2 lb. Package Honey Bees with Italian Hybrid (Gentle Breed) Queen

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2 lb. Package Honey Bees with Italian Hybrid Queen

Please note important information regarding shipping packages of honey bees: Packages are for pick up from us only; we will not ship the packaged bees due to the stress that it will cause them. We will not give our customers a poor quality package of bees that will not perform well.

Package bees need to be transported to your bee hive location in a cool, protected area with plenty of ventilation and out of the sun. If your package(s) are in a tightly enclosed location without sufficient air flow, they will get seriously overheated, which can kill the bees or ruin your queens laying abililty.

Wondering where to buy strong, healthy package honey bees? Lappe's Bee Supply and Honey Farm LLC is now taking orders for 2 pound packages of bees with Italian Hybrid queens that will be available for pick up starting in early April 2020. Orders need to be placed ahead of time to make sure you get your bees; we normally do not have any additional packages available on our pick up days. Place your orders for live bees as early as possible, as packages can sell out pretty quickly. We do not charge a cage fee, and the package bee price already has sales tax built into it, so the price you see is the end price that you get charged, with no extra fees! Your package will include a mixture of nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees and drones. The queen will be a mated, unmarked young Italian Hybrid queen, and she will be in a queen cage, hanging within the package of bees. Package bees are for pick up only from our location in East Peru, Iowa. If you are ordering other beekeeping equipment that you would like to pick up at the same time as your package(s), please feel free to place on the same order; however, if you would like to order other equipment and have it shipped to you ahead of time, please place on a separate order from your package(s).

Package Honey Bees Terms & Conditions


Highest Quality Guaranteed

Lappe's Bee Supply promotes successful beekeeping and is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of products possible. Our package bees carry a money back guarantee. If you do not agree that we are providing you with a high quality package of honeybees at the time of pickup, you do not have to accept that package, and we will give you a complete refund of the purchase price! The guarantee ends when the you leave with the package(s); anything that happens with the bees after that time is completely the customer's responsibility.


Italian Honey Bees Information

Italian Hygienic Hybrid honey bees are the most recommended for beginning beekeeping, because they are very gentle, easy to work with and are excellent pollinators. The Italian Hybrid is considered the best all purpose bee. The queens lay a lot of eggs and larva, so they are able to build up their population early in the spring to bring in lots of pollen and nectar. They maintain a strong workforce all summer long by the continued high brood rearing, and as a result, they have an excellent foraging ability and high honey production during the honey flow. Strong beehives are able to resist wax moths and other bee colony pests more efficently. Italian bees are also good at producing comb honey. As with all packages, you will want to feed sugar syrup to them immediately after you place them in the beehive; by doing so, you will increase their beeswax production to get the them to pull the combs on the frames so the queen can start laying quickly. Italian bees easily adapt to most climates, they overwinter well, and they have a very good mite resistance; however, you still need to treat every spring and every fall for mites, since there is no such thing as a completely mite resistant honeybee. They also produce minimum propolis and keep a clean hive with lots of worker bees. Since they do have a good honey production, you will need to keep an eye on the amount of room that they have left in the hive. Once they fill up their brood nest honeycomb in the deep hive body, and no more honey supers are added, they will prepare to swarm. Each hive can issue several swarms. This was how the phrase "keeping bees" was coined!

We sell packaged honeybees to customers all around the Midwest United States, including North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio. Our packages are brought to us from our suppliers in California and Georgia in a custom designed, climate controlled truck that keeps the bees at just the right temperature with the right amount of fresh air, which guarantees that your bees will be the healthiest bees possible! Our package bee suppliers have over 25 years of experience in package bees and queen breeding. We have handy instructions here on how to install your package honey bees into your bee hive. If you are looking for live bee hives, you can't beat our packaged bees! At Lappe's Bee Supply we work hard to supply you and fill your apiary or apiaries with the best bees and the highest quality beekeeping supplies that we can. It is our goal to help you out along the path to becoming a successful and happy beekeeper!

5 Reviews

2 pound package

We purchased (3) 2-lb packages this year. All three are thriving, with very good brood patterns, steady population growth and are calm bees.

Package Bees

Doing great. Have them in an observation hive in the Annett Nature Center, already laying/larva.

2 pound Italian package bees

Great product an affordable price. My girls are doing wonderfully and working hard. Their queen is laying at warp speed. I brought a couple hives with me from Colorado with the expectation of starting them a couple years ago. Finally decided to fill one this year at the last minute. Luckily I found Lappes Bee Supply to fill my hive. Highly recommend them and will be my go to for years to come.

Package Bees

Strong, healthy packages. Second year dealing with Lappes and will continue! Nice folks and stand behind their products!

My bees are doing well

My Queen Victoria is doing well as is her brothers and sisters. The colony is thriving. Great service and knowledge from Lappe's Bee Supply.

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