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Double Wax Coated 9-1/8" Plastic One Piece Frames


Double Wax Coated 9-1/8" Plastic One Piece Frames

For use with 9-5/8" deep brood boxes - These are available in black color ONLY.

  • Plastic one piece frames have twice as heavy coating of beeswax which promotes a higher acceptance rate with bees compared to other standard beeswax coated plastic frames. They have a special scent added to the wax coating; black smells like their brood nest, which also helps acceptance.
  • The black frames make it easy to find out if your queen is alive and laying well: it is easy to see the small white eggs against the black background, so you don't have to see your queen to know that you have one. It also makes it easier to tell if you have a drone layer.
  • They have a strong ear configuration to prevent breakage and are built to be sturdier, flatter and stiffer than a standard plastic frame. 
  • No assembly required - just place directly into the hive. 
  • Made with food grade BPA free plastic.

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