FREE Winter Bee Hive Prep Class


  Take our Free Winter Bee Hive Prep Class and learn what things you can do to help your honey bees live through the cold winter months to be ready for a large buildup in the spring.

  During this class, we will teach you about what treatments need to be done in the Fall, how to tell if the bees have feed (or if they need to be fed before it gets too cold), how to tell if your queen bee is strong enough to survive, and how to wrap your bees and make sure they don't have too much condensation. Also, we will go over how to tell if you need to combine your hives, and what steps to take to do so.

  We will spend the last part of each class answering any and all questions that you have. You will also be able to call or email us with any questions/concerns you have regarding your hives during all of your years of beekeeping. If you have problems with your hives you can also take pictures and videos and email them to us, and we will be happy to help you out! *Please arrive on time to your class*

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Winter Beekeeping Class & Supplies

Great class, now I feel confident that my bees will live through winter! Picked up my winter beekeeping supplies while I was there, and some other supplies for next year too!
Posted by Tony, Oct 7th 2017

Winter beekeeping class

Very helpful and knowledgeable about beekeeping and helping me get my bee hives ready for the winter! I picked up a lot of good tips and I feel confident that I can help my bees get through the freezing cold winter! Thank you!!
Posted by Sara A., Oct 7th 2017