and beekeeping style. Why settle for less?

Please note: The difference in colors has nothing to do with the bees acceptance; it all has to do with the preference of each beekeeper. The black foundation makes it easy to find out if your queen is alive and laying well: it is easy to see the small white eggs against the black background, so you don't have to see your queen to know that you have one. It also makes it easier to tell if you have a drone layer. Yellow foundation is more like actual beeswax, and it is quite often more preferred by a lot of our customers.

Invest in our wax coated beehives and enjoy years of maintenance-free, high-quality beekeeping equipment. These bee boxes have undergone a thorough wax dipping process, ensuring they are waterproof and preserved for long-lasting use. Our wax coating is the best wood preservative available, keeping the wood from rotting or warping. It seals the wood completely and eliminates the need for painting. Some surfaces may appear to have less wax coating, but all sides of the honey super have been coated with wax; some areas may have had the wax soak into the wood more than others. Made from commercial grade honey super parts; expect some knots and cracks on some surfaces. Knot parts may be missing. Please note: splits from stapling are common due to the wood grain and do not compromise the structure or useability of the frame. We do not replace or refund the frames due to this.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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