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5 Frame Carniolan Honey Bee Nuc with Marked Queen

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Honey Bee Nuc with Marked Carniolan Queen

PLEASE NOTE: Honey Bee Nucs are for pick up only, so although you will get a quote during check out regarding free shipping, we will not ship nucs due to the tremendous and unacceptable amount of stress that it adds to the bees - we will not provide our customers with bees that will not perform well! 

Buy 5 frame 9-5/8" deep nucs with a young mated, marked Carniolan queen. Nucs are for pick up only from our location in East Peru Iowa. The above price already has sales tax added to it, so the price you see is the end price you will get charged!

All nucs will have 5 frames filled with a mixture of nurse bees, worker bees, drones, and a young, mated, marked Saskatraz queen bee who is already laying; brood from that same queen in all stages; pollen and feed. Nucs will be in a reusable 5 frame plastic corrugated nuc box. We do not require a frame exchange. We cannot allow anyone to transfer the frames from their nuc boxes into their own equipment while they are here. Doing so would cause you to leave behind a portion of your bees with us, it's better if you take them to where you will be keeping them and transfer them there, so they can find their way back in with the queen. Please Note: Please be aware that you will need to place your frames of bees from the nuc into a regular hive body shortly after picking it up from us. These frames will be full of bees and could potentially end up swarming if not given the extra room that a regular hive offers them.

Please click here to review our Nuc Terms & Conditions page.

Place your order online to buy and reserve your nuc(s). You can choose to pay with a debit/credit card or Paypal. We will also accept orders over the phone if you prefer, and you can always give us a call or send us an email with any questions that you may have - we are always happy to speak with you!

Advantages of getting a nuc:

  • To give your bee hives a head start at building up and gaining strength for the summer honey flow. 
  • The queen has already been laying eggs for quite some time, and new bees are either hatching or getting ready to hatch.
  • They will also already have pollen and food stores available.

You can find an article here to find out how to transfer your nuc into your bee hive body. We work hard at Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC to supply you with the best bees & beekeeping supplies possible, plus a wealth of beekeeping knowledge to help you become a successful & happy beekeeper!

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My NUC was in great conditioned when I picked it up! Very few dead ones when I transferred them. Queen and hive are already busy at work!
Posted by Kelsey Jameson, Jun 2nd 2019