Image for Post - You Know You're A Beekeeper When....
  • You get phone calls from the local post office asking you to please hurry in to pick up your bees, and you don't see what the big deal is about.
  • You check out all of the labels and prices of the honey at every grocery store you go into.
  • You come home from working on the bees and your kids hold their noses around you, complaining about that awful smokey smell.
  • There is propolis stuck to everything - your door handle on the truck, your steering wheel, your cell phone....
  • You don't mind driving home with bees flying around everywhere inside your vehicle after working on the bees.
  • You go through the checkout at the grocery store with a cart load of sugar, and you're used to the strange looks the other shoppers give you (do what I do, tell them it's for moonshine).
  • When you are standing at a family picnic talking to some relatives, you are the only person who doesn't duck and run when a bee starts buzzing around.
  • You don't mow the lawn during the day because the bees are working the dandelions.
  • You pull off the road just to see if there are any bees working the wildflowers in the ditches.
  • Your once white bee suit is no longer white.
  • Your child takes a drone to school for show and tell and wonders why the teacher got so upset.

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