4 Frame Italian Nuc - Minnesota Pickup

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These honey bee nucs are available for pickup only! Additional equipment can be added to the order; however, equipment will be shipped from a different location, so you will be charged separate shipping during checkout for any equipment that does not meet the $100 free shipping minimum.

Product Overview

4 Frame Italian Nuc - Hackensack MN Pickup Only

Spring nucs available for sale! These are healthy 4 frame nucs with eggs, larvae and capped brood along with several drawn out frames. No need to bring your own boxes - just come and pick them up! Pro feeder is included with nuc. These nucs are for pick up in Hackensack MN only!

Key Features

When choosing honey bees for your colony, consider the following key attributes of the Italian species:

  • Effective foraging habits
  • Strong cleaning behaviors
  • Gentle and docile temperament
  • Prolificity, with a keen focus on brood-raising
  • Lesser swarm tendencies than other subspecies
  • Exceptional productivity and honey production capacities
  • Has a propensity for efficient comb building and super entry

See our installation guide here to help get your new Italian colony settled in.

4 Frame Italian Bees Information

Our honey bee nucs are available while supplies last.

Estimated pickup date: April 27, 2024. You will be contacted to schedule an exact pickup time. Nucs must be picked up in the morning; pickups are scheduled between 7 and 11 am.

Nuc orders are prepaid and are subject to a $10 change or cancellation fee after the prepayment has been processed.

By purchasing, you’re agreeing to our Bee Policy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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