Honey Containers - Plastic

All of our honey containers are listed by honey weight. Honey weight has a higher density than water by up to 40%, depending on the moisture content of your honey.

Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC offers large listings of honey bottles for sale to fit your bottling needs. All of our containers are sold with your choice of lids - now there's no need to buy them separately! This eliminates all of the confusion around which lid will work for the honey containers you choose, plus there are no additional shipping charges for a box of lids! All lids come with pressure safety seals, with the exception of the ratchet lids for the 3 pound and 5 pound EZ Pour Handi Jugs. We also offer free shipping on our 50 count containers to anywhere in the lower United States! Save on shipping costs on the bulk containers by picking them up from us in East Peru, Iowa, or contacting us for a freight shipping quote on orders of 5 or more bulk cases.

Plastic Honey Bear Containers

Plastic Honey Bear Containers - Bulk

Queenline Honey Containers

Queenline Honey Containers - Bulk

Skep Honey Containers

Skep Honey Containers - Bulk

Plastic Honey Containers

Plastic Honey Containers - Bulk

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