Formic Pro


Formic Pro

Made of all natural materials, this product can be used during the honey flow, and it will leave no residues in the honey or in the wax. Formic Pro causes mortality to both male and female varroa mites under the brood cap with the unhatched baby bees, as well as to the varroa mites on the adult bees with an 83 - 97% efficacy. Daytime temperatures need to be between 50°F - 84°F when applied.

Product is ready to use - just open the pail and go, no mixing is required. Formic Pro is available in a 2 dose, 10 dose or 25 dose option. 1 dose = 2 strips.

There are 2 treatment options: 

#1 - 2 strips between brood boxes for 14 days

#2 - 1 strip between brood boxes for 10 days; remove and replace with second strip for another 10 days


Formic Pro FAQS sheet can be found here.Formic Pro - Lappe's Bee Supply

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