Honey Granulation (sugaring)

What do you do when your honey granulates?

     Honey naturally granulates over time. Granulated honey is often thought of as bad, but quite the opposite, it means that it is a very good quality of honey, it's pure and it doesn't contain any additives.
     Honey also does not require refrigeration. It has it's own natural perservatives in it, and can actually stay good for years. Putting your honey in the refrigerator will cause it to granulate quickly.

     If you would like to re-liquify your honey, all you need to do is pour it out of the plastic container into a large glass jar, big enough to hold all of the honey in your bottle. Heat the honey up, either in the microwave or in a hot water bath, stirring often, until the honey is clear and all granulation is gone.

     It is also important to not overheat your honey. Honey can get a burnt taste from overheating, and once you reach a higher temperature you start to destroy the good enzymes in the honey.

     Honey will granulate over time again, even after you re-liquify it. If it does, just follow through the steps again and your honey will be liquid once more.