Deluxe Two Story Beehive Winter Wrap Combo Kit *ON SALE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 21*

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Deluxe Winterizing Combo Kit for 8 Frame or

10 Frame Two Story Hive

Kit includes everything needed to get your hive ready for the cold winter months:

  • 2 Story Bee Cozy Winter Wrap
  • Your choice of an Inner Cover Insulation Sheet or an Inner Cover Insulation Pad
  • Your choice of a 9-5/8" Deep In-Hive Feeder or a 6-5/8" Medium In-Hive Feeder - both sizes of feeders come with Cap and Ladders inserts
  • Moisture Board
  • Shim
  • 1 - AP23 Winter Patty
  • 12' Beehive Tie Down Strap 

2 Story Bee Cozy Winter Wraps are made with recycled high density materials layered with R8 insulate protection to reduce heat loss from the hive. They are lightweight and easy to slip on and off your hives.

Use a moisture board during the winter months to help absorb excess moisture from your hive and keep your bees dry. Place this board directly on top of the inner cover; moisture will pass through the hole in the inner cover to be absorbed by the moisture board.

Shim allows for extra space on top of your cluster of bees for feeding winter patties or for feeding dry granulated sugar as an emergency feed source if feed stores are light.

AP23 Winter Patty - feed these patties in the winter to provide necessary carbohydrates to keep your colonies from starving. These patties are low in protein so they will not stimulate brood rearing at the wrong time of the year.

Use a 12' Beehive Tie Down Strap to secure the lid and your hive together to prevent the cold winter winds from blowing the lid off! 1" wide x 144" long.

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