Durable Plastic Mini Mating Nuc

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Durable Plastic Mini Mating Nucs

Mini mating nucs are one of the more popular types of queen rearing. Mini mating nucs are made out of sturdy, solid high density polystyrene and includes see through inner cover; 4 unassembled frames (foundation not included); removeable feeder for easy cleaning (feeder has an attached queen excluder to keep the queen from entering the feeder); closeable entrance with 3 options: closed, full open or open with queen excluder (includes a replacement entrance as well!); and a front entrance disc that can be left on ventilation, full open, open with queen excluder, or full closed (includes a replacement disc as well!). Bottom features an adjustable slide with a ventilation grid that can either be left open or closed completely, and the lid features snap down locks on both sides to help on windy days! Mini mating nuc measures 9-3/4" long x 5-3/4" wide x 6-3/4" tall.

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