Iowa Free Beekeeping Classes

  We are offering beekeeping classes to anybody with an interest in becoming a beekeeper or just learning about beekeeping. We do not charge for these classes because we want to help you be successful beekeepers!

Choose our Beginning Beekeeping Class to learn about the basic knowledge associated with beekeeping, the honey bee and products of the bee hive. Find out how to tell the difference between the 3 types of honey bees: the Queen, the worker and the drone. Also, learn about the basic inspection process & things to look for that should alert you to problems with the hive.

Every fall we offer our Winter Bee Hive Prep Classes. Here you will learn about preparing your honey bees for the cold winter months, and special tips and tricks for giving them a chance to survive. One of the main reasons for colony death in the winter is too much moisture; learn how to prevent this from happening with your colonies.

These classes are held at our location in Central Iowa on Thursday through Sunday afternoons. Each class will last for around an hour and a half, and we welcome any and all questions that you have. We want you to leave feeling confident about beekeeping. It is a good idea to bring a notebook with you; however, if you happen to forget something that we have gone over, please feel free to call or email us. We are always happy to help!

We give classes to beekeepers from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota & Wisconsin; however, you do not have to take one of our beekeeping classes to be able to send us an email or give us a phone call with any questions you have about beekeeping or any problems that you are experiencing with your hives. You can also send us photos and videos of your bee hives and we will be happy to help you with any questions you have regarding what your bees are doing.

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