3 lb. Package Honey Bees with Saskatraz Queen


3 lb. Package Honey Bees with Saskatraz Queen

    Saskatraz honey bee package bees are from a supplier in California who has over 25 years of experience in package bees and queen breeding. The package bees are brought to us with great care in a special made climate control truck that will keep the bees at the correct temperature, and bring in the right amount of fresh air. This will make sure that your bees are healthy and strong. 3 pound packages of honey bees come with a mated, unmarked young Saskatraz queen. Your package will include a mixture of nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees and drones. The queen bee will be in a queen cage hanging within the package of bees. 

  Please note: Keep package bees in a cool, protected area with plenty of ventilation and out of the sun during the transport to your bee hive location. Keeping honey bees in a tightly enclosed location without sufficient air flow can seriously overheat them, which will result in a lot of dead bees, or ruin a queen's laying ability!

  Saskatraz bees build up their population early in the spring, and they are able to maintain high populations all summer because the queen lays a lot of eggs. This strong workforce will result in excellent honey production. Saskatraz bees easily adapt to most climates, they overwinter well and they have good resistance to Varroa mites. They produce minimum propolis and keep a clean hive. 

  Package bees are for pick up only from our location in East Peru Iowa. We do not require a cage exchange, but we will accept any unused cages from our customers. Please ask us if you would like to return your cage.

  At Lappe's Bee Supply we work hard to supply you with the best bees, beekeeping equipment and supplies, and beekeeping knowledge that we can, to help you out along the path to becoming a successful and happy beekeeper! Please see here for handy instructions on how to install your package of honey bees into your bee hive.



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