Migratory 4 Way Pallet For 8 Frame Bee Hives

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Migratory Pallet for 8 Frame Bee Hives

Buy our 8 frame 4 way migratory pallets to make moving your bees easy and fast! Use a fork lift to easily lift the pallets to move to a different location. Our migratory pallets work well for both back yard hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. Pallets can hold 4 bee hives.

Migratory pallets from Lappe's Bee Supply are sturdy and well built. The top is constructed with an exterior grade 5/8" plywood panel, suitable for long term exposure to weather. The plywood has not been treated with pesticide, so it is non toxic to honey bees. The bottom is made from 2x4 and 5/8" lumber, both have been treated for long term ground contact exposure. Migratory pallets are screwed together with 2-1/2" screws. 4 "W" style pallet clips are installed on each pallet. Your choice of exterior primed and painted, or unpainted. Please give us a call for pricing on the unpainted migratory pallets. Optional entrance reducers are also available for $1.50 each. Each pallet requires 4 entrance reducers.

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