8 Frame Bee Hive Starter Kit - Budget *FREE SHIPPING*

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8 Frame Bee Hive Starter Kit - Budget

If you have a small budget but would still like to get started in beekeeping, then this beekeeper starter kit is for you! Start your beekeeping adventure in honey bees out right with all the supplies that are needed to begin with - including a full bee suit! Once your colony has started expanding, you will need to add a second 9-5/8" deep brood box. 6-5/8" honey supers can be added once the bees have filled most of the second deep brood box, and the honey flow has begun. Our beginner beekeeping supplies for sale contain everything a beginning beekeeper will need to start their beekeeping adventure with! These beekeeping kits come assembled, painted and ready to use, and are some of the best, most extensive available on the market today. Includes:

  • 8 Frame starter beehive with 1 deep brood box with wooden frames, solid bottom board with 2 sided entrance reducer, notched inner cover & telescoping lid. Wooden frames are assembled with Premier Brand Platinum Extra Heavy Beeswax Coated Plastic Foundation!
  • Economy Hive Tool
  • Bee Brush
  • Small Stainless Steel Smoker
  • Twine Rolls Smoker Fuel
  • Choice of Bee Suit or Bee Jacket
  • Goatskin Gloves
  • In Hive Frame Feeder with Cap & Ladders
  • "Homegrown Honey Bees" Book
  • 1 Year Subscription to American Bee Journal or Bee Culture Magazine

Budget Starter kit also includes the option of adding a screened bottom board in place of the solid bottom board. Screened bottom board comes with a pull out drawer that has a built in debris tray. The debris tray can be used as an easy way to clean the bottom of your hive, or it can be used as a small hive beetle / Varroa mite trap by filling with a small amount of petroleum jelly or cooking oil. The drawer is removed from the back for easy cleaning access. 

Find more information on sizing and care instructions here.

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