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Saskatraz Queens - In Store Pick Up

Queens are on a first ordered, first picked up/shipped basis. As it gets closer to April we will know more about when your queen(s) will be ready for pick up, and we can work out a time with you then. Please review our Queen Honey Bees Terms & Conditions here. 

  • Saskatraz Queen is young, naturally mated and unmarked.
  • We can mark queens for an additional fee of $4 each. Please let us know which color you would like to have her marked. The International Color for 2018 is red, but if you are only marking your queen to make it easier to spot her, you can choose whichever color you think would make her easy to find. If you would like to have her marked, please give us at least a 2 hour notice before you plan on picking up your queen(s).
  • We DO NOT clip the queens wings.
  • Saskatraz Queens come from Olivarez Honey Bees, who has been producing bees for more than 50 years.
  • Saskatraz queens are available only on a week to week basis; check this week for availability.
  • These queens are for pick up only from our location in East Peru Iowa; if you wish to have queens shipped to you, please see our  Saskatraz Queen Bees - Shipped category by clicking here.

Place your order online to buy your queen honey bees. If you prefer to pay for them while you are here, please give us a call first to verify that we will have enough queens for you in stock. The amount of queens in stock will vary week to week, depending on orders.

Queen honey bees cannot survive for long outside of the hive! Your queen needs to be inside of the hive where the bees can feed her and give her water. Please plan on putting your queen into your hive shortly after picking her up. Please do not leave queen bees sitting on the counter overnight!

Saskatraz Queen Bees come from Olivarez Honey Bees in California. These queen bees originate from Saskatchewan Canada and have been selected for high honey production, good overwintering ability, temperament, tracheal mite resistance, and varroa resistance.

  • Fast spring buildup, which results in increased honey production
  • Queens have been crossed with VSH bees to increase varroa resistance
  • Comparable to the Russian honey bee, Saskatraz bees have some even better qualities - tracheal and varroa mite tolerance/resistance, a great overwintering ability and resistance to brood diseases
  • Drones from these queens carry the genetics of their mother, so use of this stock will incorporate the Saskatraz genes into your existing hives by the natural requeening process

Availability: Currently Taking Orders For April Pick Up
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Saskatraz Queen

Great people, great products, great customer service!!
Posted by Brian Chancellor, Jun 5th 2017