2024 - 5 Frame Carniolan Honey Bee Nuc with Marked Queen

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5 Frame Carniolan Honey Bee Nuc with Marked Queen for sale in the Midwest USA

We are currently taking orders for nucs for pick up during the spring of 2024. Once we know when the nucs will be ready, we will be contacting you by email to set up a pick up time that works for you!

Please note important information regarding shipping honey bee nucs: Honey bee nucs are for pick up from us only; we will not ship the nucs due to the stress that it will cause them. We will not give our customers a poor quality honey bee nuc that will not perform well.

Buy 2024 5 frame 9-5/8" deep honey bee nucs with a young, mated Carniolan queen bee who has been marked with the current year's color. Nucs will tentatively be available starting early - mid May, depending on the weather. Plans are to have nucs available through July. All nucs have 5 frames with a mated queen who is already laying, a mixture of worker bees, nurse bees, and drones who are all adjusted to the queen's phermone; brood in all stages from the queen; pollen and feed.

Nucs will be in a reusable 5 frame plastic nuc box. We start the nucs out with new beekeeping equipment, not old comb, which means that you won't have to worry about any sicknesses or diseases, and there won't be any chemical residues in the comb, because it's within a year new. These bee nucs have brand new frames with newly to 1 year old drawn out comb on wooden frames with plastic wax coated foundation. This is just one step that we take to providing our customers with the highest quality guarantee - you won't find our quality matched anywhere else, and you'll be amazed at how fast your bees will build up because of this!

We do not require a frame exchange, and we do not need the nuc boxes returned. Depending on the time of year that the nuc is picked up from us, and the weather conditions, these nucs may need to be fed sugar syrup to keep them sustained until they can get out and forage on their own. Cold, rainy weather in the early spring can keep bees confined inside of the hive, and a strong, growing beehive can eat up a few frames of feed within a short time. When transporting the bees home, the nuc boxes need to be kept inside a climate controlled environment to prevent death from occuring; during cold days, the nuc needs to be kept out of the cold, and during hot days the nuc needs to be kept in the air conditioning.

Please note: equipment and supplies placed on the same order as your nuc(s) will be available for pick up at the same time as your nuc. If you are wanting your equipment shipped to you ahead of time, please place that order separately.

You can find an article here on how to transfer your honeybee nuc into your hive body. At Lappe's Bee Supply & Honey Farm LLC, we work hard to supply our customers with the best bees and beekeeping supplies possible, plus a wealth of bee keeping knowledge and beekeeping 101 to help you keep bees and become a successful & happy bee keeper!

Honey Bee Nucs Terms & Conditions


Highest Quality Guaranteed

Lappe's Bee Supply promotes successful beekeeping and is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of products possible. Our nucs carry a money back guarantee. If you do not agree that we are providing you with high quality honeybees at the time of pickup, you do not have to accept the nuc, and we will give you a complete refund of the purchase price! The guarantee ends when the you leave with the nuc(s); anything that happens with the bees after that time is completely the customer's responsibility.


Carniolan Honey Bees Nucs Information

Carniolan bees are a good, gentle bee for bee keepers to work. They build up their population in the early spring, and are able to maintain high populations in the bee hives all summer long, due to the excellent laying ability of the high quality queens. This strong workforce results in excellent honey production, since Carniolan worker bees are excellent pollinators and foragers. Since they can have larger stores of pollen and honey in the summer, they can also have a higher tendency to swarm if not kept under observation. Carniolans get out earlier in the morning to start their daily forage, and they also stay out longer each evening. Compared to other strains of honeybees, Carniolans are less prone to robbing other hives. A Carniolan worker bee is also very hygienic, working hard to keep a clean bee colony.

Carniolan bees have a very good resistance to Varroa mites, wax moths and other honeybee pests. We do still recommend trating each spring and each fall against mites, however, since there is no such thing as a strain of bee with complete Varroa mite resistance. Carniolan bees also have an excellent sense of direction, and tend to drift between hives less than other types of bees. They are also able to overwinter successfully in smaller numbers, because they are good at conserving food stores; this makes them a better strain of bee in areas that have longer winters. Advantages of getting a nuc: The bees already have a head start at building up and gaining strength for the summer honey flow. The mated queens have already been laying eggs in the brood nest for quite some time, and new bees are either hatching or getting ready to hatch. They will also already have nectar and pollen available as stores in the honeycomb.

If you would like to become a beekeeper and are interested in beginning beekeeping, and are looking into getting into backyard beekeeping, urban beekeeping, or keeping bees just for pollination, these honey bee nucs are a great way to begin you beehives! Basically 5 frame bee nucs are miniature versions of a full working bee hive, giving you a jump start on building up your bee colony for the first summer honey flow. Most new hobbyist bee keepers prefer starting their beehive with a nuc, as opposed to a package of bees, since the nuc will give them an easier head start to getting their bees up and flying! It's also easier to transfer your deeps out of the bee nuc and into your Langstroth brood box.

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  • 5

    Posted by patty hardin on Jun 19, 2023

    it was so interesting to watch as they identified and marked the queen. they shared lots of helpful information while they filled our boxes

  • 5
    Bees were good

    Posted by Tim chase on Jun 03, 2023

    Everything was fine

  • 5
    5 frame nucs

    Posted by Eric Storjohann on Jun 03, 2023

    Very good experience

  • 5
    5 frame nuc

    Posted by Thomas Alan Wenzel on Jun 02, 2023

    Great service, Kenny made sure I was getting a strong colony. Top notch. Bees are doing great

  • 5

    Posted by Loree Miles on May 26, 2023

    Awesome nucs!

  • 5
    Bee Nucs

    Posted by Marc Moore on May 24, 2023

    All the nucs I got were amazing. I had some combed out frames already, but I had to add a second box within a week of getting the nucs , I will never buy a package again.

  • 5
    Carniolan nuc

    Posted by Jason smith on Jun 04, 2022

    Always excellent bees, very healthy good tempered and good workers that make good progress and produce well

  • 5
    Healthy bees

    Posted by Zelda Stalder on Jun 03, 2022

    They are such nice bees. I can check them without putting my suit on. Within 36 hours of putting them in the box we saw several with pollen pants.

  • 5
    Carniolan Bees

    Posted by Wesley Millard on May 21, 2022

    Nuc was packed and 1 week later they are very close to filling a 10 frame deep. Very impressed and happy with them

  • 5
    carniolan 5 frame nuc

    Posted by ted morris on Aug 01, 2021

    transport nuc back home safety , no dead bees, setup hive , doing good.

  • 5
    5 frame nucs

    Posted by Rex Kephart on Jun 26, 2021

    Wonderful people to deal with and nucs are going strong.

  • 5
    Great experience

    Posted by Amy on May 20, 2021

    I picked up two nucs and they are doing wonderful. Great experience will definitely be a returning customer.

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