10 Frame Beginning Beekeeping Starter Kit Special - Painted

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Beginning Beekeeping Starter Kit Holiday Special - Painted

Buy a painted beginning beekeeper starter kit to give as a holiday gift to that special person in your life. Surprise them with a beehive, bee suit, and all the tools needed to start beekeeping as a hobby! This kit from Lappe's Bee Supply has everything that you need to get started in beekeeping. Includes: 10 Frame Hobby Bee Hive Colony Expanding Kit Painted Bee hive comes with a solid or screened bottom board and entrance reducer; 1 deep 9-5/8" hive body with wooden frames and black plastic foundation; 1 medium 6-5/8" honey super with wooden frames and white plastic foundation; inner cover and telescoping lid; plastic queen excluder. 9-5/8" Deep In-Hive Feeder with Cap and Ladders Beekeeper Supreme Bee Suit with Square Veil Beekeepers Plastic Helmet Premium Goatskin Ventilated Gloves Homegrown Honey Bees Small Stainless Steel Smoker Twine Rolls Beekeeping Smoker Fuel 9" Economy Hive Tool Bee Brush

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