Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees *CLEARANCE*

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Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees

This book will guide you through every step of beekeeping. Chapters include:

  • Beginning Beekeeping

Tips for getting started; time commitment; financial and legal considerations

  • Origin and History of Beekeeping

Honey bee evolution and the history of beekeeping

  • A Bee's Life

Inside a honey bee colony; the three different types of bees, and their activities and behaviors.

  • Choosing Hive Location

The colony and your community; weather issues and forage availability

  • Getting Equipped

Hive design; hive components; beekeeping tools and clothing

  • Enter the Bees

Starting with a package, a nucleus colony, an established colony or a swarm

  • Managing Honey Bee Colonies

Working a colony and the yearly life and population cycles; requeening and feeding

  • Taking the Crop

The honey crop; harvesting, processing and storing the honey; other bee products

  • Pollination

Small scale pollination; unique challenges

  • Diseases and Pests of the Honey Bee

Brood diseases; adult diseases; parasitic mites; Integrated Pest Management; Colony Collapse Disorder; wax moth; small hive beetle; black bears

Paperback, 244 pages.

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