5.4 oz. Glass Honey Pot Jars - CASE OF 12 With Lids

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5.4 Ounce Glass Honey Pot Jars With Lids

Looking for an elegant and functional way to store and display your delicious honey? Look no further than our 5.4 ounce glass honey pot jars! Each jar comes with a gold lid that seals tightly to keep your honey fresh and delicious. These jars are not only practical, but also beautiful. Made from crystal clear glass, they will show off your honey in all its natural glory, making it sparkle and shine. The clear glass also allows your customers to see the quality of your honey, encouraging them to try it and come back for more.

But these honey pot jars are more than just pretty to look at. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide variety of other purposes. Use them to store jam, preserves, or other sweet treats. Or use them to store spices, herbs, or other dry ingredients in your kitchen. The possibilities are endless! To ensure the safety and security of your product, we strongly encourage the use of optional safety shrink bands with these jars. These bands provide an added layer of protection for your honey, ensuring that it arrives to your customers in perfect condition.

So why wait? Order your 5.4 ounce glass honey pot jars today and start showcasing your honey in style! Your customers will thank you for it.

Glass shipments can not be insured, and all glass shipped will be at customer's risk. Lappe's Bee Supply will do our best to package your glassware securely, but we are not responsible for replacing any broken glassware.

By law, honey is sold by weight, not volume; therefore, all of the weights listed for our honey containers are based on honey weight, which is not equal to liquid volume. For example, one of our 12 oz. containers will hold 12 oz. of honey, but only 8 oz. of water (approx.). There is not a label panel on these jars but there is room on the lid for a 1-3/4" round label, or use an attractive hang tag label around the neck.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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