Apivar is a specially designed plastic polymer strip that regularly releases Amitraz on the surface of the strip after it is placed in the hive. Amitraz is a sub lethal miticide that will paralyze Varroa mites, causing them to fall off from the bees and to the bottom of the hive. Once placed in the hive, the strip will continuously release the active ingredient over a six week period. Apivar strips work by contact: as the bees walk on the surface of the strips, they pick up molecules of the Amitraz and then distribute them throughout the colony.

Place 2 strips of Apivar in the hive, in areas of high bee activity (typically towards the center of the hive). This insures the bees will come in frequent contact with the strips, to maximize full effectiveness of the product. Treat your hives in the spring, before the honey flow starts and before the honey supers are on the hive, and in the fall, after honey supers have been removed.


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