Pierco Triple Wax Coated 6" Medium Plastic Foundation

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Triple Wax Coated 6" Plastic Foundation Sheets - Pierco

Triple wax coated plastic foundation sheets have three times as heavy coating of beeswax which promotes a higher acceptance rate with bees compared to other standard beeswax coated plastic foundation. We have found these to be the best wax coated foundation sheets in the industry! They have a strong scent of beeswax, which also helps acceptance. Plastic foundation sheets easily snap into a 6-1/4" grooved top bar frame, to be used in 6-5/8" honey supers. They are impervious to wax moth damage, and the food grade plastic is durable and will withstand years of extracting. Foundation sheets work with manual and automatic uncapping equipment. These sheets have a uniform 5.2mm cell depth size for increased production. Please note: The difference in colors has nothing to do with the bees acceptance; it all has to do with the preference of each beekeeper.

~ Fits 6-1/4" wooden frames for 6-5/8" honey supers ~

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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