5 Frame Pol-line VSH Nuc - Pennsylvania Pickup

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These honey bee nucs are available for pickup only! Additional equipment can be added to the order; however, equipment will be shipped from a different location, so you will be charged separate shipping during checkout for any equipment that does not meet the $100 free shipping minimum.

Product Overview

5 Frame Pol-line VSH Nuc - Wilkes-Barre PA Pickup Only

These are healthy 5 frame nucs with eggs, larvae and capped brood along with several drawn out frames. No need to bring your own boxes - just come and pick them up! These nucs are for pick up in Wilkes-Barre PA only!

Key Features

When choosing honey bees for your colony, consider the following key attributes of the Pol-line VSH species:

  • They are highly resistant to Varroa mites, which are a common pest that can cause significant damage to bee colonies.
  • Pol-line VSH honey bees are known for their gentle temperament, which makes them easier to handle and work with, even for novice beekeepers.
  • They are an efficient breed that is capable of collecting large amounts of nectar and producing high-quality honey.
  • These bees are also known for their hardiness and are capable of surviving in harsh weather conditions, making them adaptable to a range of climates.
  • They are highly hygienic and will remove any diseased or dead brood from the hive, which helps to reduce the spread of disease within the colony.

See our installation guide here to help get your new honey bee colony settled in.

Pol-line VSH Bees Information

Pol-line honey bees are a specific species of bees that are known for their exceptional pollination abilities. These bees are named after their behavior of foraging from different plants in a straight line, which helps them to efficiently pollinate crops. Pol-line honey bees are also known for their gentle nature, making them popular among beekeepers and farmers alike. They are highly valued for their role in supporting the growth of various crops and plants, and are considered to be an important part of many ecosystems.

VSH honey bees, or Varroa Sensitive Hygienic honey bees, are a specialized type of bees that have been selectively bred for their ability to resist the Varroa mite, a common parasite that can severely harm beehives. These bees exhibit traits such as grooming, biting, and removing mites from infested brood cells, which helps to reduce the spread of the Varroa mite within the colony.

By breeding the Pol-line and the VSH honey bees together, it is possible to create a colony that is both highly productive and resilient to common pests and diseases. This can help to increase crop yields, reduce the need for chemical pesticides, and promote the health and well-being of the bees themselves. Additionally, the combination of pol-line and VSH honey bees can help to maintain genetic diversity within bee populations, which is essential for the long-term survival of these important pollinators.

Our honey bee nucs are available while supplies last.

Estimated pickup date: May 11, 2024. You will be contacted to schedule an exact pickup time.

Nuc orders are prepaid and are subject to a $10 change or cancellation fee after the prepayment has been processed.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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